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Do you know a juicy bit of Transformers News?  Send it on to us here.  If you've found a new Transformer in stores please report your findings in the sightings page.  Thanks!  We appreciate the updates!
News of 2002:
Anonymous  2002-12-11 10:33 am
Beast Machines Generation's End finally Continues! Richard F. Suarez is taking over as the new artist and writer based on Dave Reynold's story and notes.  (0 comments)
Brian  2002-12-10 9:30 pm   (page update)
I gave the Toy Reviews section an extreme face lift.
Also, for those of you paying very close attention in the that section, don't worry when reviews are deleted. I can bring them back (and I have).  (0 comments)
Brian  2002-11-24 1:35 pm   (page update)
You are now checking out our new look and functionality! Expect some more minor changes soon, and if you're using Internet Explorer, try using something else like Netscape or better yet Phoenix, and the grey behind all the text will show up translucent instead.  (0 comments)
Brian  2002-11-12 9:06 pm
I added the ability for anyone to help remove bogus (or accidental) sightings from the sightings section. You will find the link at the bottoms of the pages with lists of sightings. (I also fixed a bug that prevented people from adding sightings of new toys through the "store view". - And not a single e-mail letting me know that something was ...  (0 comments)
Brian  2002-11-11 7:11 pm
Our links page now has the ability to change the "last update date" manually. I could use some help going through all the pages with a fake update date of "3/19". Thanks to all the dedicated link updaters out there. Maintaining update descriptions (& now dates!) is very much appreciated.  (0 comments)
Brian  2002-10-25 3:05 pm
Armada Happy Meal toys are out. Here is a review and pics.  (0 comments)
Jason  2002-09-28 10:21 pm
Three new Energon prototype pics and auctions up on ebay. (what looks to be) Deluxe sized Energon: A Race car, Semi cab, and what has been described as a Snow cat. Check them out here .  (0 comments)
Jason  2002-09-04 11:57 pm
I've updated the Alterations page to include my alteration of Armada Megaton with, yes, posabile legs!  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2002-08-29 8:42 am
* Real, confirmed sightings of Armada Optimus Prime are coming in! Check 'em out! (& be sure to add your listing, if you've found one!)
* Alright! The Armada #2 comic is in stores now!
* Smokescreen will be the next Takara G1 re-issue (#5 after Jazz, Prowl, Skids, Tracks)
* Due to popular demand, the Armada#2 comic has been added to the ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2002-08-23 9:14 am
Just a friendly reminder, BE READY! Transformers Armada makes its triumphant debut today! 4pm eastern, 3pm central... on the Cartoon Network. Don't miss it!  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2002-08-19 7:20 am
If you haven't seen them already, be sure to check out each of the two commercials for the TF:Armada Movie airing on Cartoon Network this Friday, August 23! THIS ONE courtesy of Altered States Mag! A second, shorter but higher rez commercial can bee seen HERE! Click the link, hit the "Downloads" link in the left column, then click the top image ...  (0 comments)
Brian  2002-08-18 3:39 pm
Since the beginning of last week, I've been working on something of an overhaul for the Sightings section, and it is finally ready for fresh sightings. Now it should be easier to add all of the items found in a given store all at one time. Also it has a new "how many are left in the store" feature. Please, give yourself a tour.

You might

Perceptor  2002-08-10 6:53 am
With Armada cartoons, comics & toys coming quick, I realize that TF's of the past might not be at the top of everybody's mind, but it has been too long since our last page update! So I thought I'd give you a little history lesson! In 1997, the Beast Wars were in full swing, but Hasbro had a little experiment thinking about an all vehicle-based ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2002-07-30 11:18 pm   (page update)
Well, my bros finally got back and I finally got to see those pix they took! (and update the web page! lucky me! :) Check out our BotCon Report Page for boat-loads of new, large, high-rez images from the Hasbro display booth! Cool stuff.
*Oh, and don't forget to keep those reviews comin!  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2002-07-27 9:54 pm
I've had requests to add the BotCon 2002 Exclusive Comic to the Reviews Section. So, I did, (why not!?) So c'mon people, lets see some reviews! :)  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2002-07-27 1:00 pm
First, thanks to the good gents of for helping Jason send me pix to publish of the days events. Second, NO THANKS to crappy AOL for not allowing multiple image files (or giant zip files) to be transmitted at once! Gah! So for now, we'll have to settle for just one picture! Thankfully, it's a pretty good one. Check it out HERE ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2002-07-26 7:41 pm
* reports that the voices of Armada Optimus Prime and Megatron are done by none other than Gary Chalk and David Kaye, who portrayed Optimus Primal and Megatron in Beast Wars/Machines! AWESOME! If you think of the timeline that'd be PERFECT! Since 1 million years ago G1 OP&Meg are in stasis lock aboard the Ark (not fighting a war w/ ...  (0 comments)
Brian  2002-07-25 8:11 pm
Come see us at BotCon! ... We won't have a table or anything this year, but we'll be walking around with these shirts (Feel free to get one for yourself, too! They are our new official sightings page T-shirts!) Also, if you've been waiting to buy one of our Accessory Packs, don't wait any longer! We'll bring a small supply of them with us, ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2002-07-16 9:26 pm
*A quick easy Armada alteration* On Perceptor, notice how you can not tilt his head up at all. It's very odd seeing as he is so small, to make any sense, he would have to look up to many of his Armada comerads (even HotShot). The bike seat doesn't let his head tilt any further. All that needs to be done is take off his head and with a grinding ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2002-07-16 7:42 pm
I just thought I might draw everybodys' attention to the fact that lists "Toonami Movie... Transformers Armada" in their TV schedule For Aug. 23 at 4:00 pm (don't forget to convert to your time zone) Can't Wait!  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2002-07-16 7:37 am is participating in a multi-site pre-BotCon on-line contest called "Where's Wheelie." See this page for the full details.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2002-07-15 6:59 pm   (page update)
Well, After a long break, the computer comics section has finally been updated with "The New Minibots" Written and Illustrated by Marcelo A. Santa Rosa.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2002-07-11 8:20 pm   (page update)
Okay, this isn't really a news item or a page update per se. Just a friendly reminder, C'MON PEOPLE!!! There are now over a 100 recorded sightings for Armada toys! (especially the Deluxes: Cyclonus, Demolisher, Hotshot & the first wave of mini-con 3-packs!) And almost ZERO reviews for them! I suppose a few of the sightings are phony, but I do ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2002-07-08 1:30 pm
I've just been checking out our sightings page, and I thought I might give the heads up to everybody that the deluxe Armada toys seem to be poping up in KBtoys in NJ and NY at least. Also you can check out more pics of upcomming Armada toys at click on the Wizard World 2002 link.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2002-07-07 10:04 am
* Thanks to The Heckels for making us aware of a great article by Corona Productions/ Coming Attractions, about (you guessed it!) "The TRANSFORMERS!" According to the article, "For years it's been nothing more than a fanboy's dream: to one day see a live-action Transformers movie unfold upon the silver screen. Well, that dream might have taken ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2002-07-03 2:39 pm
* Transformers: Armada, the comic issue #1 will go on sale July 10th. Check out the new animation for it on the Dreamwave page! (You may have to reload the page a few times before you see it, but it's there!)
* Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the TF Reviews Section! There have been quite a few great entries already! A series of ...  (0 comments)
Brian  2002-06-28 1:59 pm   (page update)
Our Toy Reviews section is back, and it's ready for action! Now you can write your own Transformers toy reviews on, and compare your views with others'.
Also, Armada toys aren't too far off from hitting store shelves. Remember to register your Armada sightings as you find them at your local stores.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2002-06-21 9:19 am   (page update)
* Getting excited for botcon? You'll find new character pages for the villans of the feature presentation Primeval Dawn 2 have been added. "undead" Tarantulas the Fox Kids recolor in the 2000 TF section & Tri-predacus Agent -Ravage in the 01TF section
*Also in the 2001 TF section are all new character pages and links for: Night Slash Cheetor ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2002-06-20 2:20 pm
*In case you haven't seen this yet be sure to check out Michael Smith's awesome "live action" transformers animation. Pretty sweet stuff! Kindof gets your blood pumping for a live action TF movie, doesn't it! Speaking of which...
* Click this link to "sign" a petition to have James Cameron direct a live action TF movie! A lot of wishful ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2002-06-17 8:08 am   (page update)
More character pages have been added. You'll find the Mini-Con Air Defense team in the 2002TF Section. 2002TF Section and Battle Unicorn in the 2001TF Section.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2002-06-13 11:58 am   (page update)
At long last! The 2002 Transformers section is open and ready for viewing. For now, it's mostly box pix thumbnails, with one notable exception! You'll find a link to the Mini-con Street Action Team character page, with totally new, high-rez pix of Grindor, Highwire, Sureshock and of course, PERCEPTOR! Cartoon pix will be added when ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2002-06-06 10:00 am
Wow! Check out Hasbro's updated official site for a ton of great new Armada updates, including several interesting ~animations~ of Armada toys interacting with their Mini-con counterparts!
If you haven't seen it already be sure to check out for some great new pix & review of the (finally!) soon to be released, "Air ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2002-06-06 9:38 am   (page update)
The 2001 TF section has been updated now containing a skeleton of an episode guide and other format changes. (Are there any knowledgable RID fans out there who paid enough attention help us 'fill in the blanks' for show titles we're missing?!? Shoot me an e-mail! Thanks.) Also, the Sightings Section is ~sort-of/ mostly, back up and running. So ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2002-06-04 1:58 pm   (page update)
More housekeeping! The 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 pages have been edited: broken links work again, images appear and the episode guides added to in 97, 98 & 99 pages. The Alterations Page and Stuff for Sale are back on-line! Alright! Finally I can start working on some new goodies!  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2002-05-27 7:02 am   (page update)
It can now be said that we have pix of every G1 (non special/mail order...) TF! It's the case because the 1989 and 1990 TF sections have been re-vamped to include (large!) pictures from the collector pads. And also like our other G1 TF pages, each includes a media section with pix of the covers of every TF comic (by Marvel). Eventually we'll be ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2002-05-26 11:11 am
Surely but slowly! Our page is returning to its former self! Yipee, the following TF's by year pages are ~mostly~ working again: 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001. There are still quite a few broken links, that're in the midst of getting fixed. Thanks for your patience. The best is yet to come. ...  (0 comments)
Brian  2002-05-05 7:58 am   (page update)
If you are reading this, then our DNS records have taken effect for you and you are seeing via our new server. We mostly have things up and ready for you, but you might notice a few dead links here and there on the site. (Sightings page, certain transformers by years are not up on the new system yet.) For now, I encourage everyone ...  (0 comments)
Brian  2002-04-26 6:15 pm   (page update)
For the first time in history, we are actually _anticipating_ a server transition. Sometime next week we're going to switch over to a new server which we'll be trying to set up over the weekend. (Starting now.) This means that any updates to the links section, or the sightings section made between now and early next week ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2002-04-24 11:45 pm has some nice updates including an ad for the next issue of the comic, a poster promoting this summer's release of the Armada comic, and a cool picture of the dinobots. check it out. Also if you look in their cover gallery, you can see the covers for G1 issues #2-4.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2002-04-20 8:41 pm has a very interesting new updated regarding the continuation of their comic. Check out the poster here. I'd also like to point out the involved auther. BOB FORWARD!!!  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2002-04-20 7:27 pm
It looks like there may be a couple of new toys added to the first wave Armada line. As seen in the up coming May issue of Previews catalog seen at 2005 Board, it looks like there may be a Super-Con (deluxe) sized Optimus Prime, a crane named Smokescreen with a minicon Tractor, and perhaps the previously named Sideways will be renamed Blurr ...  (1 comments)

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