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TEN TFA S3 character bios! - the Decepticons

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2009-03-13 6:37 pm

Read this news bit first.

Here are the remaining bios of the ten season 3 character bios. As I've stated before, I've had scans of these bios for quite a while and forgot about them over time. So, what better time than the night before "Transwarped" debuts? However, I have split them up betwen their factions (the Autobots' bios can be viewed by clicking the above link).

So, without further ado, here are the bios for Strika's team:



“Victory lies in the tactics of destruction.”

STRIKA is Megatron’s personally chosen “General of Destruction”. She lives for the glory of war. She is immensely strong and has a brilliant military tactical mind. Strika transforms into a multi-wheeled heavily armored battle tank with enormous firepower. She brought the Decepticons many victories during The Great War. She is also the consort of Lugnut.




“Compassion is the Autobots’ downfall.”

CYCLONUS is cold and harsh. His origins are clad in mystery, having suddenly appeared on New Kaon long after The Great War had ended. He is nihilistic, caring for nothing, and insistent that nothing matters because the end is near.




“Lights out.”

BLACKOUT is the most massive Decepticon that has ever been seen by an Autobot Few have lived to tell the tale of encountering this hulking brute covered from stern to stern in heavy ordinance. Decepticon lore heralds Blackout as having single handedly obliterating several Omega Sentinels before falling himself at the end of The Great War.




“Are you gonna eat that?”

SPITTOR disgusts even other Decepticons. He is lazy and dishonest. Spittor is constantly slobbering, oozing slime and bad smelling. In his bipedal all terrain walker mode, Spittor lashes out tongue-like cables to grab and swallow his victims. Once inside his mouth, prey is either digested, or coated in a combustible slime then spat out to explode on impact.




“Control the elements and you control the universe.”

OIL SLICK is a smooth and calculating Decepticon chemical weapons specialist, a brilliant scientist that uses all of his mental might to design the tools of war. His cruelest invention is an adaption of the deadly Cosmic Rust cyber-virus, which he transformed into a weapons grade gel. If not treated with the antidote immediately, those stricken with the cosmic rust will corrode away, right down to the spark chamber.

hot rod said,  - 2009-03-13 19:52:56
its strika's team? i thought cyclonus was their leader???
nakobass said,  - 2009-03-14 00:47:02
Why do I get the feeling this Cyclonus may be the original G1 Cyclonus.
ryde jet said,  - 2009-03-14 04:51:59
who is Strika?
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-03-14 07:23:10
No way, Strika's in charge. Cyclonus is just a saboteur who thinks the end is near.
hot rod prime said,  - 2009-03-14 08:47:18
Strika was first in Beast Machines and I think she was a general for Megatron along with Obsidian, but I may be wrong.
hot rod prime said,  - 2009-03-14 08:53:41
i hope Hasbro makes toys of all the new season three characters.
hot rod prime said,  - 2009-03-14 08:56:04
I just saw the Transwarped episode, and IT WAS AWSOME!!!
hot rod prime said,  - 2009-03-14 08:56:55
Jumpercliff said,  - 2009-03-14 12:45:46
If my hearing's right, Strika sounded like Diane Delano with a German accent, and Blackout sounded like Fred Tatasciore.
slashwing said,  - 2009-03-14 15:21:29
BlackoutĀ“s bio is really cool >=)
hot rod prime said,  - 2009-03-15 16:41:52
Why did Rodimus have a bow and arrow?
starscreamer said,  - 2009-03-17 13:23:09
hey there is some new pics of a new rotf scout that looks simular to landmine at
The King said,  - 2009-03-17 18:08:02
I thought that Blackout was SO cool! I here they're going to make a voyager class figure of him. Strika is the ugliest transformer I've ever seen.
luvtransformers said,  - 2009-03-21 14:53:03
My favorite decepticons are Cyclonus and Oil Slick.
joe said,  - 2009-07-04 12:20:37
Can any one find pics of tfa voyager blackout?
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