If you know a juicy bit of TF News e-mail B or K so we can share w/ the rest of TF fandom!  If you've found a TF in stores please report your findings in the TFsightings page.  Thanks!  We appreciate the updates!

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The Lukis Bros....
Jason is Bravedudimus@unicron.com
Brian is stampy@unicron.com
Kevin is Perceptor@unicron.com
Miscellaneous news from YOU!

 1/22/2001 1am

Finally!  We've had a chance to make some great new character page additions!  You'll find them in the 1985 Transformers Page.  They include 7 classics, The ConstructiconsBonecrusher, Hook, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Scavenger, Scrapper, and yes Devastator! Check 'em out by clicking the links above or w/ the box tumbnail links on 85 TF Page.

 1/20/2001 3:56pm

Can you make images that are particular pixel dimensions? The Unicron Art Site wants you to post your art. -- Art Site newly revised, and ready for more entrees!

 1/15/00, 8am

You'll find a few updates in your section of the alterations page, a minor update in the 1990 TF page and new pictures of "Tripredacus Agent" a new Walmart Exclusives in the 2001 TF page.

 1/13/2001 9:44am

Our new TF Links Page needs your help! Soon, you'll be able to see what's been updated on not just Unicron.com, but all TF web sites. The only problem is, not all of the links have updates in our database yet. There are too many to go through. So, go to our links page, and cruise through the pages at the bottom of the list without dates, and find what's new with the page, and type it in with the pink buttons on the right. Anyone can update! [Other TF site owners, come here when you've made updates to your site, and get your site link at the top of the list!]

Also, looks like Hasbro's BW site is offering a sweet deal. Buy a TF from hasbro online (includes some Japanese imports), and get a second for equal or lesser value for free! How can you resist?

 1/5/00, 2pm

-You'll find MANY new additions in YOUR Section of the Alterations page.  Lot of sweet stuff there.  Take your time and check it out!
-Get a sneak peak of one of the upcoming 3D comic by Richard F. Suarez in the Fan Fic Comics Page.
-Ever wonder what Perceptor might have looked like had he made it into Beast Wars/ Machines? (I wish!) Well Thanks to Aaron Thomas you can get a good idea w/ a 3-D pic he made and can now be seen on the Perceptor character page.
-An Omega Supreme character page has been opened in the 1985TF page.
-Also in the 1985TF page the 'what-comes-with' portion of the instructions have been added to Dirge and Grapple's pages.

 12/24/00, 1am

Yes, I'm back. No longer as the wimpy Primacron, but now as none other than Brave-Dudimus! Sorry I haven't updated. Blame those who gave me crappy software, twice, then good software with no CD code. Thanks bros. Now, on to my long awaited update! I have made a Transformer, Optimus Primal, Winamp skin that is now here for download. Check out the page if you know what I'm talking about or not. If there is an interest, and enough graphics talent out there, maybe soon we'll have a bunch of great skins to download here or possibly more.

 12/21/00, 10am

* We highly recommend you pick-up a copy of the latest Tomart's Action Figure Digest Issue #83!   We haven't found a copy ourselves yet, but we've come to learn that this issue has got an outstanding article (pages 38-39) that'll be especially interesting to those who have paid our stuff for sale page a visit!  :)  SWEET!  :)
* Oh, and you may be interested to know that BMachines Rattrap is for sale on e-bay.

 12/20/2000 8pm

It's an update we've been wanting to get to for quite awhile!  You'll find a new format in both the 1984 and 1985 Transformers pages.  Now each of these pages (and ALL TF pages eventually) are divided in two segments.  On the right you'll find the familiar style with toys-in-box-thumbnails as links to character pages.  On the left, a newly added "TF Media" section.  Notice each section has it's own scroll bar.  The Media portion contains an episode guide which outlines the basics of each show.  For now, the 1985 page is a little more complete, with a complete list of all season 2 episodes, plot summaries (which are intentionally brief!  They're there to tell the basics of each story without giving away any spoilers) and our own 'grade.'  Each show is graded on plot and animation with the scale running from great to terrible.  Beneath the episode guide I've got the comic section w/ links to the cover's of each episode.  Enjoy!

 12/20/00, 8pm

TransTech cancelled?  According to Ben Yee's rumor page perhaps, but we haven't been able to get confimation either way.  So we're all going to have to wait and see!

 12/16, 12/17 2:14pm

- 12/17 update: messages are working on the art site. Comment on your favorite artwork, and encourage artists! Also, new blackarachnia pic, it's great!
TF Exchange modified slightly. E-mail forms work properly again.
- Call in all artists! (again) The Unicron.com Art Site is on to the next step. Now you can upload your art to the server through the Art Site! Check back for more updates to the site like critiquing and more! The only restriction: for you art to be on the Unicron.com Art Site, it's got to be 297 pixels tall and 210 pixels wide. Other than that, anything goes!

 12/5/2000 9:50pm

A good friend who asked to remain anonymous sent me some excellent pics of the new BMach figures!  You'll find 'em linked to in the BMach 2001 page:  Enjoy Tank Drone & Hammerstrike!  Of them, he commented that the "Tank Drone would be spittin' image perfect show-likeness, if only it was about three times bigger.  But other than its seeming too small, it's a great toy."  He also said that Hammerstrike "isn't as cool as Transmetal 2 Cybershark, but considering it's just a basic, it's done very well."

 12/4/2000 6:50pm

Many GREAT new updates in "YOUR section" of the Alterations Page, including a fully transformable show-like Beast Machines Optimus Primal by VxVLestatVxV@aol.com and several others.  Sweet stuff!

 12/4/2000 10:30am

"Dimpled chad" this, "count every vote" that... There has been a lot of increasingly absurd talk about voting lately so the timing for this seems quite appropriate!
It's taken a lot of organizing & planing but we're ready to unveil our all new, totally revamped LINKS PAGE!  Here's the deal, we wanted to organize our ever growing monster of a links section.  The trouble is, we don't want to offend anyone by us calling one page better than another.  SO, we're having you VOTE for your favorite sites and w/ your help we'll form some sort of organization to the long list of Transformers pages that exist.  The list of links will be shown twice in two different columns.  On the left they're shown in order of popularity.  In the right column, sites are shown in alphabetical order.  So we hope you enjoy the new more interactive Links page and BE SURE TO VOTE! and let your voice be heard (even if you're not from Palm Beach County, Florida!)  :)  Thanks!
Oh and btw, you can take your argument all the way to the Florida Supreme Court, but there will be no recount in this election!  Unicron.com wins with a nice even 1 million votes! :)  (wierd how we got so many votes so fast, eh!  :)

 12/3 2:26pm

It's got a new look! The Unicron.com TF Message Board is new and better than ever -- now with an experimental 5 day limit.

 11/28,29/2000, 10:30am CST

-A cool new in box pic of the Tank Drone added in the TF 2001 page
-Air Attack Optimus Prime?!  Another Supreme Cheetor?, Mega BeastMachines Optimus Primal, Shockwave, Starscream!?  Need I say more?!  Our U.S. Transformers 2001 page is up and running!  There aren't many pics yet but hey, every page has got to start somewhere!  (As if that preliminary message board needed any fuel!  :)

 11/28 6:48pm

It's out of control -- we now have a Unicron.com mesageboard where you can post TF stuff! This potentially brief experiment has 2 rules: 1) It's got to be TF-related. 2) If it's annoying, it's not allowed. No exceptions. Fire at will! (This is a rough draft. Expect frequent changes.)

 11/15/00, 9:30pm

* Botcon 2001 location has been announced.  It'll be July 14-15, 2001 in Durham, North Carolina.
* WOW!  Kris sent me an e-mail w/ a link to a page w/ pics of up-coming Beast Machines 2001 toy line.  I have no idea whose page it is or where the pics were taken but it's worth checkin' out.  HERE is the Link. Enjoy!

 11/13/2000, 8:30am CST

Transformers "Decoys" debuted in 1987 and were basically smaller cartoon-like replicas of characters from 84 & 85 made of 1 color (red or purple) silicon rubber.  You'll now find a complete checklist, comic and name/picture link to each and every one of those little buggers in the updated 1987 Transformers page.

 11/12/00, 11:14pm

So, PayPal is now international. Canadians, Brits, Brazilians, Etc., it would be absolutely fantastic to see some trading posts on TFExchange from you! I'd like to know how PayPal works outside of the US too -- please tell me about it.

 11/11/2000, 1am CST

Entirely new character pages are up and running!  For my personal favorite G1 character of all time!  Perceptor (oh, and Blaster too! :)  Both are in the 1985 TF Page page.

 11/10,8/2000, 6:30pm CST

Due to popular demand!  Many folks have asked, "what parts come w/ this-or-that particular toy."  Now the portion of the instructions that show what parts come w/ each toy have been added for the following character pages in the 1984 & 1985 TF sections:
Optimus Prime, Bluestreak, Hound, Ironhide, Jazz, Mirage, Prowl, Ratchet, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Trailbreaker, Wheeljack, Jet/Skyfire, Megatron, Skywarp, Soundwave, Starscream, Thundercracker, Shockwave, Hoist, Inferno, Red Alert, Skids, Smokescreen, Tracks, Topspin, Twintwist, Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Snarl, Swoop, Roadbuster, Whirl, Bombshell, Kickback, Shrapnel, Thrust, Ramjet,  
Eventually we hope to have this info up for every toy.  In the meantime, we've got to progress one toy at a time!  Thanks for your continued patience.  
BTW dose anyone have Grapple or Dirge's instructions?  We'd love it if you could scan and send 'em to us! (We can't find our insturctions for these guys.!)  Thanks.

 11/8/00, 10am

* No surprise, etoys doesn't have Noble toys to ship.  I still haven't received a single letter from anyone who has received one so I assume they never had the toy.  And I received the following letter from them last night:
...At eToys, we strive to be in stock at all times for all items we carry.  Unfortunately, when your replacement request was processed, we discovered that the items listed below were not available for shipment. We apologize for this inconvenience.
Qty Product Description Item Number
1 Transformers: Deluxe Beast Machine- Noble 1008177

 11/1/2000, 11:30pm CST

* A new link to additional 3D pics added in the 84TF pg of Soundwave by Defiant.
* You'll find new art by Aaron Thomas in the 1996 BWTF character page of Wolfang.
* The Computer Comics Page has also been updated with two excellent new short 3D rendered stories by machina69@unicron.com & chamberlan@unicron.com. They're called "The Curse of Protoform X" and "Systems Upgrade!"  Enjoy!

 11/1/00, 2:20pm

* Chris Rabenberg reports that they have TF Movie music on NAPSTER! They even have some off of the 'Til All Are One CD, & an eerie Unicron Theme Techno re-mix!
* Fraud Alert!  We ordered 2 Deluxe Noble toys from e-toys and instead received 2 Deluxe Skydives.  Now, even tho Skydive is (by far) my personal favorite Beast Mach Maximal toy, I was quite disappointed, none-the-less.  I heard thru Dave, that others have had similiar experiences.  Has anyone actually received a Noble toy? let me know! 

 10/27, 29, 30 /2000, 12:30pm

* Transmetal Rattrap page is back up and running w/ toy pics, show pics, a pic of Scott McNeil voice of RT, and a sweet sound file outlining how RT's voice came to be!
* What can I say, I dig those Beast Wars Predacons!  The Transmetal Tarantulas Page is also back up and running w/ all new pics linked to in the BW98 page.
* In the Beast Wars 1998 page you'll find the Quickstrike page page has been updated w/ tons of new pics.  Have a great weekend folks!


* The Unicron character page has been updated w/ a new pic of the Japanese inflatable store display.
* The 1996 BWTF skeleton page has been re-opened w/ some minor edits.  No new character pages yet but they're comin'.

 10/11/00, 10:41am

Magmatron has been spotted in a Target in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. First sighting! Also, I got an e-mail from Desperado00@aol.com. Apparently Suncoast still claims the Transformer Movie DVD will be on shelves on October 24th. Inconsistency among the people who are supposed to know best; we'll have to wait an see!

 10/10/00, 2:00pm

Bad news... I got an e-mail from Amazon.com that says that the official release date of Transformers the Movie on DVD has been pushed back to the Seventh of November. It's a bummer, but it won't stop me from anxiously waiting for its release!

 10/4/2000, 11:15am CST

* Just because I think the toy rocks, I've added some new pics to and updated the Nightscream page in the Beast Machines 2000 area.
* Also DeAtHscythe points out a cool trivia tidbit that Gary Chalk voice of Optimus Primal guest stars as a cop on the new show Dark Angel on FOX.
* Oh, and we don't need to point out the daily additions to the TF sightings Page and  TFExchange page do we?

 9/28/00, 6:43pm

Small Japan section update... Pics of God Magnus... Nice!

 9/27/2000, 5:45pm CST

It's a veritable smorgasbord of page updates made as I slowly get thru old e-mails!  You'll find new updates in all of the following pages:
* Unicron character page:  Thanks to Jason.Bump for sending us a new pic of an inflatable Unicron toy seen at a toy store display in Japan!  Anyone know how we can get our hands on one?!  PLEASE let us know!  Thanks! :)
* Alts Page:  Many Awesome new additions in "Your Section"  Thanks to all of you for all these outstanding contributions!
* BMach 2000 Page:  You'll find a new update in BM Scavenger page w/ original art drawn by Ron Smith & colored by Trent Troop (see his site HERE).  Also thanks to Emilio Pugliese who sent us a couple of pics of the target exclusive Magmatron.
* BW98 page:  sweet new 3D pics added in Skyshadow's page courtesy of Defiant 
* TF Sightings continues to grow and develop w/ literally hundreds of postings!
* HERE: help mbriffa keep TF's on the air in Australia! Just vote!
* Links page:  Many new updates here.

 9/27/2000, 5:45pm CST

Defiant@unicron.com is in the midst of planning another 3-D illustrated ComicHERE & HERE are teaser pics AND he's lookin for assistance in writing the story. So if you're interested in co-authoring, send him an e-mail!  The deadline is Saturday, Oct. 1st. 
1.) Winner will not be paid. The reward is exposure & hundreds of hours of his time!
2.) This'll be a short comic consisting of no more than 22 pages. Don't make it too long!
3.) Your story cannot have ANY humans in it.
4.) You must be willing to allow me to co-write w/ you. Unless you write such a kick ass story that I do not feel it needs to be touched. 
5.) Story can ONLY have the following: Black Convoy, Op Prime, Megatron, Star Scream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Wheel Jack, Ratchet, Ironhide, & 2 of your choice.
6.) The story must revolve around the Black Convoy, But not according to Car Robots.
Comic will be done in my spare time, which means it may not get released this year..  I recommend that you keep a copy of your story idea.  You do NOT have to write everything word for word. Just pitch a story idea  to me. If you agree to these terms please Email Defiant your idea w/ the title BLACK CONVOY CONTEST. 

 9/24/00, 11:24pm & 9/25/00 many new updates all day long!

Transformer Sightings! Another new section of our page is begun!  And with over a hundred additions in its first day of existence, we're excited about the response! This page is going to provide many new valuable daily updates to us and all of the TF fans around the world!  The page layout has been tweaked a bit but you can expect even better organization of the information soon.

 9/20/2000, 11:15am CST

The Beast Machines 2000 Page has been updated w/ new pics of Nightviper and Silverbolt which I found at a Wal-Mart in Grinnell, Iowa on Saturday.

 9/19/2000, 7:50am CST

marvnjen@usfamily.net wrote me to say that he found Ultra Nightscream at a Walmart in Eagan, Minnesota.  Any other sightings sightings? 


In efforts to keep Unicron.com on the cuttng edge, we've "reformatted" our news page. What do you think of the new look? (Ps - Thanks to Cardboardmidget@cs.com for the image of the Unicron head!)


A Unicron.com experiment... We've been brewing up plans to introduce a viewer-submitted TF art section to Unicron.com, and we're going to introduce you to it before it's even up and working!

The other part of the experiment is the location. It is on an experimental server where we're thinking of putting parts of Unicron.com. Hopefully it won't be too slow. It's an experiment. The link is

The plans spread far beyond what you can see there now, but you'll see them as they come. Anyway, the reason for this early release is that I need a handfull of entries to get the site rolling. The site will have a different sort of twist to it: all the art on the site will be either a gif or jpg forms (preferrably gif), and they will be exactly 210 pixels wide and 297 pixels tall. Anything TF-related in these boundries is fair game. So, artists, if you want to be part of the "classic" art pieces that appear _first_ on this TF art site, please send me (stampy@unicron.com) your 210x297 image, its title, your name, and if you'd like, a short description. Happy art making, and enjoy watching the preview!


Among other things you can see pics of Nightscream, Silverbolt and Nightviper... transforming (a nice idea!) on Hasbro's official Transformers page which has been re-opened.


First, the Stuff for sale page has been updated w/ a lot of consolidation and new organization which I hope will make the ordering/shipping process easier.  Next, I've got good news and bad news!  The bad news is that we've sold out of BotCon 2000 Exclusives and separate Thrust stands.  What's more, we're starting to run low on t-shirts.  All Accessory Packs will still include Thrust Stands but, unfortunately, they can no longer be purchased separately.  

The good news is that we have NOT sold out of Vector Sigma Keys!  It's a long story but suffice it to say that they're available again now!  At least until we run out for real this time!  (brother Jason had an small bag of extras which I was not aware of w/ the first go-around!)  As we're starting to run out of t-shirts, they will no longer be offered free of charge.  From now on, we'll offer them for $3 w/ every accessory pack purchase and $12 separately.  That way, we know that only the people that actually want the shirts will get them and those that don't will not loose anything!  A t-shirt for $3 is still a pretty dang good deal, if you ask me!

We'd also like to extend our thanks to all of those who have already ordered & shown us such overwhelming and strong support of our efforts thus far!  Thank you.  


Jabantic & Kris wrote us to say that BMach Silverbolt & Nightviper are available for pre-order/order at toymaniac.com & BigBadToyStore.com.


Savage/Noble the toy will exist and according to Previews Magazine, he'll be a Deluxe!  See a (really small and bad) Picture of this toy HERE!  The toy looks like it's got great potential!   Incidentally, when asked about the release date of this toy the representatives from Hasbro said they think he'll make a "great Christmas present!"  


We are proud to announce the opening of a new 'forum' in Unicron.com!  It's something else we have been working very hard on for quite a while!  Now, in addition to our 'Stuff for Sale page' where we offer our own Unicron.com Exclusive Accessory Packs..., now YOU can trade or sell your extra Transformers items or list your own "want ad."  In this soon-to-be well know forum, TF fans young and old can buy, sell, and trade for the Transformers items you are hunting for!  Without auctioning!  Without bidding!  It's a forum made for Transformers Fans, by Transformers fans!  Introducing the all new:


The basics are that by paying 25 cents (through paypal) you can list a 'want ad' or items you have for sale or to trade.  If someone has something you want, just e-mail them and start wheelin' and dealin'!  It's as easy as that! :) 

Considering the number of e-mails we get every day from people wanting to trade, buy... w/ us, we believe this is going to be a popular area of the site!  It's going to take a tremendous amount of time to upkeep, which is why the 25 cents are required to post.   Hope you don't find that quarter charge too offensive! :) 

If you have any questions, e-mail my brother Brian the moderator of this section of Unicron.com.  Happy trading everyone! 


Barry has informed us some interesting info!  "...I was going through the computer today at work and I thought you guys might like too let everyone know that the Target DPCI- for the BM exclusive Magmatron is #087-06-0411 and that it will retail for $19.99. It did not have an arrival date listed.


You'll find a ton of updates in the Beast Machines 2000 page including: a new link to Primal Prime's tech spec, new pics of the Target exclusive Magmatron, a Nightviper page, new box pics for T-wrecks, Ultra Jetstorm, Blastrax, Skydive as well as new pages for the in show characters SILVERBOLT and NIGHTSCREAM.


Many new box pictures added in the TF 1988, TF1989, & TF1990 pages.  We only need a few more on each page before we have thumbnails of each G1 TF in box.  If you have (1989) Fangry, Windsweeper, Bugly, or (1990) Overrun in their package we'd sure appreciate it if you could send a pic to Perceptor.  Thanks!


I found Blastcharge, Skydive & Snarl at a Walmart in Rochester, MN yesterday! 


Here's the situation.  We have SOLD OUT of individual Keys to Vector Sigma.  That means, you can  no longer purchase additional (separate) keys T.V.S. on our Stuff for Sale page. BUT, please understand that ALL Unicron.com Accessory Packs STILL INCLUDE A KEY in each pack.  They just cannot be purchased separately.  We may be able to make more (if there's enough demand) but that's at least a few months away.  


I was shocked to find BMach Megatron at a Target in Alexandria, MN yesterday!


Thanks to all the many w/ the toy sighting updates.  For those who haven't seen, there are quite a few new toys out in stores now.  We've seen Supreme Cheetor, Ultra Jetstorm, and T-wrecks (at several TRU's and Targets all around Minnesota).  I also found the BMach Vehicles Mechatron and Che at a Target in Burnsville this past weekend.


In the meantime, you'll have pleanty of internet TF surfing fun to keep you busy with as more additions have been made in "Your Area" of the Alterations Section and many new TF pages added in the Links Section.  Enjoy! and everyone have a great weekend!


GREAT NEWS, eh!  It's not nearly as expensive as I thought it might be to ship stuff to Canada!  So for all of the many Canadians who've been asking YES, you can order ANY and all the items you see on our Stuff for Sale Page.  Just make sure you send (or use Paypal if they'll let you) the U.S. dollar equivalent for all the pricing shown and add $2 (U.S.) to you total order (to cover additional shipping.  Yea that's right.  Only U.S. $2 more for Canadian orders!  I'm so surprised and happy about that!) and I'll send off orders as fast as if you lived in the U.S.!


I will be out of town on a business trip, without access to e-mail or internet ALL Tuesday.  So for all those who have written me and are waiting for a response, please be patient.  I'll try to respond to all your questions Wed morning.  Thanks. Perceptor@unicron.com.


In an almost impossible attempt to get caught up on old e-mails, I've made several page updates!  You'll find the following:
* In addition to assisting us with the 3D modeling work needed in the design phase of parts for our Unicron.com Accessory Packs, Aaron Thomas of Chennai, India also does some amazing graphics.  We've finished off the Wolfang Character page w/ new toy pics and a 3D rendered graphics of what he might have looked like had he been a character in Beast Wars!
* Another new character page for Airhammer, w/ awesome 3D renderings by glmatrix@unicron.com  and news links in Soundwave's page.
* New updates YOUR Section of the Alterations Page.
New updates in the Links Section.


The 6th part in our Unicron.com Accessory Pack is: The Key to Vector Sigma!  It's key feature (pardon the pun) is that it has been 'vacuum metalized' to give it a similar (but not identical) super reflective shiny look like Transmetal parts!  Click the link above or get to it thru...


Our 'Stuff for Sale' page is back up and running!  For all those who couldn't attend BotCon and have been flooding my e-mail box w/ requests, THANK YOU!  Our Accessory packs are now for sale and available on-line! Thanks for all the letters!   We appreciate it! 

I'd also like to mention that we've got more up our sleeves than we've yet revealed AND if we manage to sell enough online, we hope to generate enough $'s so we can afford to proceed with our next project!  We cannot reveal any details on it yet but we will say that it's much more ambitious than our first 6 part accessory pack! :)  I'd also like to mention that building molds, manufacturing parts, vacuum metalizing,  painting..... are all VERY expensive for us.  We hope you understand why we have to charge what we charge.

Now, that being said, we do have several "SPECIALS" to tell you about.  First, we're offering a special online Accessory Pack Price of $35.  This price also now includes a FREE Unicron.com T-shirt (until we run out!), and FREE SHIPPING (in the continental United States)!  In addition, we're also offering most of the parts individually for only $6 each!

You'll also notice that we have (just a few) BotCon Exclusives for sale.  If you purchase them with an Accessory Pack you'll save an additional $15.  For now, the fastest and easiest way for us to accept your orders is when you pay with credit card through PayPal, which we can now accept.  If you "Sign Up Now" as a new account, you can also save an additional $5 off your Accessory Pack.  Get all the details on the new "Stuff for Sale Page" And if you have any further questions, please let ME know!  

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