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TFCon 2009 is coming

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2009-04-21 5:16 pm
Just a reminder, TFcon - Canada’s 8th Annual Transformers Collectors Convention, is returning to the Doubletree International Plaza Hotel, 655 Dixon Road, this Saturday and Sunday, April 25th and 26th. will have our own booth, with Accessory Set #6 and a few other goodies.  Be sure to stop by and say hello!  The TFcon 2009 Exclusive Powered Commander toy (limited to 500 pieces) will go on sale Saturday morning.

Special Guests include:
-HASBRO presenting a Transformers New Product Preview and Question and Answer session
-DAN GILVEZAN who played Generation 1 Bumblebee, Goldbug, Hot Spot, Outback, Rollbar, Scamper, Skids and Snapdragon will be making his first ever Canadian Convention appearance at TFcon 2009.  He will be in attendance all weekend taking part in various panels and Q&As.
-DERRICK J WYATT, the Art Director and Lead Character Designer for Transformers Animated will be joining us all weekend taking part in panels and Q&As.
Also joining us will be Transformers artists Alex Milne, Matt Moylan and Espen Grundetjern.

Join us for Canada's largest dealer room for Transformers merchandise, a live Transformers script reading with the Transformers voice actor, guest question and answer panels and autograph sessions, Transformers trivia contest, plus art and costume displays. Visit for the event schedule and more details.

Sabrblade said,  - 2009-04-21 18:15:26
Have fun. Any chance that you guys will be getting the Powered Commander set?
Perceptor said,  - 2009-04-21 22:51:00
Absolutely! Want me to pick one up for ya? :)

Look forward to meeting you in person Doc Who!
Prime13 said,  - 2009-04-21 23:38:56
If I was in toronto maybe I could get a powered commander as well, hehe oh and there is this awseome pic of all 3 commanders:
NoRemorse79 said,  - 2009-04-22 03:38:32
I tried to get a vacation, but I wasn't allowed to take a few days off :(. Does anybody already know when and where it is going to be next year?

I really want to be there at least once.
DocWho said,  - 2009-04-22 06:24:56

Yeah, this is going to be great. :-) The things I'm looking forward to the most is the product review, Derrick Wyatt, and the dealer room. I think I made the right choice by going to TFcon.
Sabrblade. said,  - 2009-04-22 10:40:36
@Perceptor: That would be great, but there's one problem. I don't own either Classics Optimus Prime, Henkei Convoy, or any version of that figure. So, that kinda nulls it.
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-04-22 20:39:41
Plus, of those two, I would prefer Henkei Convoy over Classics Prime. I like that one's darker red, silver chrome, less yellow, etc. It's a much nicer color scheme, IMO.
DocWho said,  - 2009-04-24 03:52:50

We could probably pick you up a Henkei Convoy in the dealer room, if you like.
Sabrblade. said,  - 2009-04-24 13:10:30
Doc Who and Perceptor, I will send you both my response in an email.
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-04-24 15:13:30
And now it has been sent to both of you.
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