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"Five Servos of Doom" discussion continued

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2009-04-04 5:37 pm
I'm surprised no one's posted this yet. "Five Servos of Doom" aired on Cartoon Network this morning. Previously, it had been leaked onto the Internet and had been first discussed here. Now that it has aired on TV, feel free to continue discussing the episode below, as there some of us who prefer to wait till an episode airs on TV before discussing it and haven't seen it till this morning.

hot rod said,  - 2009-04-04 18:55:46
ytv is one episode slow, today they aired where thy sting
Jumpercliff said,  - 2009-04-04 19:57:44
I thought it was great getting another celebrity voice on, in this case George Takei.
Agent X said,  - 2009-04-04 20:19:42
who else thinks that we will never see Prowl in that armor again
hot rod said,  - 2009-04-04 20:37:40
n addition to Yoketron and Jazz, the busts in Yoketron's little "hall of fame" depict Animated incarnation of various Transformers that have otherwise not appeared in the series. Those clearly visible onscreen include Springer, Sky Garry, Devcon, Dai Atlas, Heavy Load, Star Upper and Roadhandler, but there are many more busts in the room that are only seen from a distance, and are essentially unidentifiable. Derrick J. Wyatt has identified the other Transformers as Ultra Magnus, Star Saber, Tap-Out, Kick-Off, Grandus, Motorarm, Powerhug and Road Rocket.

i found this out on tfwiki
BlastWave (formerly Mirage2006 said,  - 2009-04-04 21:17:02
Fabulous episode. Loved it. I like seeing Prowl's armor again, and I like it that's he's wearing it full time now. Yoketron was awesome. And I liked the plot with Lockdown. I give this episode two thumbs way up to Cybertron!
Prime13 said,  - 2009-04-04 22:04:11
shockwave mustve been relly good to take down ultra magnus (because ULTRA MAGNUS was taught by Yoketron)

Warpath was in a bad mood in the great wars.
Autobutt said,  - 2009-04-04 22:08:09
Prime13, Shockwave wasnt taught by Yoketron. The traitor they were talking about was Lockdown.

EDIT: and the only reason Shockwave was able to take down Ultra Magnus was because he sneaked attacked him!!!
TidalWave 2.0 said,  - 2009-04-04 22:33:15
where to begin? lets start with shockwave totally badass nearly decimated ultrra magnus and he jacked his Magnus hammer! (totally badass name) then prowl
wow prowlhas been kickass so far in season 3 and hes saying with that armor? even better! poor yoketron how did he get his ass wooped, his armor jacked, and his stuff stolen. i mean come on! warpath is a freaking monster i'd love to see his alternate mode!
i had a feeling we didnt see the last of lockdown
but why sentinle why do u have to be such an asshole!!! and a showoffy asshole! jetfire and jetstorm have russian accents and i stilll think their badass lol
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-04-04 22:36:38
>>poor yoketron how did he get his ass wooped, his armor jacked, and his stuff stolen. i mean come on!

Um, isn't it obvious that he got his butt kicked by Lockdown?
fallen said,  - 2009-04-04 22:40:59
i still havent watched any of the new tfa episodes.
hot rod prime said,  - 2009-04-05 00:21:37
Why did Shockwave steal UM's Magnus Hammer?
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-04-05 07:41:30
Probably to de-arm Magnus so he could beat up Magnus better. And then just took it to leave him defenseless if he got repaired later.
shockwave43 said,  - 2009-04-05 10:42:00
AWSOME!!!! note: Spoiler ahead: if you don't want to know who makes the"ultimate sacrifice"turn away Now! It's a shame prowl's gonna die. any way, the jet twin's accents are so annoying! i can barely tell what they're saying! warpath was awesome!!
Dash Cunning said,  - 2009-04-05 10:43:48
What if Shockwave hired Lockdown to disable Magnus, and he took his hammer as a prize? Or Lockdown came by before Ironhide and saw him laying there and took the hammer?
Autobutt said,  - 2009-04-05 11:10:54
I think that Lockdown has been on Earth, and it was Shockwave that took Magnus' hammer. He did this either cuz of what Sabrblade said or because the hammer has some sort of power. It also makes sense if Lockdown were on Earth the whole time because then he would be capturing all of those Decepticons for Sentinal.
Cheetor2 said,  - 2009-04-05 12:06:37
I've watched it a few times on youtube already. I love that Goerge Takei did Yoketron's voice. He was perfect for the role. I would imagine, we'll find out later why Shockwave stle Magnus' hammer. And Shockwave,posing as Longarm Prime, was able to surprise Magnus and take him down. Yes, Sentinel is a comlete A$$HOLE!!!!!! Can't wait yil Optimus puts him in his place.
blaster80 said,  - 2009-04-05 13:48:30
i think that the episode was one of the best. so far. oh and warpath is awesome!
hot rod said,  - 2009-04-05 14:33:04
cant wait till predacons rising
s cren said,  - 2009-04-06 14:08:38
this episode was definetly BEAST MODE!!!
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-04-06 14:13:06
And, what do you mean by that?
MR.3LordStraxus said,  - 2009-04-07 10:53:00
I think the reason the magnus hammer was stolen was to use the awesome power the hammer has to fuck the autobots up,or rule cybertron,im still confused though.i thought the twins were more tough then that.. i mean optimus held safeguard down all easy. and sentinel prime.. just comes to show you...the name "sentinel prime" just makes me recollect on the dreamwave comic i think "origin of cybertron"more than meets the eye 01 . it has megatron holding "Sentinel" primes head melting after one of his gladatorial matches, i simply laughed my ass off...when i saw they threw him in TF Animated. hes a punk ass. as for prowl, im glad cause now theres more of a reason to feel better about buying the deluxe prowl with samurai armor. :)
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-04-07 19:36:29
This Sentinel Prime has nothing to do with the one from either the Marvel comics or the Dreamwave comics.
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