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News of 2004:
Jason  2004-12-29 11:07 pm
FIRST LOOK at the next line of Transformers for auction. Check out these auctions to see the first Cybertron figure prototypes on eBay!!!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-12-25 8:12 am   (page update)
MERRY CHRISTMAS! To those who celebrate it and Happy Holidays to those who don't or celebrate something else!

For your viewing pleasure, I'm unleashing my all time favorite! It just might be the best character page we've ever done! Just the way it should be! UNICRON! We waited 17 years for this masterpiece of a toy. Sure you've seen it, but ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-12-24 7:00 am   (page update)
Character pages for the last two of Unicron's Heralds are avaliable for viewing: Rhinox and Terrorsaur.

Also all available Armada toys have been linked to and connected to our database. You'll see small thumbnail image links at the top of our mainpage. Happy Christmas Eve to all those who observe.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-12-23 4:28 pm   (page update)
Heralds of Unicron! Some may say, "oh sure, they're just re-colored BW toys." But hey, I always thought of them as the same characters before they traveled back in time to fight in the Beast Wars and hey why not?! Besides, they took a significant notch up in coolness when they were taken under Unicron's wing (control) and played an integral ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-12-22 7:25 pm
Several News Items in need of reporting:
*Japanese TF "Galaxy Force" (what will come to be known as TF: Cybertron here in the U.S. mid next year) figures seem to be available en masse on online auctions Wow!
Thanks to for bringing our attention to a survey that I didn't see on hasbro site. It asks about favorite sites. Click here to ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-12-22 6:47 pm   (page update)
Two more new character pages are ready for viewing also in (you guessed it!) the 2003 section! Thundercracker with Zapmaster and Skywarp with Thunderclash  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-12-21 3:48 pm   (page update)
Nemesis Prime with Run-Over, Powerlinx Hotshot w/ Jolt, and Powerlinx Red Alert are also now ready for viewing in the ever expanding 2003 toy section.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-12-20 8:26 am   (page update)
Okay, back to the newest updates. When last we left you Armada Blurr, Optimus w/ Over-Run and Sideswipe had been added. Since then, also available for viewing are all new character pages for Thrust with Inverno, Hoist with Refute, Wheeljack with Windsheer. Enjoy your Monday everybody.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-12-19 1:35 am
Also, we would like to extend our e-handshake of appreciation! THANK YOU for keeping our page active and interesting even while we couldn't! Reported sightings and reviews have been pouring in for jeez, a LOT of great new toys! New alternators, new 5-member team combiners... Sweet new combining Grimlock/Swoop, Windrazor... Thanks again, KEEP'M ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-12-18 11:45 pm   (page update)
Wa-Hoo! Our news engine works again! We are so terribly sorry for the delay. Let me get you up to speed, our page went down, you know about that. Well, we had recent data back-ups of CPs and other site updates. However, we did not have a completely up to date version of our database engine. As such, about a months worth of page updates and ...  (0 comments)
Brian  2004-12-07 12:00 am   (page update)
Our page is slowly but surely coming back online. Most of the site is back on-line, and just a few things remain to be done (including this news engine). Thanks for your continued patience.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-11-02 8:24 am   (page update)
VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! Today is the day! For those of you who're like us, citizens of the USA, be sure to get out and cast your ballot. It is your civic duty and your right make your voice heard in this most important election time.

On a less important note, you'll find another all new character page has been added in the 2003 section. This time ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-10-31 7:44 pm
Oh, and one more thing! Don't forget to set your VCRs! Starting tomorrow morning (5:30am central time, I believe) and every weekday morning for the next two weeks, all new episodes of TF: Energon will be airing. Awesome! 10 new shows in the next 10 (week)days! Check Cartoon Network schedule for details!  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-10-31 7:23 pm
Check out this news! Straight from Don Murphy, one of the producers of the upcoming big budget live-action Transformers Movie:
"We have a screenwriter that we are all very excited about. He fits all my dream parameters- he knows the mythology, is very POP in his writing, is the right age (20s) and shops at my comic book shop regularly so I ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-10-31 5:59 pm   (page update)
Be sure to check out the 2004 Transformers section. Lots of additions there, including many box pix thumbnails of toys not yet released in stores like Wingsaber, 1st wave Constructicons, Aerialbots, Beachcomber and Omega Sentinel... Please note that while most character pages are not up and running, some of these box pix are linked to larger, ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-10-30 6:39 am   (page update)
Love the Mini-cons! The all new character page for the Air Military Team has been added to the 2003 section today. Enjoy your weekend everyone.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-10-29 3:44 pm   (page update)
Awe-YEEEEEEAh, and yet another great new character page added in the 2003 section. This time, the Sea Team.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-10-28 8:23 am   (page update)
Another new character page added in the 2003 section. This time, the Night Attack Team.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-10-26 7:04 am   (page update)
Time to get back to a few updates! Lets start with something more modern, but still in need of completion and worthy of attention: TF Armada. Today you'll find a new character page added in the 2003 section for the Air Assault Team.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-10-23 6:55 pm
Based on various news postings, on various TF websites, it appears safe to say:
Micron Legend is to TF: Armada; just as
Super Link is to TF: Energon; just as...
"Galaxy Force" is to "TF: Cybertron!" The next generation of Transformers coming in early 2005. All sorts of news postings can be spotted. If you haven't see them ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-10-21 7:11 pm
Be sure to check out's exclusive press release regarding the upcoming Beast Wars 6-part series coming soon from Dreamwave. (My two cents? If they stick w/ BW continuity, I'm going to absolutely LOVE it! If they start contadicting... writing over the top of BW stories already done, ugh. Be careful guys. Don't mess w/ greatness!) ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-10-21 6:27 pm
straight from the mouth/mind/message board of Don Murphy, producer of the forth coming live action Transformers movie, he provides the following update:
"Hey there here's what we got----
Transformers- we're cloing in on a writer and choosing to go with a younger guy who grew up with the all of you fans. Should be announced in ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2004-10-20 9:04 pm
Energon Episodes 29 through (newly) 35 are avalible for viewing in real video format at Check them out here!  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-10-01 10:49 am
Be sure to check our product preview on Hasbro's official TF Site to see the product preview update for the weeek of 9/27. An AWESOME new Alternator named Windcharger! Sweet Stuff!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-10-01 10:23 am   (page update)
Our Stuff for Sale Page has been revamped. It now includes a little more organized format, with updated links; including those to BBTS, now showing "in stock" rather than the out of stock that's been up for the last several weeks. Sorry for the trouble.

Yes, there are many updates in the works and will get back to our more regular ...  (0 comments)
Brian  2004-09-22 11:00 pm
Do these pictures remind you of RID Ultra Magnus or what? I didn't know trucks like that existed. (via Octopus Dropkick.)  (0 comments)
Brian  2004-09-04 7:56 am
6 new Energon shows air today at 2pm Central time on the Cartoon Network. Here's the schedule.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-08-25 6:55 am   (page update)
Hello everybody! Sorry for our little page-update hiatus. The last few weeks have been terribly busy, plus after all the energy it took (pardon the pun!) w/ prep for the summer conventions and organizing our 3rd Accessory Pack... we were in need of a little break. You should know however, that we have several fun projects up our sleeves & will ...  (0 comments)
Brian  2004-08-07 1:54 pm
As a part of my long-term project to improve the sightings section, the store view and sighting add screens are now a little more user friendly.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-08-02 10:05 am
Just got back from OTFCC, what a great show! We'd like to thank everyone that stopped by and said hello! It was great to meet everybody! Thanks also to those who supported our efforts by picking up an En Cube pack, Unicron stand, etc...
We SOLD OUT of our Accessory Packs (#1 for Beast Machines) AND Unicron Stands! I know that BBTS has a few ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-07-28 5:05 pm
Special Thanks to! They were good enough to post THEIR REVIEW of our 3rd Accessory Pack: Energy Cubes. We're getting ready for OTFCC! We'll have a table there with our cubes, Unicron stand and the (few remaining) Accessory Packs for Beast Machines figures.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-07-28 4:16 pm
AWESOME!! TF live action movie producer speaks! For your viewing pleasure, I thought I would post a few direct quotes from Don Murphy, one of the film's producers!

"The Transformers Film that I am doing with Tom Desanto is still on target... We are going to get this film right, and follow the classic mythology of the show and the comics. ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-07-24 1:58 pm   (page update)
Many updates made in the 2004 TF Section. There you'll find box picture thumbnails (and many links to larger in-box pictures) for every 2004 figure that I know of! This includes MANY pictures toys that I have never even seen before! These pix have been assembled from a wide variety of sources, mostly on-line auctions but also thanks to ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-07-23 4:53 am
Now this would qualify as confirmed "major news"!!! According to a posting by iacon45 on, "FilmForce @ is reporting that the live-action Transformers movie will be a Dreamworks project and that Steven Spielberg actually was involved in helping to acquire the rights for Dreamworks! Thus comfirming earlier rumors. THIS ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-07-22 5:41 am
Mr. Don Murhpy himself, spells out in no uncertain terms that all information below w/ respect to voice actor selection is purely a rumor. a usually reliable source states: Release date "summer 2006" (and this is the rumor part) "CAST" in alphabetical order...
Peter Cullen .... Optimus Prime/Ironhide (voice)
Frank Welker .... ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-07-20 7:05 am
News all over re: the (hopefully) big-budget live-action Transformers movie!
Don Murphy, one of the producers associated with the film has updated his site with a picture of 20th anniversary Optimus Prime. When you click it a message appears saying "MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT COMING, COMICON 2004".
COMICON, "the world's largest comic convention" is ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-07-17 6:49 am   (page update)
Remembner Donny Finkleberg? How about, Battlecharger grafitti or Ethan Zachary's computer game? In the 1986 TF Section we have updated the 'Media Section' in the left column, (scroll down toward the bottom) with plot summaries for the third year of comics; including the first Transformers/GI Joe crossover series by Marvel. Thanks to ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-07-16 5:15 am
Holy WOW! Be sure to check out new updates at! They have pre-order with pix two all new 5-member-team combiners!!! Superion and Bruticus! Woah, be still my heart! In addition, all new mini-cooper Alternator!
Thanks to Transfandom for the heads up!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-07-12 12:05 pm   (page update)
An all new character page has been added for the Adventure Team in the 2003 section.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-07-06 10:00 pm   (page update)
Nothing terribly major here, however my "To Do" list of housekeeping odds and ends has been building up so I thought it was about time to get to it!
* G1 Megatron and Soundwave pages have repaired links in the 1984 TF section.
* text and other corrections made to Energon Scorponok character page in 2004.
* I had it pointed out to me once ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-07-01 9:47 am
Don't forget, more new episodes of TF:Energon are airing on Cartoon Network every weekday morning at 6:30 eastern. Plus the Saturday "Energon-athon!" Here we are 4 episodes after they're introduced, I hope we finally get to see some of Rodimus, Prowl and Landmine. A little more Snowcat would be nice too. The title, "Rodimus, Friend or Foe" ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-06-30 8:59 pm   (page update)
Better late than never (sometimes I wonder if that should be our official website slogan! LOL! :) You can check out our Botcon 2004 REPORT! That first link covers all the basics like: breakfast/exclusive, our table, cool costumes, a few of the exhibits in the art room, panel guests pix/info aaaand SOUND FILES from the PETER CULLEN. All I can ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-06-28 6:23 pm
Don't forget! Tomorrow morning at 6:30 eastern (ugh, yes that means 5:30 central time! :( An ALL NEW episode of Transformers Energon, "Crisis in Jungle City" will air on Cartoon Network! Wo-ho, first new show in quite awhile! Can't wait to see Rodimus, Prowl, Landmine and company... in action! Click here to see the complete schedule. ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-06-25 9:34 pm   (page update)
Totally revamped character pages are up and ready for viewing in the 1985 TF section. These are for some of my all time favorite toys/characters, the first three original DINOBOTS: GRIMLOCK, SLAG and SLUDGE! Have a nice weekend everybody, I'll try to find time to kick out the botcon 2004 photo gallery next...  (0 comments)
Brian  2004-06-22 7:11 pm
Ugh, we're back online... FINALLY! Sorry for that little hiatus. Seems we too were the victims of a malicious web server attack of sorts.
Anyway, we had a great time at Botcon! What fun. Peter Cullen seems to be a gem of a human being. It's so great to know that the voice of Optimus Prime is actually a really nice guy. The G1 story writers ...  (1 comments)
Perceptor  2004-06-16 8:55 am   (page update)
Okay, "break time" is over!! :) (see previous posting below :)
Be sure to check out additional reviews posted of our Energy Cubes on other great Transformers fan sites: wrote this REVIEW wrote this REVIEW and
tfmaster helped us spread the good word on his site, Transtopia too! Thanks a bunch guys! Look forward to ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-06-16 8:35 am
I figured we should take a little break from the 'shameless self-promotion' of our Energy cubes and report some other news too! ;) Be sure to to check out previews for forthcoming TF comics from Dreamwave. Absolutely awesome stuff!
Via Transfandom we see these awesome previews w/ comic covers and plot summary
Also be sure to check out the ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-06-14 9:34 pm
For all those "old school" TF fans like me gearin up for Botcon this is an awesome treat!
Follow this link to see an amazing original 'music-video' of sorts! It's of Soundwave 'breakdancin' & it ROCKS! Think about it! It doesn't get any more old-school than that!
3D Modeling & Animation, Directed & Produced by: Charlie Bayliss, Music composed ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-06-14 8:24 pm   (page update)
Okay, so in comparison to our last update, this may seem minor, (but I think it's cool, all-the-same!) You may notice that in the thumbnail-link bar along the top, there are now thumbnails to the random selection database for ALL Beast Machines era toys, all R.I.D. toys that have character pages (CP), Botcon exclusive toys, and all 1998 Beast ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-06-11 7:22 am
THIS IS IT! FINALLY! The day that we have been waiting for! WE ARE SO EXCITED and now, FINALLY, you can understand why! Yes, we will be attending BotCon. Yes, we will be at OTFCC . Yes, we will have a table at each where we'll be offering our stand for Armada/Energon Unicron and our first Accessory Pack, as well as our ALL NEW, THIRD ACCESSORY ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-06-11 6:18 am   (page update)
Also, to commerate the event, we are unveiling totally re-vamped character pages which have been added for the original G1 Megatron and Soundwave in the 1984 section! Enjoy  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-06-09 6:36 am
Be sure to check back often! In the next few days, our 3rd ACCCESSORY PACK WILL BE REVEALED! You can learn about it on this, and even on a few other Transformers sites! Wo-ho! Won't be long now! 10 days til BOTCON! :)  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-06-09 6:27 am   (page update)
Okay, this was bugging me. Some of my all time favorite character's pages needed a little re-vamping. Next the original Dinobots! First up, SNARL and SWOOP get totally re-vamped character pages (new toy pix, new cartoon pix, new info...) in the 1985 TF section.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-06-08 6:51 am
REVEALED! In a press release by Hasbro, we learn the subtitle of the 2005 TF line: "Transformers: Cybertron!" You can read the press release in its entirety HERE
Wow, awesome! Sounds like it has potential! Wo-hoo! Thanks to and transfandom for the heads up!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-06-03 7:37 pm   (page update)
Wow, I can't believe it! The final G1 original figure of 1987 has been added! Woo-hoo! (Hm, what year should I turn my attention to next?) Now every toy there has its own character page! Although he was never a very major character, I figured I'd save SLUGLSINGER for the last as he will be getting a completely new form, (which looks dang ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-06-03 7:03 pm
Regarding my last posting about TF: Energon cartoons, I was very relieved to learn the following! Thanks to and for the heads up! Toonzone has listed airtimes of new TF: Energon episodes. All airtimes are at 6:30am EST
June 29th - #12: The Crisis of Jungle City
June 30th - #13: The Enemy is After Kicker
July 1st ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-05-30 1:01 am   (page update)
RIDDLE: What do the following have in common: Circuit Breaker, the Constructicions, the Creation Matrix, 2nd series Autobot cars/minibots..., Robot Master, Polyhex, Straxus, Insecticons and Omega Supreme!
If you guessed that all the above debuted and were featured in the G1 Transformers comic series by Marvel Comics, you were right and smarter ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-05-28 6:36 pm   (page update)
Everyone (in the U.S.) looking forward to the nice long weekend? We sure are! :) Just think, only 3 weeks until Botcon! Wo-hoo!
Today, you can find two more all new character pages linked to in the 1987 TF section. MISFIRE and TRIGGERHAPPY were two entirely new characters who became Targetmasters during their brief little stay on the Planet ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-05-25 6:10 am   (page update)
It's a TWO for TUEsday! 2 news updates, (one below and this one) with two new character pages added and each is comprised of two vehicle modes each! "Two you say"? That's right! The Duocons were another very interesting concept which debuted in 1987 and strangely, haven't been seen again since. The Duocons are toys that feature two vehicles, ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-05-25 6:03 am
Be sure to check out Phil Zeman's Altered States Magazine to see pictures taken at Wizard World East, 2004 in Chicago. There, you'll find pics of the upcoming OTFCC exclusives and Palisades statues... Thanks to Transfandom for the heads up!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-05-22 7:49 am   (page update)
Remember "Mount St. Hilary"? Do you know what the following people have in common?: G.B. Blackrock, Josie Beller, Buster Witwicky and Spider-man! That's right! For those of you old enough to remember, each made their debut (well, it wasn't Spidey's 1st appearance!) in the 1st year of: The Transformers, comic series by Marvel Comics back in 1984! ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-05-20 4:48 pm   (page update)
More updates are linked to from the 1987 TF section. This time, it's the TARGETMASTER versions of: SCOURGE and CYCLONUS to get all new character pages. Enjoy  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-05-19 4:06 pm   (page update)
Happy hump day! You'll find an all new character page in the 1987 TF section. At the time we were blown away with its coolness! The first of it's kind, a Transformer with 6 modes! Sadly, he made only one all-too-brief appearance in the cartoons; just enough time to polish off the Aerialbots! Here he is, SIXSHOT!  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-05-18 8:37 am
Hasbro is listening! :) With the toys being as good as they have been in recent years, I am SO PLEASED to hear maybe they do care about things like plot/writing quality which in my opinion has suffered greatly in recent years, despite getting progressively a little better each year.) Visit:! to take their exclusive (pop-up) ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-05-13 7:57 am   (page update)
The TF: Armada video game for PS2 was released this Tuesday May 11! We hope you have had a chance to pick up a copy for yourself. Sadly we haven't yet (shame on us!) In celebration, we thought you might enjoy this interview with Mark Morrison, one of the game's producers!  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-05-06 6:15 am
Hope you enjoy the new look on the main page. This project has been in the works for quite awhile. In addition to going back to the background pic of Unicron in hungry-planet-mode, you'll notice all new thumbnails along the top. This is a good thing for 3 reasons:
1.) No more 'repeats' seeing the same pic twice on the same screen.
2.) (MOST ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-05-04 6:25 am   (page update)
Okay, so even at the time (1987) they werent' considered that incredibly wonderful! But today is their day! W/ all-new character page added for Slugfest & Overkill.
Also, thanks to all for reporting those Sightings sightings of Arcee, Insecticon, Demolisher, Mirage... Keep'm coming and happy hunting! :)  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-05-03 8:23 am
In honor of the release of the TF video game for PS2, Gamestop and Atari have pulled together some outstanding TF items to give away to four lucky winners! Check this out! You can register to win any of these rockin' TF prize packs: They include -Rhino's complete G1 TF DVD box set ($300 value!) Plus other cool collectibles such as a TF "standee" ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-04-30 5:51 am
We wanted elaborate (slightly) on the "new product offering" mentioned in a posting a few weeks ago. The "news" is quite simply that we are nearing completion of our third Accessory Pack! (Sorry to be anti-climactic, but we just aren't ready to reveal *everything* quite yet.) Suffice it to say that in our opinions, it surpasses everything we've ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-04-29 3:41 pm   (page update)
More all-new character pages have been added for your viewing pleasure! Again from 1987 the last of the Headmaster Decepticons, SKULLCRUNCHER and the Decepticon Clones POUNCE & WINGSPAN. What a great concept! Identical looking robots, w/ completely different beast modes. Sadly they didn't get many cartoon appearances as their toys were ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-04-21 8:57 am   (page update)
Two more all new character pages are ready for viewing. From 1987 come two of the three Headmaster Decepticons, WIERDWOLF and MINDWIPE. Enjoy, more to come!  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-04-16 2:21 pm
We are HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE, (finally!) now carries both our Figure Stand for Energon/Armada Unicron AND now also our FIRST Accessory Pack! Each pack includes: 2 swords & mount bracket for Beast Machines Cheetor, a stand for Blackarachnia (Universe or Beast Machines), a stand for deluxe Thrust (also works on the basic ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-04-16 2:07 pm   (page update)
You've heard about Terrorcons, (G1 and those of TF Energon) how about Horrorcons? Well, back in 1987 there was a two member 'team' of Decepticon Headmaster Horrorcons! APEFACE and SNAPDRAGON are different than the other headmasters (Autobots and Decepticon) in that each is a triple-changer, with beast, vehicle and robot modes. You can view each ...  (0 comments)
Brian  2004-04-13 6:48 am is participating in a cross-site Mini-Con scavenger hunt in celebration of Atari's upcoming Transformers PS2 game release. See rules here. Sign up soon, because it starts today. But don't worry about signing up late, because you can still win prizes up through the end of the contest, on May 11.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-04-06 6:37 am
Back to back to back to back! Make plans to be available to watch/tape four (4!) ALL NEW TF:Energon shows which will air consecutively this Friday from 5-7pm eastern time on Cartoon Network. Episodes include: "Starscream The Mysterious Mercenary, Battle of the Asteroid Belt, Energon Tower and Pitiful Starscream" Ee-HAA! We can't wait.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-04-05 6:05 am
A few updates regarding the upcomig TF video game have come our way.
* The game will be available for demo at the Cybercon Expo on April 10th in Mount Laurel, NJ. Check out for more.
* You can also hear some sound files of Optimus Prime, Red Alert, Hot Shot and Megatron.
* And check out Electronic Artist's survey: "What ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-04-01 6:41 am   (page update)
Rounding out the 1990 Autobot Micromasters are two, er four Transformers that win the prize for the least original names! "Missile Launcher" and "Tanker Transport" are also two robots that turn into one vehicle, but these came with a larger vehicle that also ~split~ and "transformed" into a battle platform.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-03-26 6:28 am   (page update)
Narrowing down the list of G1 Micromasters to be added, the last Autobot '... patrol' to be added is now linked to in the 1990 TF section. I always liked to think that the Hot Rod Patrol, was some sort of offshoot from the G1 original Hot Rod. Maybe he was their leader, maybe they just really admired the guy...! :)
In addition, you'll also ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-03-22 3:48 pm   (page update)
I meant to get these pages added, last year when Mini-cons were at the top of every Transfan's mind... Oh well, better late than never I guess! In the 1990 TF section 3 new character pages are available for viewing. They never appeared in the cartoons or comics, but they were Transformers! Think of them as Mini-cons w/o the ability to ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-03-19 7:17 am   (page update)
A couple page improvements are in the works. It is our intent to further *unite & tie-together* the various sections of our site. Now when you visit an area of the sightings or review section, the box picture (assuming we have one) will appear on the top of each page. This is phase 1 and examples include most of the reviews for 2004 toys like ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-03-15 5:21 am   (page update)
Just for something different, I thought I'd get an "early" start on the 2004 Transformers Section! (Rather than waiting until,say ~2006-07! :) While it is, of course, a work in progress, I'd say it's worthy of public viewing, as it now includes box pix of every toy released so far as well as many not-yet-released toys, and a brief episode ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-03-10 5:30 am   (page update)
Okay, faithful fans! This is it, the final totally revamped 1984 G1 Autobot character page is ready for viewing. The leader of leaders, the character that started it all, 20 years old in toy form, ~9+ million in story form. Voiced by Peter Cullen and loved by millions. The one and only, original OPTIMUS PRIME!  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-03-07 10:07 am
Mike Sedan writes w/ info for anybody who's ever wished they could have a rainbow-colored Devestator for cheap! Apparantely, Walgreens is selling knock-off versions of the constructicons, each sold separately for 2.99 a piece. Anyone got pix? Also in the DVD department, G1 TF season 3 part 2 will be available March 9. And the best season of ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-03-06 10:00 pm   (page update)
The Autobot "brothers" SIDESWIPE and SUNSTREAKER are the last of the 1984 G1 original cars to get their character pages revamped w/ all new toy pix, screen captures and text. Check 'em out & have a great rest of the weekend.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-03-06 8:37 am
More news has come our way from Atari about the Transformers video game! Confirmed are voice actors Gary Chalk and David Kaye in their roles as Optimus Prime and Megatron. Also regarding the possibility of a sequel to the game, Atari had this to say, ‚ÄúThere are so many exciting ideas. However, at this time Atari's Melbourne House is 100% ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-03-04 6:42 am   (page update)
Three more totally revamped G1 Autobot character pages are ready for viewing. Check out this BEFORE and AFTER for Bluestreak! :) Allow sufficient time to download. The third screen capture from the bottom is actually an animated gif file of Bluestreak transforming, (pretty sweet, if I do say so myself!) Be sure to also check out the new pages ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-02-26 5:42 pm
Check out this sweet LINK to see all new screen captures from the upcoming TF: Armada video game, to be released May 11th. All I can say is wow! Too bad the animation in the cartoon series wasn't this good!
We were also pleased to get this short description: "TRANSFORMERS is a fast-paced, single-player, third-person action/combat game with ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-02-26 1:41 pm   (page update)
Two more revamped CLASSIC G1 Autobot character pages are up and ready for viewing: Hound and Mirage; new toy pix, new screen captures, higher rez, updated "Other Appearances in the TF: Universe, etc, etc, bla, bla, bla, you know the drill! Check'm out and have a great day!
P.S. Keep those Energon Megatron sightings and Reviews comin!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-02-25 6:49 am   (page update)
Partners in crime! The fix-it guy and the mad scientist were often seen working together. Two newly revamped 1984 original G1 Autobot character pages are up and ready for viewing: Wheeljack and Ratchet.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-02-19 2:53 pm   (page update)
2 more 1984 G1 original Autobot's character pages have been totally revamped w/ new high rez pix and screen captures... And are ready for viewing: Ironhide & Trailbreaker.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-02-19 12:17 pm
More exciting TF news keeps rolling in!
* Check out www.tfw2005 for a complete transcript of news from Botcon 2004. In it we learn that Dan Gilvezan voice of the G1 Bumblebee, will be attending, there will be a pre-meeting breakfast!... and more.
* Also, this is probably old news, but it's new to me! I knew about (own and recommend) the ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-02-17 5:50 pm
Holy wow. There's a plethora of amazing TF news being reported all over the net! I don't even know where to begin!
* Check out the totally revamped official Hasbro TF site: It's got oodles of new graphics, character profiles, toy photos, and character drawings... Have fun! There's a LOT to see there! Including this exerpt ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-02-15 4:28 pm   (page update)
I hope, like me, you enjoyed the latest episode #3 of Transformers Energon, "Scorponok." Although, I think "Tidal Wave" would've been more appropriate title, we did finally get a good look at the new Terrorcon commander. In recognition, I thought I'd finally make time to unveil the latest all-new character page; the G1 original SCORPONOK linked ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-02-06 1:30 am
Keep your eyes peeled! Wave 2 Energon figures are turning up w/ greater frequency! I even found a Landmine at a Walmart in MN yesterday! (Check my review HERE! Keep up the great work, posting reviews and sightings! THANKS!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-02-06 1:15 am   (page update)
Okay, I admit, I make mistakes once in awhile! Thanks to all for keeping me on my toes! :) I've taken care of several general (and overdue) house-keeping items people have pointed out. Thinks like:
*There is another Sideways in the TF universe besides the armada version.
* I forgot about the other Laserbeak (besides original & Armada version.)
Perceptor  2004-02-05 7:37 am   (page update)
Two more totally revamped original G1 mini-bot pages are ready for viewing: HUFFER and CLIFFJUMPER. Enjoy!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-02-03 6:39 am   (page update)
* 2 confirmed sightings of Energon: Landmine at a Texas Walmart (thanks to transfandom for the heads up). so keep your eyes peeled and report those sightings!
* Also, Speaking of the Hartman Brothers...! In addition to oweing them a debt of gratitude for starting the phenomenon known as Botcon, we'd like to thank them for another reason. When ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-02-02 9:16 am
We just received a mailer from the (Hartman Brothers) staff of BotCon Productions! In it, we learned of some of the planned guests and events to take place at this year's "10th Anniversary celebration", which "returns to the west coast for it's *final* chapter". This year BotCon takes place in Pasadena, California, June 19-20, 2004.
Invited ...  (0 comments)
Brian  2004-01-31 10:35 pm
TF Armada DVDs are pre-orderable on Not sure what's on them. It's doubtful that it's the whole season, as they are only $12. (Look up "Transformers Armada" in DVDs on Thanks for the tip, Michael S!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-01-30 2:31 pm
ABOMINUS is the united form of the 1987 original Terrorcons. Check out his all new character page by visiting the link. Oh, and don't forget to check out the next generation of Terrorcons in Transformers: Energon, the premiere episode to air this Saturday night on Cartoon Network! I can't wait!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-01-29 8:08 am   (page update)
We conclude our 'education' of the individual members of the original 1987 Terrorcons, with Hun-Grrr! the team's leader.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-01-27 7:06 am   (page update)
Don't ask me *what* that alternate mode is! Some kind of robotic, monkey-ish monster thingy! BLOT is the last of the small Terrorcon members to get a new character page in the 1987 Transformers Section.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-01-26 7:25 pm
In case you hadn't heard the good word, The Allspark server has been restored and is fully operational, including the forum. If you've been wondering where they've been the past couple of weeks, wonder no longer. Unfortunatly, the last viable backup was from Dec 4, 2003 -- which means there was a few weeks of lost data, however they ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-01-23 11:46 am   (page update)
More new character pages have been added for the original Terrorcons in the 1987 TF Section. Today, you'll find Sinnertwin and Cutthroat. Have a great weekend all.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-01-21 6:42 am   (page update)
I am SO excited about TF: Energon! The toys are great. The show's animation looks great (and I am cautiously opptimistic that the plot won't be as 'dumbed down -childish' as many Armada episodes were. Keep your fingers crossed!) In anticipation of the new series airing in a few weeks, I thought you might all like to take a step back in time an ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-01-21 6:14 am
Check out for two great new updates, one is an FAQ, which, among other things, explains the hard to find original Unicron toy in Energon packaging. The other shows pictures of two new Energon toys to be released in the summer of 2004. They're Autobots named Tow-Line and Downshift (who should be called Wheeljack, because he looks ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-01-20 10:59 am
Ya-hoo! TF: Energon episode 1 will air on Saturday, Jan. 31st at 7:30pm on Cartoon Network.
I'd also like to applaud everyone for keeping our reviews section such a fun place to visit. Great work everyone! FYI I've also added reviews for wave 2 Energon figures: Cruellock and Perceptor.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-01-18 2:33 pm
Some of you might remember the group "N.R.G." who performed "Instruments of Destruction" a great song in TF:The Movie. A few years ago, I met one of the band members from the group. I asked if the band was still together. He said, "no" and explained that the band broke up just before the movie was released! I asked him what the name of the band ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2004-01-17 3:45 pm
Did you know that the Takara (Japanese) version of "Masterpiece Prime" comes with a cardboard trailor? I also like this suggestion for an ~Alteration~, of sorts, sent to us by Darren Nelson. Not sure where to buy one of those cool Mercedes trucks, but seems like a fun thing to hunt around for! Thanks for the link and enjoy your weekend everyone.  (0 comments)
Brian  2004-01-15 6:38 am
From, Hasbro registered new names at the US Trademark office: Oilslick, Protectobots, Streetwise, and Crystal Widow.

Also, our AllSpark forum seems to be down for the moment. It looks like they're upgrading or something.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2004-01-10 7:00 pm   (page update)
Been working on this awhile. Sorry it has taken so long since our last significant update! Many, many more to come...! Okay, so the 2004 TF section is not up and running, but all new, far-from-completed, character pages can be viewed w/ some high rez pix of Energon Perceptor, Cruellock, Scorponok, and Tidal Wave! Holy wow what an exciting new ...  (0 comments)
Brian  2004-01-10 7:34 am
The first round of Alternator Sideswipe sightings are starting to appear. Happy hunting!  (0 comments)

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