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We now return to the Transformers TITANIUMS!!!

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2009-03-08 1:18 pm
Remeber when we thought that the Transformers Titanium toyline had died out, well WE WERE WRONG!!!

Several images of three brand new Titanium figures have been revealed over at ACToys. Wait, what's this? They bear the current Transformers Universe logo and the 25 Anniversary corner logo on their packages. So that must mean that these are "Universe Titaniums"!

The three new figures shown are Hot Zone (Hot Spot), a redeco of RiD Optimus Prime to look like the cancelled OTFCC figure; Thrust, a redeco of the the War Within seeker mold, and Optimus Prime, a(n unexpected) redeco of the War Within Optimus Prime figure. These also seem to be Target exclusives, so I guess this means that neither the Titanium nor the Universe lines are dead just yet.

Click here to see the new figures.

lord megatron said,  - 2009-03-08 13:40:25
That thrust is, ahem, "BOUGHT!"
Hopefully but doubtfully there will be any resculpting on that mold.
HotSpot looks fairly decent, and with that sort of being a nod to a "forgotten OTFCC exclusive" I see it worthy of being added to my collection.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2009-03-08 14:16:57
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-03-08 14:56:44
My bad, Defensor/Hot Spot wasn't a cancelled Botcon figure, he was a cancelled OTFCC figure.
Perceptor said,  - 2009-03-09 11:16:08
Titaniums? Nice, I hope they keep coming with the War Within figures. Can't get enough of those 6" transforming variety. Including War Within seeker jets!

We saw prototypes of Titanium 6" Bumblebee at Hasbro tour, botcon 2007. THAT is the toy I'm hoping for. I'd be glad to buy it in red War Within Cliffjumper colors... Bring'm on!

RID Optimus Prime was recolored in Hot Spot colors and called Defensor. An OTFCC figure that never saw the light of day.
Rich said,  - 2009-03-10 15:02:05
As a junkie of diecast AND Don's WarWithin designs AND Furman's WarWithin story, I was stoked for this line. The diecast hefts were nice. The painted metals really pop. These took the Galoob concept to a nice (transformable) level. Hasbro really stepped it up after the QC problems that plagues the first wave. I look forward to maybe this Seeker to go with my Sunstorm and Skywarp to get a magic 3 on the shelf. And hopefully some more new molds like last Fall's Grimlock and Prowl! Yeah, baby!!!
Rich said,  - 2009-03-10 15:03:50
...oh, and I may pick up that sharply painted WWI Prime, especialy to see if he's more stable then the shabby Prime we got the first time!!!
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