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Human Alliance 'Bee

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2009-06-08 9:09 pm   (site update)
If you're like us and bought most of the 33 (and counting!) versions of Movie Bumblbee, then you probably share our opinion, that there isn't a *quintessential/best* version among them. Until NOW!  Human Alliance Bumblebee has arrived!  We think that once this toy hits retail, there will be fans who claim this to be among single greatest Transformers toys ever made.  Yeah, it's *that* good!   

Imagine a toy with Alternators level of complexity and scale, with movie level of sculpting detail, a paint application to rival anything Takara has ever put out overseas and an unprecedented level of movie(/show) accuracy...  Add to that a completely new play value with human/bot interaction, in both modes, that we have never experienced before.  Furthermore, I think the toy designers did a remarkable job capturing the likeness of Shia LaBeouf in such a small figure.  See for yourself, this toy has it all!

Check out our all new character page and further reviews for this off-the-charts, too good to be true figure, now available in the 2009 Transformers Section.

Another special thanks to Joe of Hasbro's PR firm for providing us with a sneak peak of this world class toy.

Overhaul said,  - 2009-06-08 21:52:26
Looks like a sweet bot. I wonder if he's Alternator sized too?
I actually was thinking it would be cool to take some of those green army men, dremel off the bases and give them small joints so they could interesct with my Alternator figures, since they seem to be the right scale.
But it's really cool that they're making poseable mini figures for the toys, not to mention mini figures that have way more articulation than we're used to seeing from the 80's and most of the 90's full sized figures.
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-06-08 22:57:04
He is Alternators sized. He's a Voyager-sized figure. Which is the only thing about this figure that hurts its show-accuracy. He's too big when paired with the rest of his teammates. The Deluxe-calss figures are more in-scale with his fellow Autobots.

While this figure may be highly show-accurate, it's not very size-accurate.

But hey, who cares, right? This thing is awesome.
Cheetor2 said,  - 2009-06-08 23:22:48
Who cares if it's to scale. This figure looks F'ing incredible. He is most definately on my must have list.
megatron said,  - 2009-06-09 00:52:16
not so alternator quality . i mean it doesnt have a hood or trunk that opens ,and the weapon does not transformer to a enigine like a alternator .the details of an alternator has life like seats and lights . maybe you can kitbash his head on a jazz,sideswipe or sunstreaker alternator parts.
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-06-09 10:45:24
Sometimes, sacrifices must be made.
McPrimus said,  - 2009-06-09 11:18:02
This is one design I never expected to see negative comments about. This is NOT an alternator, the ALTS are dead, deal with it. This is around the same SIZE as an ALT, and that is 100% WIN! As for scale, no it is not in scale with the other ROTF toys that are out, BUT!!!!!!!! This is a new SUB-LINE called HUMAN ALLIANCE. They have already confirmed that Skids, Mudflap, Sideswipe and Barricade will be part of this line, and there are rumors that OP and Ironhide will join them next year. That means IN SCALE figures with ALT size and premium paint AND human figures that fit inside.

Thank You Hasbro, this is THE line I have been waiting for.
dr-fan/mai-lover said,  - 2009-06-09 11:34:04
Overhaul said,  - 2009-06-09 14:56:18
I agree with Sabrblade and McPrimus; so if there isn't an opening hood/trunk, I can live with that.
And as for the weapon...
It's merged onto his right arm, meaning when he tranforms, the weapon is stored in his vehicle mode. Actually, his launching missles appear to have compartments to store in this mode too.
So what if the engine doesn't become a gun? I never remember any instance off the top of my head where in any show a characters' vehicle engine becomes a gun. Wouldn't be that practical if you ask me (assuming the engine isn't simply a prop part for the vehicle disguise). And also, Alternators Hound didn't have the transforming engine/gun, his gun folded into his spare tire.
One more comment: was looking at the pics, and noticed that HABB also has the lowering combat visor too! How's that for detail!!!
DocWho said,  - 2009-06-09 17:55:44
Not to poke fun at you, but old news Perceptor. XD I've actually been seeing this character page for weeks now. Was that a glitch on the site?
Jumpercliff said,  - 2009-06-09 18:33:21
The first Transformers subset to incorporate organic beings since the G1 'Masters' into the toys....WOW.
megatron said,  - 2009-06-09 20:30:17
im just going by what perceptors coment said ,and i quote ."Imagine a toy with Alternators level of complexity and scale".
dont get me wrong i love the figure.
Overhaul said,  - 2009-06-09 22:33:21
Depends on your point of view. My Voyager class Movie Optimus has a little driver in him (open the driver door, and the driver flips back into the rest of the truck).
I guess that could be considered a weak argument though, it was meant to be a holo- driver I hear.
But Universe Cyclonus comes with Targetmaster Nightstick.
I'm sure there have been other organic figures for some Tranformers here or there. Not to mention the Beast Wars/Beast Machines stuff.
But still, Human Alliance is pretty cool. A figure that fits into the character.
Sidewinder said,  - 2009-06-09 22:53:53
One question: How tall is the human figure? Are we talking G.I. Joe 3 3/4 inch tall or smaller?
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-06-09 23:18:43
2.5 inches tall, actually.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2009-06-10 15:49:16
Overhaul, I'm talking about how the figures were sold under the banner of the human partner works with the larger robot. Universe Cyclonus could be put under this group, and Beast Wars/Machines doesn't count for that kind of pitch.
Sidewinder said,  - 2009-06-10 20:22:21
Thanks Sabrblade, that helps out quite a bit.
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