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News of 2006:
Nevermore  2006-12-31 8:04 pm
A happy new year everyone!

Does anyone know who George Dunsay is? No? He was Hasbro's head of R&D in 1983, and thus responsible for greenlighting the Transformers toyline.

Mr. Dunsay has been kind enough to give me a lengthy interview about his involvement in the history of the Transformers brand, which you can read here.

Special thanks ...  (4 comments)
Xavier6  2006-12-31 8:50 am
Many of us are Trans Fans. We will buy toys from any of the differant lines.  Even the bad ones. Some lines create bad copies of old TFs. A friend of mines kid bought a ripoff transformer on ebay. It fell apart very quickly. Always be carefull of what it is you are bidding on.  If you are bidding on  those packs ...  (12 comments)
Anonymous  2006-12-30 3:52 pm
Read on if you don't mind another spoiler from Transformers Movie...   E-bay seller "SPX" is auctioning a few new toys we presume to be from the upcoming Transformers Movie.  Unpainted prototypes of .............             a digital camera and cell phone.  ...  (7 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-12-27 11:23 pm
Okay, gang, I just got some of the coolest T-Shirts out on the market for Christmas.  Check these out:  Optimus Prime, Soundwave, Autobot Logo, Decepticon Logo and Tracks.

You can find these awesome Tees at a Hottopic near you.  Typically they're in the mall and they have a frightening appearance, but if you can look past that

Nevermore  2006-12-25 1:51 pm
As some of you might or might not know already, that card Classics Grimlock is available on features an infamous error with a stock photo of Classics Jetfire being incorrectly identified as "Astrotrain", in addition to a minor typo ("expoit") in Grimlock's bio. These errors have so far been thought to extend to the whole production run.

Now it ...  (205 comments)
Nevermore  2006-12-23 3:13 am
Dare I say? New toys out at US retail again!

TFW 2005 member gunman_sr5 first reported here having found wave 1 of the Classic Legends toys, namely Leo Prime, Perceptor, Fireflight and Trypticon, at his local Meijer store, and Transfan2 provided the corresponding photos. So most likely, these toys will have the same distribution pattern as ...  (2 comments)
Brian  2006-12-22 7:32 pm
Just in time for the holidays, the Reviews section just got an upgrade.  The site now organizes toys by price-point, and displays the latest reviews within each Transformers line.  (2 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-12-22 6:38 pm has posted a 5 page preview of next months G. I. Joe vs. the Transformers by Devil's Due Publishing. Who can resist Unicron(.com)? Not I.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-12-20 6:09 pm
Another Update: The official movie website has added another version of the movie trailer, it's the same as the one seen earlier on yahoo, but includes the voice of Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime!   "Welcome back to the land of moving parts", Mr. Cullen!

Update: Thanks to the Allspark for the heads up, Michael Bay's ...  (18 comments)
Nevermore  2006-12-20 4:20 pm
I'm gonna make this one short... New toys out at US retail. TFW2005 member TFmaster provided the visual evidence for having purchased the new figures from wave 4 of the 6" Titaniums, namely Soundwave and Rodimus Prime, at a Toys'R'Us store in Westland, Michigan.

Remember to report your own sightings of Titanium 6" Soundwave here, and sightings ...  (0 comments)
Blasten Blaster  2006-12-20 3:08 pm

Nintendo has announced that three Transformers games are in the works, one for the Nintendo Wii  and two for the Nintendo DS. All three games are going to be based on the 2007 live action Transformers movie. You can see the real artical at and  I hope they'er better than the PS2 Transformers Armada

Xavier6  2006-12-20 9:19 am

It's a lame joke, but the Sixshot one-shot comes out today! Six Shot was one of the coolest Transformers I ever got for Christmas.  His name implies his coolest feature: 6 different modes of transformation.  He had a role in Headmasters. If you're looking for a great last minute X-mas gift, grab one along with the comic HERE ,

Nevermore  2006-12-20 6:00 am
A few hours earlier than expected, the official trailer for Michael Bay's live action Transformers movie is online!

Well, there are several international versions, including a French and a German one... and there's also a UK version in English.
Click here to watch it.  (4 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-12-19 5:34 pm

Happy Holidays everyone!  About this time last year I wrote Perceptor with news about the Beast Machines DVDs.  Ah, fond memories.  Anywho:

This 25th, Christmas, we have a few tradepaperbacks coming out.  Figured I'd remind everyone in case there were any last minute Christmas shoppers looking for a good gift, or if you just

Blasten Blaster  2006-12-19 1:56 pm

Hey all you transformer fan Hasbro and Toys R Us have just released new transformers on there sites that we should be seeing in stores real soon. And here’s the transformers I noticed: (If I'm wrong or missed one LMK)

@ Toys R Us: Transformers Jungle Planet Primas Unleashed-Megatron, Transformers Jungle Planet Primas Unleashed-Optimus

Perceptor  2006-12-19 10:43 am   (page update)
Okay, moving right along with the extended history lesson of Transformers from 10 years ago, you'll find an all new character page for the 'original' Beast Wars Optimus Primal v. Megatron.   Thanks to Byrerprime for the original character text, of his 'wishful thinking" mind!  (3 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-12-16 11:42 pm
Don Murphy the Producer of the Transformers Live Action Movie has posted a comment on his site HERE in part about the Transformers Live Action movie.

Don requested that people quoting his comments as news reproduce the entire text so here it is ;

HEAD STOOGE: The Last Sunday Post of 06, Now On Saturday Come gather ye Stooges and Hear a ...  (3 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-12-14 6:54 pm

Transformers Movie News :

Michael Bay has posted on  the website "Shoot for the Edit" the following comments about the forthcoming Dreamworks Transformers Movie Teaser Trailer that is due shortly. 

It has been awhile since I've posted. Finished shooting end of Sept., on budget; just came under (Budget) by

Xavier6  2006-12-14 9:51 am
Thunderwing one of the coolest G1 TFs ever to come out I just found him being auctioned Mint In Box. For the right kind of collector, you don't wnat to miss this great part of TF history. If you just read Stormbringer, this is the big bad of that story. Thunderwing was a huge charecter back in the old Marvel comic days, and he has become one ...  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-12-13 7:21 pm

Hey everybody.  I've got a lot of Tradepaperbacks and not a lot of time!  Here we go: has a bunch of new preorders up and ready for... preorder... anyway!  To start things off, the re-release of Transformers: War Within 1 & 2.  Next, Transformers: Stormbringer the Manga!  I don't really know what this

Xavier6  2006-12-13 9:29 am
As you may know,  there are only 3 American Transformers Video games.  Here is a chance to get one that is really cool! The BW 64 game is better than the PS1 game based on its more than a fighting game. Hi I am Xavier6 and hope to bring you more cool auctions over the coming weeks.

We can only hope that Headmasters and Masterforce and ...  (5 comments)
Nevermore  2006-12-10 7:05 am
Big Bad Toy Store features the first Hasbro stock photos for the Titanium figures of Cheetor (based on the Beast Machines toy) and The Fallen (from Dreamwave's "The War Within vol. 2: The Dark Ages"). While both figures have been on display at BotCon, this is the first look we get at the vehicle mode for The Fallen.

Note that Cheetor and The ...  (3 comments)
Jason  2006-12-08 10:33 pm
TF theme writer, Anne Brynt sues Sunbow. Interseting press release.

Index No. 5192/00
Index No. 2821/02


December 7, 2006, Carmel, NY

After six years of grueling litigation and four appeals which were won by her in 2006, the composer of the well-known ...  (8 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-12-08 6:49 pm

The Allspark just put this up :<i>

Mouth04, Allspark Admin and Target employee, has brought us some interesting news on new DPCI numbers from the Transformers Movie Products.  Here is a list of the latest.

Transformers Authentic Action Figures 087-06-0012 $9.99

Transformers Robovision Optimus 087-06-1846 $19.99

Transformers Movie Legends

Byrerprime  2006-12-08 6:43 pm
Due in stores January and February 2007 are the two-part double sized issues of the latest chapter in the bizarre saga ofo the Transformers and G.I. Joe by Devil's Due Publishing. See the covers and synopsis for issue one and two. Unicron and Cobra-La are two of the most evil entities in cartoon history. Plus the unrevealed origin of ...  (4 comments)
Perceptor  2006-12-08 9:41 am
Chalk it up to 'wishful thinking.'  We have confirmed that the rumor about DiTillio/Forward's involvement in the 2008 TF cartoon is inaccurate.  They are not involved.  Sorry Seibertron.  (1 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-12-07 10:53 am

Poster GroundPounder1967 has informed Website with the following information regarding the 2008 Cartoon provisionally refered to as Transformers : Heroes.  Though the source is not known (and this is little more than an unconfirmed rumor), I think it's worth a mention:

"GroundPounder1967 has sent us the following

Jason  2006-12-06 1:56 pm
Check out the March 2007 Transformers titles from IDW at Comic News International. The TF (live action) Movie Prequel #2 Simon Furman & Chris Ryall, Don Figueroa, TF Spotlight: Soundwave Simon Furman Marcelo Matere, The Transformers: Escalation #5 Simon Furman, E.J. Su, Transformers: Beast Wars Manga TPB, The Transformers: Beast Wars#1 ...  (1 comments)
Jason  2006-12-06 12:29 pm
Various testshots of figures from the upcoming live action movie can be found on ebay. Check out the auctions for Bumblebee, Brawl, Barricade, and Scorponok over at ebay. Also, we finally net to see a render of Barricade in robot mode. Check it out here at!  (1 comments)
Anonymous  2006-12-04 3:49 pm
Lots of news surrounding Transformers Movie hits the wire.

- Shoot for the reports that the Movie Teaser Trailor will be released Dec 22!  Thanks to for the heads up.
- Jalopnik has posted CGI images of Megatron, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.
- Super_Megatron has posted images of concept art for Ratchet's robot mode on ...  (1 comments)
Nevermore  2006-12-02 4:33 am
Lots of news today!

Let's start with the toys that have been released at US retail. TFW2005 member alphie provided the receipt photo for the long-awaited new 3" Titanium figures (also known as "Robot Masters"), found at a Wal*Mart store. Thundercracker (a repaint of Starscream) and Rodimus (supposed to represent Hot Rod, but named "Rodimus" for ...  (40 comments)
Perceptor  2006-11-30 10:36 pm   (page update)
Moving right along with the Beast Wars figures, this time of 1997.  Now you'll find another all-new character page for he very cool, but seldom featured B'Boom! Enjoy.  (1 comments)
Anonymous  2006-11-29 12:20 pm
In case you hadn't seen it already, check out for new pictures and information on the Japan-only release of Masterpiece Megatron.  It will come with die cast metal parts, accessories seen used by Megatron in TFTM like his energon sword and pistol, a Kremzeek! and more... wow.  (7 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-11-25 10:41 pm

Hey everybody!  Long time no post.

Just poping in while I have a minute of down time.  Looking through I came across the Transformers: The Movie Trade Paperback for preorder!  This is the collection of the TF:TM comics that are currently being produced individually.  We can expect this item to be hitting the

Perceptor  2006-11-24 6:37 pm   (page update)
Belated Happy Turkey Day to those in the U.S.  For your viewing pleasure, you'll find another all-new character page added in the 1996 Transformers Section, this time the under utilized, yet very cool, INSECTICON.  Thanks to Byrerprime for the original character profile and description.  Enjoy the long weekend!  (6 comments)
Nevermore  2006-11-22 5:57 pm
The retail edition of the BotCon 2006 comic distributed by Diamond is out, and there appears to be an "exclusive" in this version not found in the convention version. TFW2005 member shadow panther provides a scan of an advertisement for the Transformers Collectors' Club, showcasing the two upcoming Club exclusive toys (which will be available via ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2006-11-22 10:01 am
All signs point to Transformers (live) Movie being one very successful film.  Big budget, backed by industry leaders in special effects, production and directing... Now too it seems we can add writing to the list.  The following article in the LA Times, describes a meeting of writer's "Dream Team" used to squeeze as ...  (2 comments)
Perceptor  2006-11-20 5:53 pm   (page update)
Moing right along with another Beast Wars character page, this time you'll find the Predacon SNAPPER in the 1996 Transformers Section, has been uploaded and ready for your viewing pleasure.  It's hard to believe that was 10 years ago now... wow, how time flies.  Thanks to Byrerprime for the original character profile and summary.  (3 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-11-17 6:32 pm
If you read Devil's Due's G. I. Joe vs. Transformers II, the one where they traveled through time, and wondered about Cobra-La and their fascination with Unicron, you're not alone. It seemed odd to me that the recent "Art Of War" had no dealings with either since the final panel of Joe vs. TF II showed the members of Cobra-La ...  (2502 comments)
Nevermore  2006-11-17 4:44 am
Let's make this short: TFW2005 member MagnusPrimal reported having found Jetfire, the only new toys from the second wave of the Classic Voyager class, at a Wal*Mart store, and other reliable people have since confirmed also having seen the toy at their local stores. Happy hunting!

Additionally, Classics Grimlock has also finally been found, but ...  (3 comments)
Perceptor  2006-11-15 12:51 am
Wow, well apparently, the level of fan interst really has caught the attention of Hollywood movie execs.  I've heard casual mention by producers wanting Transformers the Movie (live) to become a multi-film franchise, but apparently they're getting serious!

In an interview with Spike Witwicky actor Shia LaBeouf on About: Hollywood Movies ...  (5 comments)
Perceptor  2006-11-15 12:34 am
So you thought now that the DVD has been released there would be no more news about the Transformers The Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition?  Think again, check out the complete press release detailing more new features and info about how well the DVD has sold...

Anonymous  2006-11-14 11:02 am
Okay, I realize this isn't directly TF related. But this is the funniest thing I've seen online, maybe ever.  And for all of us TF site host/visitors, the message hits, perhaps, a little too close to home! :)  Check out new 'Al Yankovich video, "White and Nerdy" on YouTube.  Yeah, that's the exact car I ...  (5 comments)
Anonymous  2006-11-14 9:22 am
Thanks to "Megatron Said" for the heads-up.  Masterpiece Megatron is available for pre-order at  There's a shaded out picture that looks more like a computer 3D graphic than an actual toy silouette.  Shipping weight is 4.2 pounds!  Sure, a lot of that could be cardboard, it might also mean ...  (3 comments)
Perceptor  2006-11-13 11:18 pm
We received an e-mail regarding a possible bug with the 20th Anniversary Edition, Transformers The Movie.

"...during the Ultra Magnus scene on Junkion where he is blown to pieces, the widescreen movie suddenly shows Spanish Subtitles. You can turn them off..."  But apparently this will also turn off the Director's Commentary if ...  (9 comments)
Jason  2006-11-12 11:49 pm
Make sure to check out newsOK's interview with Peter Cullen entitled "Robot hero role transformational for voice actor" in regards to voicing Optimus Prime both in past and future! Check it out here. It's a great read!  (4 comments)
Nevermore  2006-11-11 5:15 pm
New toys out in the USA once again.

TFW2005 member alphie reported having found the "Optimus Prime vs. Megatron - The Ultimate Battle" two-pack at a Toys'R'Us store (just to avoid confusion: The two-pack is NOT a TRU exclusive, it was just found there first!). While not "officially" part of the "Classics" line (which technically isn't actually ...  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2006-11-11 2:30 am   (page update)
Yeah, it's been too long since we've been able to roll out new character pages.  Many, many things to get caught up on.  For your viewing pleasure, we thought we'd jump back to 2000 and a very cool toy/character featured in the recent Beast Wars Comics by IDW.  With character profile, textual description by Byrerprime, ...  (3 comments)
Anonymous  2006-11-10 11:21 am
Check out the official Transformers Live Movie website to see the winners of the Make Optimus Speak contest.  --I can't believe the entry that one.  It's nice and everything, but why something so unoriginal?  I really liked the, "Megatron, when I'm through with you, there won't be enough of you left to transform ...  (12 comments)
Perceptor  2006-11-06 12:12 pm   (page update)
Recently, we were fortunate enough to get ourselves an advance copy of the much anticapated Transformers the Movie, 20th Anniversary Edition DVD, which goes on sale tomorrow.  Hit the link to check out our complete REVIEW of this feature rich, re-edited masterpiece.  So it's a big day tomorrow!  Grab yourself a copy on your way ...  (11 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-11-02 3:28 pm
Transformers Author David Cian has been interviewed HERE at the Energon Plant site.

He talks a little about how he got the job of writing the Transformers Movie Prequel Novel and he also mentions the book's title is Transformers : GHOSTS OF YESTERDAY

Check it out if you care too.
He also then makes some additional comments HERE at Don ...  (0 comments)
Brian  2006-11-01 10:42 pm
Here are some fun and imaginative character designs...  er, Never Mentioned Official Show Characters.  They bring me right back to the 80's.  There's lots of Transformers trivia within these links too.  I'm especially fond of Seafoam.  (0 comments)
Jason  2006-10-31 12:11 pm
Check out new pics of the upcoming live action movie preview figure of Starscream's entry mode "protoform" on ebay.  (1 comments)
Nevermore  2006-10-31 12:05 pm
Looks like the Cybertron line is over for good. TFW2005 member Larkin Vain reported that another packaging variant of Cybertron Primus, this time exclusive to Wal*Mart stores, is out, with the first sighting hailing from Hawaii of all places.

This version of Primus comes with four bonus Mini-Cons that will also be available as part of the ...  (3 comments)
Brian  2006-10-31 9:11 am
According to some recent sightings, MicroMaster Railbots (first appearing late 2005) are resurfacing in their original exclusive retailer (KBToys) and CVS pharmacies.  Not enough sighting data to really tell, but it looks like they're appearing in east coast US.  Coincidentally, I was just going through our toy database last night, ...  (2 comments)
Perceptor  2006-10-28 2:07 pm
Can't wait for the new Transformers live movie?  Maybe this will help your hunger pangs (or make you hungrier still!!!)  Check out this ultra cool, tv ad featuring an ice skating, transofming Citroen!  What a great unique transformation and head!  It's like the best car commercial of all time! (Dang, I want to buy ...  (9 comments)
Anonymous  2006-10-27 2:21 pm
Amazing news, reports that there will be a Masterpiece Megatron produced by Takara as an oversized Walter P-38 handgun (same alternate mode as the original) to scale w/ Masterpiece Optimus Prime.  I wouldn't hold my breath that it'll be released domestically.  While it is possible, it seems very unlikely, even ...  (3 comments)
Jason  2006-10-26 9:12 pm posted the top 30 line finalists for the "Make Optimus Prime Speak Contest". Click here to see what the final votes turned up.  (0 comments)
Jason  2006-10-25 9:02 pm
Wizard Magazine on-line interviews Bob Budiansky, and Don Figueroa writer and artist of the TMTF comic adaptation. (First issues just released today) Check on thier interview here at  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-10-25 4:40 pm
It's been a while, but... new toys are out at US retail! And two lines are apparently being brought to an end by this.

Universe has always been near dead for over a year, but after the last wave of the Ultra assortment (Bonecrusher/Scavenger, Long Haul/Hightower and Overbite/Repugnus) had been released as Target exclusives this March and ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2006-10-23 2:17 pm
After 10 years of playing the voice of Megatron, David Kay was just casted to voice none other than the heroic Optimus Prime in the next Transformers Animated Series produced by Cartoon Network. Check on the origional post brought to us by Heather at Auto Assembly here at! Knowing this, who would you like to hear as the voice of the next ...  (12 comments)
Jason  2006-10-22 2:12 pm
Pics from PumaKing reveal the first look at the movie "preview" toys mentioned by Hasbro reps at BotCon. So far pics reveal Optimus Prime and Starscream in "protoform" (as stated on the in-box pics) pre-earth forms most likely never to be seen in the movie. However IDW did mention a premovie story to be released in comic ...  (6 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-10-19 2:23 pm
Don Murphy's TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE related site has now been visited by Transformers author David Cian HERE where he discussses his work on the previous Transformers novels he's written or Edited Thus He also discusses some elements of The Transformers Prequels novel that he's writing with regard to the 2007 Dreamworks Transformers movie.

Mr. ...  (3 comments)
Jason  2006-10-18 5:49 pm
Check out some great pics and info on IDW's upcoming Escalation #3, Spotlight Ultra Magnus, and TFTM Adaptation #4 (of 4) at Comic News International.  (2 comments)
Brian  2006-10-17 10:35 pm   (page update)
The sightings section now breaks toys down by price point.  I do say, it makes those long lists easier to read!  Perhaps the same should be done to the reviews section?  (1879 comments)
Anonymous  2006-10-16 5:13 pm
Check out the official Transformers Movie website. There is now a link to be able to vote for the "Optimus Prime Line" Contest.  I have to say, after reading through them I really like the line from Demarcus of Waco, Texas. "Megatron, when I'm done with you, you'll be lucky if there's enough of you left to ...  (2 comments)
Jason  2006-10-16 10:37 am
A line up of pics on flickr shows in box pics of Kiss Play Rodimus, but what's perhaps more interesting, are the pics of what appears to be Masterpiece Skywarp. Check them out here.  (1 comments)
Jason  2006-10-16 10:30 am
Check out IDW's 5 page previews of Stormbringer and Spotlight Nightbeat comics coming this month.  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-10-15 3:04 am

Hey everybody.  So, with Transformers: Cybertron coming to a close, and no new series until the end of 2007, I got to thinkin' "I could really go for some older Transformers."  So I clicked on over to Youtube and put in a search for Transformers RiD and that's what I got!  As you can see, Youtube has a

Nevermore  2006-10-13 3:24 pm
The new toys from wave 3 of the Titanium 6" figures, namely Optimal Optimus and Scourge, have just arrived in stock at online retailers such as Big Bad Toy Store and Brian's Toys a few days ago, and now reports are coming in between TFW2005 and Seibertron of both toys having been found at Toys'R'Us stores in California and Michigan! Remember to ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2006-10-13 1:14 pm
Check out the 5 page preview of IDW's upcoming (in Dec) one shot TF spotlight: Sixshot comic!  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-10-10 11:48 am
Hey everybody.  It looks like late last month Rhino released Transformers: Armada - Season One Part Two.  This box set features the last half of the Transformers: Armada series.  I always thought that Armada had two seasons, but I guess I was mistaken.  Even so, why did they bother saying it was season one if there ...  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2006-10-10 1:14 am   (page update)
Hello everyone!  We made it back from Botcon, and wow.  What a whirlwind life has been since.  Sorry we didn't get to this, sooner. (Like as it happened...) But (as usual) we figure better late than never!  :)

You'll find our report from BOTCON 2006 is now uploaded and ready for viewing.  Complete w/ many direct ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2006-10-05 9:26 pm
IDW has updated their Art Du Jour with two pics of the upcoming Ultra Magnus one shot!  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-10-05 7:59 pm
Could Classics be at your local Target? Write these numbers down and find out. 087-06-1166 is the case number for the Deluxe class, packaged 2 each of Astrotrain, Bumblebee, Rodimus and Starscream. 087-06-1167 is the case number for the Voyager class, packaged 2 each of Megatron and Optimus Prime. Punch the numbers into a price checker to see if ...  (12 comments)
Perceptor  2006-10-03 10:58 am
Check out this sweet press release from the makers of the upcoming Transformers Movie!  All the details and answers to our questions of the "Make (Optimus) Prime Speak" contest are listed below.  BTW, what a great show, our complete Botcon report is coming soon.  Sorry for the delay!)

His is the voice behind one of ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-10-01 6:46 am
Several reports of the 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime "DVD Edition" re-release being out in stores. Report your own sightings here.

News from BotCon: New photos of the Hasbro booth available here:
TFW2005, Allspark, TFormers.
Many of those toys have also been reported by Hasbro's official website. New revelations (toys, names) as compared to ...  (1 comments)
Nevermore  2006-09-30 6:52 am
New releases first... Several reports are coming in of the Costco exclusive Cybertron Optimus Prime/Wing Saber two-paxk being out. Report your own sightings here.
Also, bw_rhinox of Seibertron confirms that the KB Toys exclusive Micromaster Aerialbots are finally out in stores. Report your own sightings here: Air Raid, Fireflight, Ro-Tor, ...  (1 comments)
Perceptor  2006-09-29 11:12 pm
Good news for those interested in our new Golden Disk Accessory Pack, who cannot attend Botcon (Why not? You should come!)  They are now available for pre-order at bigbadtoystore

To answer a few other questions, our convention special price will be $13/pack.  (unless you also purchase other items such as Energeon Cubes, ...  (1 comments)
Perceptor  2006-09-29 11:12 pm
The day has finally arrived! (and none too soon for me!)  We're ready to unveil our 4th Accessory Pack! and answer all your questions.  You may have heard some of the basics from an earlier (Iacon) version, but we do have a few surprises in store...

Each pack includes 2 solid alloy GOLDEN DISKS and a new color Disk Reader attachment ...  (10 comments)
Nevermore  2006-09-29 12:04 pm
The BotCon 2006 coverage starts!

First of all - the exclusives. Additional to the boxset featuring Optimus Primal as a remold of Cybertron Crumplezone, Rhinox as a repaint of Cybertron Landmine, Cheetor as a remold of Cybertron Clocker, Rattrap as a repaint of Cybertron Ransack and "Darksyde Dinobot" as a repaint of Cybertron Longrack with the ...  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-09-28 5:15 pm
Hey everybody.  So I'm a little bit behind with this one, but we have a few new TF: TPBs out on the market this week.  To start things off, we have G.I. Joe vs. Transformers vol. 3 by Devil's Due.  On top of that we have Transformers: Infiltration by IDW.  Happy viewing everybody.  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-09-27 2:15 pm
The Classics are out!

Only a few days after various online retailers got the first shipments of the long-awaited toys from the new Classics line in stock, sightings for those toys at Fred Meyer stores in Washington state start to emerge.

TFW2005 member ViceGripX started it with a a href="" ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-09-26 4:15 pm
New 3" Titaniums out, new Classics officially confirmed by Hasbro...

Allspark member Packrat confirmed having purchased the new wave 5 3" Titaniums, namely Grimlock, Predaking and Scorponok (the latter based on the Energon character), at a Wal*Mart store in Las Vegas, and provided the obligatory receipt photo here. As always, remember to report ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2006-09-22 2:38 pm has just updated their website with their radio commercial to be aired in the Lexington area (I presume). Make sure you check it out!  (255 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-09-22 10:33 am
Hey everybody.  This has probably been up for a little while now, but I only just noticed it.  The guys over at have added an Episode Archive page to their site.  Here you can download the first three episodes of BWII and TF: Victory's first 12 episodes and episodes 21 and 22.  Have a nice weedend everybody.  (1 comments)
Nevermore  2006-09-21 4:08 pm
Don't get your hopes up too high just yet, but it seems Alternators aren't quite dead yet, despite the current hiatus.

Hasbro have updated their website with a product preview for Alternators Rumble, a Honda Civic Si. This is the first time we see the toy in vehicle mode, although the photo of the robot mode has been depicted at Wal*Mart's ...  (6 comments)
Jason  2006-09-21 1:35 pm
Check out December's IDW TF comic listings including Escalation #2, Spotlight: Six Shot, TMTF Adaptation #3, Evolutions: Hearts of Steel TPB, Generations #10, Generations, Vol. 1 TPB, and Shockwave Retail Summit Gold Foil Edition Uncut Cover Press Sheet here at Comic news International

And if you haven't seen it yet, don't miss out on ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2006-09-20 7:51 pm
A preview image of the upcoming TF the movie comic rendition with art by Don Figueroa has been added in Art Du Jour section of IDW's website.  (1 comments)
Perceptor  2006-09-20 2:41 pm
Sony BMG has announced that there will be a special advance screening of the 20th Anniversary Edition of TFTM.  Read their complete press release below.

...What othere great treasures await you at Botcon?  Ah, we have some news of our own on that front!  MORE on that to come shortly!...   :)

Advance DVD screening ...  (1 comments)
Nevermore  2006-09-19 4:33 pm
More new toys out at US retail! TFW 2005 member mrduce1018 reports here having found wave 9 of the Cybertron Deluxe Class, featuring Smokescreen (repaint of Cybertron Crosswise in a G1 Smokescreen deco), Optimus Prime (repaint of the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Optimus Primal mold) and Megatron (repaint of the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Megatron ...  (2 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-09-16 1:24 pm
Hey everybody.  If you have iTunes, and you love free stuff, then you should totally check this out.  If you type "Transformers" into the iTunes Music Store search, you'll find a podcast section that features Transformers Masterforce the first episode divided into five parts.  You can download all five parts for ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-09-15 4:28 pm
Another day, another new toy out at US retail... TFW2005 member Motor_Master first reported having found the (presumably) final release from the Cybertron Ultra size class, Cryo Scourge (repaint of the original Cybertron Scourge toy), at a Target store, a claim that was backed up by TFW2005 member Powerlinx Kupp who provided visual evidence of ...  (1 comments)
Jason  2006-09-15 3:06 pm
Check out the BotCon comic preview from Timelines #1 at  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-09-14 7:52 pm
If you haven't picked up a copy of IDW's Transformers: Spotlight #1 featuring Shockwave, I would seriously consider doing so. Shockwave may be cold and boring, but this issue also involves the Dynobots. Simon Furman has really outdone himself. With a nod to Beast Wars and Marvel's TF #7, this is an outstanding read. Find a local comic ...  (5 comments)
Nevermore  2006-09-14 4:07 pm
Okay, what should I report first? New toy out in the USA or new official Hasbro stock photos of upcoming toys?

Allspark member Mattstfgraveyard reports here having purchased the (presumably) last release from the Cybetron Voyager size class, Galaxy Force Vector Prime (gold repaint of the original Vector Prime toy) at a Super Wal*Mart store in ...  (4 comments)
Jason  2006-09-14 1:02 am
Woh! Check this action out Alternaters Ravage prototype up on ebay! & I don't mean Battle Ravage... What'd'ya think of that?  (3 comments)
Jason  2006-09-12 8:32 pm
Check out some great testshot pics of the new classics Grimlock on ebay. Interesting new take on this charactor. What do you think?  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2006-09-12 5:44 pm
Check out a preview of the main menu screen now provided at:, their complete press release is shown below.


Motion Menu Screen Features Favorite Classic Characters
New York, New York, September ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-09-09 1:35 pm
Can you guess? New toys (or statues, depending on how you view them) out in the USA!

Several people between the Allspark and TFW2005 have reported finding the second wave of the 6" Titanium Cybertron Heroes figures, namely Thundercracker and Jetfire, in Toys'R'Us stores all across Texas (and just to avoid confusion - those are not exclusive to ...  (5 comments)
Anonymous  2006-09-08 12:48 am
It's true, even though I've had trouble getting cartoon network's site to properly load, new episodes of Transformers Cybertron are airing on Cartoon Network, the remainder of this week and at least for all of next.  Set you're vcr/tivo's!  5:30am central.  Ouch.

Thanks to Cybertron Man for the heads up.  (5 comments)
Perceptor  2006-09-06 6:51 pm
Yeah, this is a little different from our usual type of news.  But since I was young I've daydreamed about real Transformers.  Lately, I find myself wishing movie-Ratchet's vehicle was something a little more practical.  Something I could talk my wife into buying as our next "family vehicle"...  Nevermind ...  (7 comments)
Anonymous  2006-09-06 1:09 am   (page update)
Check out this new coolness!  Follow the link to see the special "transforming cover" for the 20th Anniversary edition of Transformers The Movie, DVD.  Also, see their complete press release below...

Byrerprime  2006-09-04 4:45 pm   (page update)
See it before you can buy it. Brand new character page for 6" Titanium Thundercracker.  (5 comments)
Perceptor  2006-09-03 12:57 am
Great TF news just doesn't seem to let up!  From more all-new character pages to more TF live movie sweentness!  MTV has an interview with Shia LeBeouf.  New and very interesting commentary.  I like Shia already.  In addition to having IMHO the perfect look to play the young Spike Witwicky, he had this to say,

Byrerprime  2006-09-02 5:21 pm   (page update)
New character page ready for your viewing pleasure. Can you guess what character was not only in the G1 cartoons and comics, but was also in Beast Wars and the Beast Wars comics? What if I said this character was also in G2 and G.I. Joe? What if I said this character wasn't even a character? That's right, Titanium Ark spacecraft is ...  (9 comments)
Anonymous  2006-09-02 1:25 pm
Here's quite the talker!  Fans have been asking for this for years and this adds another layer of confirmation to the rumors about a new Transformers Cartoon, produced in the U.S. reports, Cartoon Network's program schedule for 2007 leaked this week over at ToonTalk. Among the series listed for the fall 2007 skew ...  (6 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-09-01 9:28 pm
Hey everyone.  Check this out.  Rumor has it that there may be in fact a Botcon 2006 Tigatron figure.  Now, I haven't seen a picture of it, but there are two occurances of it being a possibility according to Wikipedia.  Here is the first on the Tigatron page (under the botcon section), and here is the second on the ...  (4 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-08-30 5:58 pm   (page update)
Wow! 2 days, 2 new character pages. Today you can see Titanium 6 inch War Within Optimus Prime. Also, a few additions to the 2006 page itself. More new boxpix added, as well as logos. Those things are harder to make than they look. And don't forget to tell us all what you think.  (8 comments)
Anonymous  2006-08-30 12:25 am
We have received several e-mails alerting us to an interview with Tom DeSanto and Don Murphy, producers of the Transformers live-action movie.  It's pretty good stuff.  Check it out and thanks to all for the heads up!

I particularly like the way they lead off the interview in text,
"For fans of X-Men, Battlestar ...  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2006-08-29 11:23 am   (page update)
Because SO MANY demanded it!  (Okay, I lie.  I don't think that in the history of our web site, anyone has EVER gotten on my case to hurry up and make a character page for him! But that's not important.)  Great news everyone, an all new character page has been uploaded to the 1996 Transformers section.  All the way back ...  (4 comments)
Perceptor  2006-08-29 11:22 am
Sony BMG results have been tabulated for the "favorite quote" from Transformers The Movie (among the lines we had to choose from)  Their full press release is shown below:

Nevermore  2006-08-29 10:53 am
From the "WTF?" department: New Spychangers out... well, actually not really THAT new. Anyway, Scaleface of reported having found "new" Spychangers at a Family Dollar store and provided photos of the toys in their packaging.

Now, a long explanation is necessary in order to understand what exactly happened here. Take a deep breath ...  (2 comments)
Jason  2006-08-26 8:17 pm
There have been some really interesting posts by Brian Goldner, of Hasbro regarding all of the leaked pictures from the Transformers MOVIE.

First post on the Don Murphy Forums
"*/Good Afternoon--Let me answer your questions. Starscream is simply the coolest, most aggressive military jet in the skies. The military has given us ...  (118 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-08-25 10:27 pm

Primus, do I have a lot of news today!  At you can see some of the first pictures of the up-and-coming Transformers Movie action figures.  Plus there is a picture of Bumblebee's... um... robot...  Sorry, its the only way I know how to put it.  Anywho, happy viewing everybody!

TriPredRavage  2006-08-25 4:05 pm
So I was looking around the Transformers home page and I looked in the news section and I found that there is going to be a Wal-Mart exclusive Primus figure containing four Mini-Cons.  So I've only seen two of these Mini-Cons before from a news post that Nevermore made.  The only real downside to this version of the figure ...  (2 comments)
Perceptor  2006-08-25 10:22 am
And speaking of comics, does everybody know about the 5-page preview that IDW Publishing has up of the upcoming Stormbringer #3?  (1 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-08-25 1:12 am
It's Here!  It's Here!  It's Finally Here!  That's right everybody; August 25th has finally come!  You know what that means?  It means that you can finally start finding the Transformers: Beast Wars: The Gathering TPB.  Oh YEAH!!!  My comic book stores didn't sell the issues so this is a big ...  (2 comments)
Anonymous  2006-08-22 12:38 pm

New York, New York, August 22, 2006 — The home entertainment group ...  (8 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-08-21 5:06 pm
Finally, something news worthy!  In light of all the greatness coming out of the up-and-coming transformers movie, it appears that Peter Cullen will be making an appearance at this year's Botcocn!  Get your proposal lines ready everyone; I'm sure he'll be hearing a lot of what everyone wants him to say.  (4 comments)
Perceptor  2006-08-18 4:02 pm
And finally one last tidbit from the Q/A session for Transformers Movie authors: 

They announced a new contest that'll officially be unveiled in a few weeks on the movie website.  "WRITE A LINE FOR OPTIMUS PRIME CONTEST".  What line would you like to hear spoken by Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime?  ...  (34 comments)
Perceptor  2006-08-18 4:01 pm
Below is a summary of the Transformers Movie author Question and Answer session

...Yes we were fans of TF prior to doing the movie.  It was a big responsibility for us.  If we couldn’t do it right then we didn’t want to do it all.  Most of all I rememberd the cartoons.  I watched the cartoon ...  (7 comments)
Perceptor  2006-08-18 2:59 pm
Could we possibly be more fired up about the upcoming Transformers Movie?!  Probably not!   Dang, all signs poiint to this being one kick tailpipe film!   For those who missed the live Yahoo webcast Q/A with screenwriters Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman, here is a summary!  Sorry I couldn't get more!  My hands ...  (10 comments)
Nevermore  2006-08-18 10:29 am
It's been only a day since images of new Mini-Cons have shown up through the usual grey channels from Asia, and Hasbro have already followed through with official stock photos at their website!

Check out the first official images of the Dinobots (Terrorsaur, Knowdown and Swoop), the Night Rescue Team (Strongarm, Divebomb and Firebot) and the ...  (5 comments)
Perceptor  2006-08-17 9:33 pm
We have received several additional updates and clarifications regarding the Transformers the Movie online event tomorrow with the film's writers Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman. 

1. You can e-mail your questions in advance:
2. The event is at 11am PACIFIC time.
3. The URL where this web cast will be held is ...  (3 comments)
Perceptor  2006-08-17 2:41 pm
Holy wow!  More great news from Transformers The Movie!  We just received the following news release:

"...Giant Freakin' Robots are coming.  It's here. Finally -- the word we've been waiting for. The announcement of ALL the TRANSFORMERS appearing in the film. On Friday, 8/18, at 11am, the film's writers - Bob ...  (6 comments)
Nevermore  2006-08-17 11:33 am
I'm sure I sound repetitive by now, but... new toys are once again out in the USA. TFW2005 member Triformis confirmed having found two of the three new toys from wave 4 of the non-transforming 3" Titanium Robot Masters, namely Bumblebee (G1 version) and Smokescreen (Alternators version), at a Target store in San Jose, California, and provided the ...  (2 comments)
Brian  2006-08-16 8:58 am
It's not earth-shattering, but I gave the reviews section an updated style, like the news section's.  Hope everyone likes it.  I plan to add a few more features in the near future.  (3 comments)
Perceptor  2006-08-16 12:57 am
Hold on to your jaw fellow fans.  It appears that a few pix have been leaked from the Transformers (live) Moive,  In what appears to be the ARMS and HEAD (well almost!) of OPTIMUS PRIME!  Keep in mind, authenticity is unconfirmed.  It's either a beautiful first glimpse or a very nicely done imposter.  This is ...  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2006-08-16 12:33 am
Check out the all new "Rodimus Prime Cover" art for the TFTM 20th Anniversary Edition as well as the complete press release below:

SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT UNVEILS SECOND COVER ART IMAGE FOR TFTM: 20TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION DVD.  Second Image of "Transforming" Cover by Legandary Artist, Don Figueroa Revealed for ...  (8 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-08-15 6:56 pm
Hey everyone, I don't know if this had been mentioned before or not, but the 20th anniversary Optimus Prime is being done over.  There is a new deco of it coming out to represent Prime as he was in the old movie.  This figure is called The 20th Anniversary DVD Edition Optimus Prime.  As far as I can tell, the only real ...  (4 comments)
Nevermore  2006-08-15 4:31 am
Another new toy out in the USA... TFans member c717905 reports here having found the repaint of the Cybertron Leader Class Optimus Prime toy, named "Galaxy Force Optimus Prime" (see the official Hasbro preview page for images) at a Wal*Mart store in Missouri, which gets backed up by independent sightings by Bill of Bill's Toys and Games here and ...  (2 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-08-14 11:10 pm
Hey everyone.  So you remember a while back I linked everyone to the site where the Beast Wars II dubs were being done?  Well, the guys at TFCog have done it again.  They have recently finished the 22nd episode of Transformers: Victory.  A few of the other episodes are up on the main page as well, but I am currently trying to ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-08-10 4:23 pm
Shameless plug here: I just launched my latest project, called "Transformers: Heads", which is intended to compare all the different renditions and interpretations of the G1 characters/toys' heads, be it new toys intended as an updated version of the G1 character or comic book or cartoon interpretations.

Have a look at the first six characters ...  (4 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-08-09 9:50 pm   (page update)
The 2006 page has been updated with new box pictures and even some new sections. But don't take my word on it, go see for yourself. And don't forget to let us know what you think.  (9 comments)
Nevermore  2006-08-09 11:52 am
Okay, where shall I start? New toys are out in the USA! TFW2005 member Pimpimus Prime reports having found the new toys from Cybertron Scout Class wave 9, Brakedown GTS (a repaint of the original Brakedown toy) and the yellow repaint of Scrapmetal (with the name being unchanged from the red version), at a Wal*Mart store in Madison, Wisconsin, and ...  (2 comments)
Perceptor  2006-08-08 1:44 pm
Like I said, sorry for the short notice, but the voting has been counted and is done.  (Of course to me, it's not really a fair vote, if you don't even have the Unicron/Megatron dialog/reformatting scene...!)  We received this follow-up press release with the results.  No kidding, think about this, TFTM released in ...  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2006-08-07 2:40 pm
Sorry I didn't post this sooner, my computer/e-mail was down for the better part of last week... SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT ASKS TF FANS: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SCENE IN TFTM!? VOTING OPEN IN THE OFFICAL WEBSITE FOR TFTM 20th Anniversary special edition DVD.


NY,NY Aug 1, 2006 — The home entertainment group of SONY BMG

Jason  2006-08-06 10:20 pm
Comic News:
Thanks to YouTube we can watch highlights from the IDW presentation at Comic Con with our own eyes! For a more detailed pics and TF news from Comic Con check out this posting at comic news international. Especially interesting is the comment at the very bottom of the page noting that the next BW mini series will be black and white line ...  (3 comments)
Jason  2006-08-06 9:47 pm
Found on ebay are some great high-res pics of 6 inch Titanium Optimal Optimus, G1 Scourge, and upcoming Jetfire.
Also check out the auction for the an animation cel of Starscream from season 1 episode: "Transport to Oblivion".  (3 comments)
Brian  2006-08-06 9:26 am   (page update)
We're going to try a new thing here at  As if there wasn't enough user involvement on this site, now anyone can comment on any news item that gets posted (assuming there are no bugs in this brand-new system [yeah right]).  I'm hoping this will give our news posts some context in the fandom, and be more ...  (7 comments)
Perceptor  2006-08-05 10:38 am   (page update)
Access Hollywood had an interview and "First Look, Michael Bay's Transformers" on prime time last night.  If, like us, you were unable to catch it live, you can see the clip on Access Hollywood online.  Thanks to Justin Campbell for the head up!  (9 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-08-03 10:28 pm

Ultra Gear!  Just a reminder everybody, the Trade Paperback release of Transformers: Beast Wars: The Gathering is being released this month on the 25th!  Say it with me; That's just Prime!

Also, ya' been wonderin' "what's the deal with Transformers: Generation One, Volume 3?"  Remember it was supposed to be

Anonymous  2006-08-03 1:46 pm
This is probably old news, but it is from an official source.  Several months ago, we had word that Bernie Mack had been cast in the TF Movie, then a site or two reported that he was not...  Don has this to say, with a little more elaboration on his role:

" Bernie Mac and Josh Duhamel are set to star in Michael ...  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-07-31 2:42 pm
I can't recall if we've mentioned this before or not, but my friend told me about a link to the website of the Holloman base where the up and coming Transformers Movie is being filmed.  The page has a news report that contains some footage of the movie and some interviews with the troops who appear in the movie and even some ...  (0 comments)
Darth Zax  2006-07-30 7:43 pm
New repaints of the BW 10th anniversary Optimus Primal and Megatron have surfaced. The repaints are supposed to resemble Universe Primal and Armada Megatron respectively. You can find the pics here. They will probably come out in the Cybertron line, hence the Autobot and Decepticon symbols, they are rumored to be priced $9.99 at stores.

On a ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-07-28 7:30 am   (page update)
Slowly but surely moving right along with the toys of 1996.  Now, you'll find an all-new character page for Armordillo uploaded and ready for viewing.  Sure he wasn't featured much in the IDW comic series and never seen once in cartoons.... but it's a nice little toy from (holy cow, I cannot believe it was!) 10 years ago.  (0 comments)
Darth Zax  2006-07-27 3:01 pm
More pics of the upcoming Classics line, Grimlock and Mirage this time. Mirage is fully painted in this pic. It has been speculated that the red part of Grimlock's weapon might actually be his sword. It's still an amateur pic, but hopefully there'll be better ones soon. Check it out at  (0 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-07-26 7:58 am
Hi, Folks
Exciting news from the Don Murphy Board & UK Release news about Alternators.

Chief Operating Officer of Hasbro Brian Goldner has made the following comment on Movie Producer Don Murphy's Board HERE saying the following :
"if you start a thread about toy questions I will ensure our designers answer them regularly".

That Thread has ...  (0 comments)
Darth Zax  2006-07-26 5:06 am
For those of you that missed the awesome news, there is a pic going around of Classics Jetfire! We wouldn't be if we didn't show the pic, so you can view it in all it's glory here. This design is obviously based upon Don Figueroa's Stormbringer Jetfire design. Check back here for more pics of this awesome figure!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-07-25 3:38 pm
If you're like me and missed it the last 3 times its aired, thought you might want a reminder to set your VCR/TiVo!  Cybertron episode 1 from season 2 (#27 overall, "Critical") airs tomorrow morning.  And yes, sadly they're starting over AGAIN! :( with episode #1 after they get to #32 "Balance"...

Also, ...  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-07-23 12:58 pm

In my previous post, I had provided two links to fan dubbed episodes of Beast Wars II.  Recently, I have been informed of the origin of these episodes and I am going to provide the link to the site here.  This Link will lead you to, where you can find other fan dubs, such as the 9th episode of Beast Wars Neo and episodes of

Perceptor  2006-07-23 10:47 am
Peter Cullen as the voice of Optimus Prime in the live action movie, fan-subbed japanese TF shows, TF Cybertron in full swing w/ masterfully produced transforming Cybertron/Primus toy just starting to hit toy shelves...  On top of all that, the possibility of a true wide-screen version of Transformers the Movie as we approach its ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-07-22 1:29 am
Heads up, fans!

TFW 2005 reports directly from San Diego Comic-Con that Peter Cullen has been casta s the voice of Optimus Prime for Michael Bay's upcoming live action Transformers movie! Better yet - Frank Welker is currently aditioning for the part of Megatron! Certainly a bunch of good news following all the complaints about the plot of the ...  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-07-21 2:08 pm
Okay, so this isn't official in any way, shape, or form, but I just so happened to come accross something that I personally found very entertaining.  Well, it just so happens that myspace has the first two episodes of Beast Wars 2 (Beast Wars Second in Japan) fan dubbed into english.  Now I've seen the first two episodes of BW2 ...  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-07-21 1:09 pm
Not only is the animated movie being released by Sony on DVD. It is also being adapted to comic book form (again) by none other than Bob Budiansky and fan-fave Don Figueroa. Read the interview with IDW editor Chris Ryall.  (0 comments)
Brian  2006-07-20 8:54 pm
I hate to bring up these old bones again, but Sony BMG just put out a press release that indicates plainly that their Transformers Movie (1986) DVD is going to be 16x9 windescreen. (!?) 

Now, I've heard every argument there is about letterbox cropping to fit 16x9 etc.; that's how they did it back then, etc.; but I'm one of those ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-07-19 5:56 am
Can you guess it? Yeah, that's right. MORE new toys out now in the USA. Triformis, a friend of TFW2005 mod Razerwire, found wave 1 of the (transforming) 6" Titanium Cybertron Heroes figures, namely War Within Optimus Prime and Megatron, at a Target store in San Jose, California. Receipt photos can be found here. As always, remember to report your ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-07-18 5:58 am
Another new toy out in the USA! TFans member First-Aid reported here having found Alternators Autobot Camshaft (repaint of Prowl) at a Wal*Mart store in Rockford, Illinois. As always, remember to report your own sightings of Autobot Camshaft here!

In order to accomodate the upcoming 20th Anniversary re-release DVD of Transformers: The Movie by ...  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-07-17 2:58 pm

Here is a page on eBay that has the Botcon Megatron up for bid.  I know that you've already been given a link to look at this guy, but this one shows him in robot mode and has an up close picture of his all new head sculpt. Now all he needs is a rubber duck...

Darth Zax  2006-07-16 9:21 am
News from Tokyo Toy Show, pictures of the resin MP-03 Starscream prototype and photoshopped mock-up for final colors. The resin prototype pictures can be found here and here. You can find pics of the mock-up as well as a pic of the design for Kiss Player Hot Rodimus and information on Kiss Player Atari, melissa and MP-4 Convoy here. Keep ...  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-07-14 7:40 pm
RATTRAP is up for viewing at!  It's pretty funny, the page says that its the first look at cheetor, but later states that it is based after the TV series Rattrap.  For bootin' up cold! He doesn't have a remolded head.  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-07-13 1:58 pm
Okay, so this is pretty cool.  Wikipedia, one of my favorite websites, has a very cool page about WASPINATOR.  If you scroll down to the bottom, you can see the figure that is being released as the Botcon exclusive pre-beast wars figure.  He is a redeco of Machine Wars Skywarp.  I was personally rooting for Buzzsaw, considering ...  (0 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-07-12 6:23 pm
Hi folks, If you want a shock look out for the image of the Movie version of Optimus Prime's vehicle mode doing the rounds of the movie and Transformers sites.
I won't post a picture here, but I'll simply say that it looks like G2 Laser Optimus in Dark Blue with red flames on it and a sleeper cab unit - it has a big chrome grill on it and ...  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-07-11 6:27 am

Thanks to Byrerprime for the following report straight from IaconOne

Transformers vs. Gobots - Friday night
A detailed look back at the history of Gobots and the Transformers. The similarities and differences between these two great toylines from Bandai's Machine Robo to Takara's Diaclone, Tonka's Gobots to Hasbro's

Nevermore  2006-07-10 3:15 pm
Another day, another new toy out at US retail. TFW2005 member Schnafe reported here having found Cybertron Quickmix at a Wal-Mart store in Tucson, Arizona. Oddly enough, he ships together with the original version of Vector Prime again, whereas the "Galaxy Force Vector Prime" repaint will not come out until the next wave of Voyagers.

As always, ...  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-07-09 7:42 pm
CHECK THIS OUT! has confirmed that the Beast Wars Reborn figures of Optimus Primal and Megatron that are show accurate are indeed being released as Toys 'R' Us exclusives for the 10th anniversary.  That's Just Prime!  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-07-07 6:21 pm
Finally!  A new update has been made to the Botcon website. Here you can see the cover art to the Botcon 2006 figure set box art! Notice that you can see Rattrap, even though his figure has not yet been previewed.  Rattrap is planed to be a redeco of Ransack.

Update:  Also, now on Amazon, you can preorder the Transformers: ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-07-07 11:02 am

Press Release: Sony BMG Music Entertainment offers sneak peek at newly commissioned transforming artwork for Transformers: The Movie 20th Anniversary Special edition DVD cover.  Image to be Revealed Piece by piece on web site beginning July 7th.  SONY BMG To Discuss Special Edition DVD At Comic-Con July 20th.

New York, New York,

Nevermore  2006-07-07 2:21 am
Yup, you guessed right. New toys out in the USA. Numerous sightings of both the new toys from wave 8 of the Cybertron Scout Class, namely Ransack GTS and the Giant Planet Mini-Con Team (Longarm, Deepdive and Overcast), and the third and final wave of the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Deluxe Assortment, namely Optimus Primal and Megatron, are coming ...  (0 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-07-06 7:29 am
Hi, Folks.

I hope you will forgive me playing catch up here ; As mentioned below the Announcment Teaser for the Dreamworks Transformers movie is being shown on the Transformers Movie website and also can bee seen in front of the latest Pirate of the Carribean Movie - If however you want to have a version to keep it can be dowloaded here : ...  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-07-06 12:26 am
Okay, so it's about 3:30 in my neck of the woods on Thursday morning and I have just returned home from seeing Pirates of the Caribbean 2 a whole day early.  What does Pirates have to do with Transformers, you ask?  Well it just so happens that before the movie there is the one, and only, Transformers trailer for the up and coming ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2006-07-05 11:07 pm
Hasbro's official TF website has been seriously overhauled! Check out to see what's new!   (0 comments)
Free Trader  2006-07-04 7:28 pm
One last reminder, the fan convention Iacon One is happening this weekend in Fort Wayne, IN with guests Venus Terzo, Scott McNeil, David Sobolov, Bob Budiansky, and Don Figueroa!

If you're not pre-registered, walk-in on Saturday from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. for $15- get your Golden Disk souvenir accessory set, designed by, and autograph ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-07-04 10:52 am
Even at the danger of sounding like I'm repeating myself... New toys are out once again in the USA.

Allspark member rikdom confirmed having spotted the new toys from wave 8 of the Cybertron Deluxes, namely Unicron (hover tank, new mold), Optimus Prime (Armada repaint with a retooled Cyber Key that can activate his Mini-Con gimmick) and ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-07-03 3:11 pm
Well, looks like the Alternators line is still far from being dead.

Randy aka Powered Convoy from Cosmic Rust provided yet another listing from Wal*Mart's internal computers, which contains entries for several new Alternators toys. In particular:

TRA ALTNATRS SCION 2 = 81331 (Description says "TRA SCION 2006".)
This is most likely a repaint ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-06-30 4:15 pm
Finally, thinks start making sense again.

Although there is no visual evidence yet to confirm this, there are at least four independent sightings of Cybertron Primus with the Unicron head at TRU stores in New York City and Iowa between TFW2005 and the Allspark, so both versions of Primus should now be be assumed to be out. As before, remember ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-06-29 1:45 pm
Well, so much for the countdown. Someone who will find himself unemployed very soon thought it would be a cool idea to leak the teaser trailer for next year's Transformers live action movie to a certain video hosting website. After Paramount tried to have it taken down a few times, only to have someone else put it up again, they decided to do the ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-06-28 5:50 am
Primus is out! Yup, that's right, TFW2005 member Schnafe found Cybertron Primus at a Target store in Tucson, Arizona (see here for a receipt photo). And as if that wasn't enough yet, for some reason the scanner rang him for the price of the recently clearanced Supreme Starscream toy, which is a mere $11.94. It's highly unlikely, however, that this ...  (66 comments)
Nevermore  2006-06-27 1:34 am
The dry spell is over. Between the Allspark and TFW 2005, multiple sightings confirm that Cybertron Menasor has finally been released at US mass retail - well, at least at Wal*Mart for now. Remember to report your own sightings of Menasor here.

Also, TFW 2005 have posted the bio for the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Nemesis Prime Alternator. An ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-06-25 12:36 pm
Well, it would appear that the dry spell is finally over. Seibertron member DavidT found the latest Alternators wave, which introduces Mirage and also includes a repackage of the previously elusive Meister (and also more of Optimus Prime and the previously released Autobot Tracks repackage), at a Wal*Mart store in Tyler, Texas. He also provided ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-06-24 3:40 am
Another mystery solved: The repaint of Vector Prime we've seen at Wal*Mart's website before and who will ship in the same wave as Quickmix will be named... Galaxy Force Vector Prime.

Yup, that's right. Hasbro is now slapping the Japanese name of the Cybertron line in front of repaints. We've already seen Galaxy Force Optimus Prime, and now we ...  (293 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-06-23 10:21 am
Okay, so here's the latest TPB I could find.  This is Transformers Generations.  For those of you who may not already know, Generations is a series that is composed of old TF stories that IDW is rereleasing.  This is the first compiled volume; there is no image yet as to what the cover is going to look like, but there is going ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-06-22 5:47 am   (page update)
10 years ago, I don't think I knew what a digital camera was!  We were all just starting to figure e-mail & the internet out and Transformers were re-born in the (now amazingly) nostalgic forms of Beast Wars!  Back then, it would've been a pretty brief character page for most with so few featured in the animated ...  (0 comments)
Brian  2006-06-21 8:40 pm   (page update)
As hopefully everyone knows by now, the last year or so has brought big changes to the news system.  Most notably, we were joined by some other Transformers news editors, collectively known as Friends of  (Thanks btw FOU, for all your contributions!)

Anyway, to commemorate our upgraded news service, I've given ...  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-06-19 6:36 pm
You may recall that a few weeks back I added a post that involved the new Trade Paperback books that would be coming out later this year featuring everyone's favorite robots in disguise.  A new book has also been added: Transformers: Infiltration the manga.  I imagine that this is the same thing as the Transformers: Infiltration TPB ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2006-06-19 10:08 am has updated once again with images of the next convention exclusive figure, this time it's Rhinox!  Take your last minuite guess before the surprise is revealed!  So far we've  officially seen Optimus Primal as a retool of Crumplezone, Cheetor as a retool of Clocker, Dinobot as a retool of Long Rack.  ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-06-17 5:31 am
Since new US releases of Hasbro toys are currently rather slow (according to reports from Target insiders, Cybertron Primus and the first wave of the Titanium figures are finally shipping), I thought it might be nice to give you a few teases of upcoming releases:

Hong Kong-based collector Remy Rodis has put up galleries of the new toys from ...  (0 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-06-16 12:33 pm
Hi, Folks,

One of the Dreamworks 2007 Transformers Movie crew has made some comments about a scene they witnessed during filming; the comments can be read HERE the characters being discussed are shown in the Dam images I linked to in the prior news posting, so you can see why they think they are underdressed to meet the Secretary of Defense.

Mighty Maximal  2006-06-15 11:17 am
So here's some quick Movie news catch ups.  Starting with some 2007 Transformers Movie Set pics HERE and HERE and lastly in case you missed it the Official Transformers Movie site has gone online HERE (caution may require a Flash download).

Thanks For looking M'M  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-06-14 5:33 am   (page update)
Wanted to point out someting pretty interesting especially for older TF fans.  We received an e-mail/link to a photo gallery of original, hand painted box art from the original G1 Transformers series including the original Skywarp!  These items are for sale, prices range from $750-2,500.  The seller didn't want us to give out
Free Trader  2006-06-14 12:16 am
Click here for a new preview from the new souvenir accessory set to be released at the Iacon One convention, designed by our friends here at - featuring Megatron's DISK PROJECTOR!

This accessory is designed for use with the Transmetal Megatron toy and the Golden Disks in this set; just swap out the claw on the end of his tail ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-06-13 3:40 am
Some more new product news...

As a follow-up to the last batch of new official Hasbro pics, there were also pics of Deluxe Class Demolishor (Armada Demolishor repaint) added later. You can see more photos of that toy from Remy.

Today's new Hasbro stock photos are of a yellow version of Scrapmetal (the Japanese Galaxy Force "Ramble" toy was ...  (0 comments)
Free Trader  2006-06-11 9:05 pm
With just one week left for Iacon One pre-registration, there's another fun tidbit to reveal... our souvenir art prints are drawn by none other than fan-favorite artist Don Figueroa!

There are 4 images, which COMBINE to form one larger scene - one print will be given to all Iacon One attendee/non-attendee pre-registrants. You can get ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2006-06-10 11:41 am
Check out for pics of the next botcon exclusive Cheetor!  (0 comments)
Brian  2006-06-10 10:39 am
We've opened up our entire history of sightings and reviews.  Want to see when and where an old toy /really/ came out?  Want to share your opinion on a toy in your collection?  At the top of the sightings and reviews sections you'll see archive links going back as far as we have.

In celebration of the Beast Wars 10th ...  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-06-08 6:01 pm

Perceptor got an email informing us that their are a whole bunch of new figures up for viewing at These figures include Primus, Menasor, Excellion, Shortround, Scrapmetal, Swerve, the Giant Planet Mini-Cons, wave 3 of Cybertron Legends, the Armada Street Team and Space Team Mini-Con versus packs, Metroplex, Nemesis

Perceptor  2006-06-08 4:00 pm
Thanks to Transfandom for the heads-up, the official Transformers Movie website is now live.  Dang it's going to be COOL!  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-06-07 11:02 am
It's "new official Hasbro photos of upcoming toys" day!

- From the Cybertron line, there's Optimus Prime (Armada Super-Con Optimus Prime repaint with his Mini-Con replaced by a Cyber Key that's been retooled so it can activate a Mini-Con gimmick) and Unicron (tank) from the Deluxe Class (not depicted is a repaint of Armada Demolishor with the ...  (0 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-06-05 6:22 pm
Andy Wildman and Simon Furman from various Transformers related projects over the years, have been interviewed about their time working for Marvel UK and also make some comments about the Dreamworks Transformers Movie.

The full interview can be read HERE

Thanks for looking. M'M  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-06-05 4:02 pm

Hey everyone, sorry it's been so long since my last post, but you know how life gets.  Anyway, on my typical hunt for something interesting or Beast Wars related, I once again came up... dry.  But I did manage to find some pretty cool looking preorders, check 'em out here.  If you scroll down you can see some more of the

Byrerprime  2006-06-03 11:41 am   (page update)
Let the Beast Wars begin. First new character page is Razorbeast. More to follow.  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-06-02 3:21 pm
The second Botcon exclusive "Dawn of Future's Past" figure has been revealed. Find out here. There is no black, the dark brown may appear to be black on many monitors. And if you missed the first reveal, you can find that here. This set is the pre-Beast Wars form of the first five Maximals.  (0 comments)
Jason  2006-06-01 6:33 pm
The official site for TRANSFORMERS: The Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD is live. Check it out here!
Perceptor  2006-05-31 5:52 pm   (page update)
There's a good chunk of question and answers that didn't get transcribed with our original version of the interview with TF comic artist, Don Figueroa.  This oversight has been corrected and you can either visit the link for the complete interview or if you've read the rest of it, the newly added q&a is shown below:

U.c: ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-05-31 3:58 pm
First photos from the Transformers Live Action Movie set!
Currently stationed at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico where the first scenes of Michael Bay's Transformers live action movie are being filmed, collaborated and bring you the first photos of Bumblebee (old Camaro, which will probably end up getting destroyed), another version of ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-05-30 9:00 am
Anyone who wants to find out more about obscure variations of Transformers toys should check out TF-1, the new site by the Transformers fandom's toy detective no. 1, the one and only Maz.

Just as a few examples, the site features articles about the early European Transformers toys by Milton Bradley, including the previously elusive red (!) ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2006-05-30 8:22 am
No mention of weather it will be wide screen or not, but we received the following press release regarding "Transformers the Movie, 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD"


Icons OPTIMUS ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2006-05-26 3:40 pm
Let the good times roll!  It's a cornicopia of Transformers news greatness! now has a press release and more photos of the upcoming, "Transformers: Classics" line. You'll find the first ever look at 'Classics' Megatron as well as Optimus Prime, Astrotrain, Hot Rod and Starscream, as seen in the ...  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-05-25 2:43 pm
Speaking of conventions, the first official pictures of the pre beast wars Optimus Primal can be found at Botcon. There's also a foreign auction for another character based on Ransack, but speculation on the identity is rampant. Could most likely be Rattrap or Cheetor.  (0 comments)
Free Trader  2006-05-24 11:50 pm
Click here for a preview of the first two pieces from the souvenir accessory set to be released at the Iacon One convention, designed by our friends here at - featuring THE GOLDEN DISKS!

Each set includes 2 disks: the 'Voyager' disk and the 'Alien' disk. These exquisitely detailed golden disks are made from real metal (a solid ...  (0 comments)
Laine Severyn  2006-05-23 8:12 pm
Greetings from Down Under,

TF news is kinda slow here in Oz as nothing much happens here that's exclusive to Australia.
Local DVD company Madman are putting a stop to that with news of their Beast Wars complete season sets packed with extras not found on any previous DVD release anywhere on Earth!

The Season One 4-disc boxed set is ...  (0 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-05-23 8:42 am
The Alamogordo Daily News has an article dealing with the military involvement and early set construction to do with the Dreamwave / Angry films Transformers movie the article can be found HERE This article also includes our first seen onset Photographs.

Also HERE is a thread showing the resin prototype of Masterpiece Starscream you might ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2006-05-22 3:06 pm
Check out the new desktop wallpaper art added at IDW Publishing of some great Stormbringer cover art!  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-05-22 11:34 am
More new US releases! Allspark member Transmetal Packrat and TFW2005 member Schnafe report here and here having found the wave 4 Cybertron Mini-Con two-packs, consisting of Scrap Iron vs. Grindor, Blastcharge vs. High Wire and Backblast vs. Sureshock, at their local Wal*Mart stores. Those Mini-Cons are repaints of the Armada Space Team and the ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-05-21 3:12 am
Good news! Between TFW2005 and the Allspark, multiple reports are coming in of wave 3 of the Legends of Cybertron toys finally being available at Toys'R'Us stores in the US! These include the new toys for wave 3, namely Galvatron, Vector Prime, Soundwave and Red Alert and possibly also the wave 2 toys Leobreaker, Evac, Scourge and Jetfire. And to ...  (0 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-05-18 3:01 pm
Hello Boys & Girls.
I thought I really ought to stop by and make mention of the general crazyness that has decended on the world of the Dreamworks / Angry Films Transformers Movie production.
Much has happened both good and bad. Top Hasbro Producer Brian Goldner (and he's a Guy with a very nice house) - so Don says. Has stopped by at the ...  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-05-18 1:41 pm
Mr. Moto of TFW2005 has posted the first 11 pages of Stormbringer #1 due in July. You can find it here. In case you were wondering, Free Comic Book Day only had the first 5 pages.
Perceptor  2006-05-17 4:02 pm   (page update)
Okay, so it's more than a little overdue, but dang is this one cool toy!  Check out the all-new character page for the 2005 deluxe Red Alert.  Thanks to Byrerprime for the asssist with character profile, bibliography of significant appearances and other interesting tidbits.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-05-16 8:39 am   (page update)
Well, we've had a chance to get it transcribed, check out our sweet new interview with Transformers Comic artist extradordinare Don Figueroa.  Includes his thoughts on keeping too-young nephews away from your G1 originals! collecting, Japanese Transformers, Beast Wars, drawing and a few insights of great new stuff to come. Enjoy!  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-05-14 11:38 am
Aaaand more new sightings!

TFW2005 member Cataclizm1 reports here that Cybertron Metroplex has been released at US retail and backs it up ith a receipt photo! He also reports that Cybertron Nemesis Breaker, the evil repaint of Leobreaker, has been released as well, which is further backed up by TFW2005 veteran mag_jr. in the same thread.

Nevermore  2006-05-12 1:39 am
Not sure if this is good or bad news, but...

Dr Fang of the Allspark originally reported here having spotted Galvatron from the third wave of the Legends of Cybertron toys at HEB, a local grocery store in Texas.

Additionally, 03Mach1 and Bête Noire of TFW2005 confirm here and here having picked up LoC Galvatron, Soundwave and Vector ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2006-05-08 10:38 pm
Cartoon Network has just added links to ALL 52 episodes of Transformers Cybertron! Take your time 'cause that's all the new TF shows you're going to get for quite some time. Check out Cartoon Netowork the completion of TF Cybertron!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-05-07 10:09 pm
Free Comic Book day was a hoot!  Thanks to all who came out and said "hi!"  We were fortunate enough to get a chance to interview Don Figueroa and hope to get it fully transcribed and uploaded in the next couple of days (stay tuned)!

In the meantime, thought I'd mention, the another 5 new TF cybertron episodes (41-45 ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2006-05-05 8:35 pm
Hi Folks! Just a reminder if you live in Minneasota (especially in Minneapolis area), Don Figueroa will be signing autographs and answering your questions at Shinders stores in Roseville, MN from 11:30 to 1:30 and Burnsville from 2:30 to 4:30 Saturday May 6th! (today)

As for new information relating to the event, we have just been notified that ...  (0 comments)
Free Trader  2006-05-03 11:15 pm
The Stasis Lock Group proudly announces the rest of our voice actor guest lineup for Iacon One, on July 7-8 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Beast Wars!

Joining actress Venus Terzo (Blackarachnia) will be David Sobolov (Depth Charge), in his first ever Transformers fan convention appearance, and fan-favorite ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-05-03 8:48 am   (page update)
Although not completely completed, an all-new character page for fem fatale THUNDERBLAST is uploaded and basically ready for viewing, in the 2005 section!  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-05-02 8:47 am
TFW2005 offers the first official Hasbro preview images of Cybertron Quickmix (new mold), the Western version of Galaxy Force Blender, who was never released in Japan. Take a look for yourself here.

The images, which show the toy in and out of packaging, are the first ever look at the actual toy in its final colors, since the prototype which ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-04-29 10:17 am
Hot news day! The official BotCon website has been updated with new details about this year's BotCon, which will be held in Lexington, Kentucky from September 28 - October 1.

The exclusive toys set will consist of Optimus Primal, Cheetor, Rattrap, Rhinox and Dinobot, which are supposed to represent those characters in their pre-"Beast Wars" ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-04-28 9:20 pm
As promised, more information has become available for 'Free Comic Book Day' at Shinder's in Minnesota. So, mark your calanders, Saturday, May 6th, Don Figueroa (Transformers Beast Wars, War Within, Armada, G1 heck everything Transformers!) will be signing autographs and answering your questions! He'll be in Roseville, MN from 11:30 to 1:30 and ...  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-04-27 12:58 pm
Malin Huffman of the Stasis Lock Group, organizers of the Iacon One fan-based convention, has provided Hotrod of an interview.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-04-26 10:09 pm
Check this out! Although many aren't too happy w/ the M-Thurs 5am central timeslot, Cartoon Network IS doing a more to promote the TF: Cybertron series! First, there's a new "game" allowing you to get your own Transformers name (Apparently, mine is Aquaburst! :) Be patient, you may have to wait through a golden grahams commercial or two as it ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-04-26 2:12 pm
In what appears to be one of their most susprising, and at the same time still rather predictable decisions, the official Transformers Collectors' Club just announced their first "regular" exclusive toy for this year. See it for yourself here.

Astrotrain is a repaint of Armada Jetfire that was originally supposed to come out as part of the ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-04-26 7:47 am   (page update)
Discussion Topic: I received an interesting e-mail asking my thoughts on "the new stuff" which got me thinking about TF Cybertron as compared w/ other series in TF history. Sorry yeah, I got a "little bit" long winded, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the subject.  (0 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-04-25 1:14 pm
The website for the La Cruces Sun-News has an article on it related to the Dreamworks / Angry Films 'New Transformers Movie' some of which is drawn from other sources but the end of which contains some new information about the use of White Sands Missile base as a location and the preparitary work under way now for it's inclusion in the movies ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-04-25 11:30 am
And more releases!

TFW2005 member Cataclizm1 reports here having purchased Alternators Optimus Prime at a Wal*Mart store in Torrance, California.

Remember to post your own sightings of Alternators Optimus Prime here!

Meanwhile, Allspark member Steve Pontiac reports here having purchased the new toys from wave 7 of the Cybertron Deluxe ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-04-24 2:46 pm
Finally, new releases spotted at US retail!

TFW2005 and Allspark member Terradives reports here and here that the new toys from wave 7 of the Cybertron Scout Class, namely Shortround (new mold) and Repugnus (Undermine repaint), have been found at Wal*Mart in Springfield, Missouri, and provided receipt photos to back up his claim.

Remember to ...  (0 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-04-23 8:35 pm
The Don Murphy site has commented upon the recently added Michael Bay Transformers Movie set visit info at Aint it cool which raises a frankly huge number of questions.
If you like to read Don's Reaction to the post go HERE and If you'd like to read what all the fuss is about then the original info can be found here : HERE and an Ongoing ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-04-23 5:30 pm
Okay, so the bad news is no new episode of TF:Cybertron on CN Toonami this Saturday. However, for those of you like me who've missed an episode or two of the newer episodes, "season 2" episodes are airing Monday through Thursday CN at 5am central time; starting w/ #29 "Starscream" on Monday, #30 "United" on Tuesday, #31 "Cybertron" on Wed, #32 ...  (0 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-04-22 7:27 pm
Over at The Transformers Movie Producer Don Murphy's site Roberto Orci one of the Writers from the Movie production has posted a request to fans for what would make a good "Easter Egg" reference to add into the new Transformers movie if you wish to read or particpate in the thread it is located HERE Thanks for looking.  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-04-22 10:13 am
Well it seems that any of you who were going to be patient from my last news entry are going to be seriously disappointed. It appears that it was true; Cartoon Network has officially again removed TF: Cybertron from the Toonami line-up. But not to worry for the Action Video Vault still has "Darkness" "Memory" and "Escape" on their site along with ...  (0 comments)
Brian  2006-04-22 8:07 am
There appears to be a major Transformers movie casting update, released by IGN. Lots of new [anticipated] cast members named in addition to Shia LaBeouf, including Jon Voight, Michael Clarke Duncan, Josh_Duhamel, Bernie Mac, Tyrese, John Turturro, Rachael Taylor, Megan Fox, Travis Van Winkle, and John Robinson.
(via Transformers movie ...  (0 comments)
Darth Zax  2006-04-22 4:17 am
The very first pic of Alternators Rumble is up over at,
you can see the pic here.Walmart also has pics of what appears to be a repaint of Cybertron Vector Prime, enjoy the pics here.  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-04-20 7:43 pm
Hello everyone out there in cyber space! I'm just sending out a friendly reminder that if you're really eager to see the new episodes of Cybertron, or just impatient, you can check out the next three episodes at the action video vault; "Darkness" "Memory" and "Escape"! Happy Viewing!  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-04-20 2:47 pm   (page update)
More character page updates in the 2005 section. Check out Evac, Scourge, Undermine, and Mudflap.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-04-20 10:41 am   (page update)
You'll find the all-new character page for BRUSHGUARD is uploaded and ready for viewing.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-04-16 7:52 pm   (page update)
Where to start?? How about this, seems like a good time to unleash the all-new character page for LEOBREAKER uploaded and ready for viewing in the 2005 section.

Next, for those who've been asking for a little elaboration on FreeTrader's post below, the answer is, "YES!" We are, in fact, gearing up to release our 4th! Accessory Pack! The first ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-04-11 8:49 am
Online retailer Entertainment Earth is listing new upcoming waves of Cybertron toys for preorder:
- Legends of Cybertron wave 4, introducing Sunstorm, a repaint of LoC Starscream; a repaint of LoC Optimus Prime based on the upcoming repaint of the Leader Class Optimus Prime toy; a repaint of LoC Hot Shot based on Excellion, the repaint of the ...  (0 comments)
Free Trader  2006-04-11 12:01 am
Iacon One pre-registration is now available for attendees and dealers! Don't miss the fan event of the summer, featuring voice-over artist Venus Terzo and writer/editor/illustrator Bob Budiansky! You can register and pay online, or print out a PDF form and mail it in with check/ MO payment. We are offering special rates until May 1, so sign ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-04-10 6:25 am   (page update)
An all new character page for Armorhide is up and ready for viewing in the 2005 TF section.  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-04-09 12:28 pm
The wait is over! Cybertron Soundwave has been confirmed sighted at US retail. You can see receipt pics here courtesy of TFW2005 member infinitron, and here courtesy of TFW2005 member Devastator001.

Remember to report your own sightings of Soundwave here!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-04-07 6:10 pm   (page update)
BTW, check out this coolness! "Masterpiece Ironhide" auction, a kitbash but very cool none-the-less.

The 2006 Transformers section has been updated w/ a great many new in box pictures; many of which are linkes to larger images (until their character pages are completed.) Database links have also been connected so the box pix are now seen at ...  (1 comments)
Free Trader  2006-04-07 6:09 pm
Comic book writer, editor and illustrator BOB BUDIANSKY will also be appearing at Iacon One. Bob was the editor on the very first Transfomers mini-series in 1984, followed by scripting most of the next 50-plus issues of the monthly Transformers comic book. In between, he named and fashioned character profiles of well over 100 Transformers.
Byrerprime  2006-04-06 12:45 pm   (page update)
More information added to some Cybertron 2005 characters, including a brief show history and significant appearances. Check out The Recon Mini-Con Team, Dirt Boss, Crumplezone, and Jetfire. Please enjoy responsibly.  (0 comments)
Free Trader  2006-04-05 11:47 pm
The Stasis Lock Group proudly announces renowned voice-over artist VENUS TERZO as a guest at Iacon One, July 7-8, 2006 at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Venus is best known to fans of the Transformers as the voice of the femme fatale, Blackarachnia, from the highly acclaimed CGI series, Beast Wars, and its sequel ...  (0 comments)
Free Trader  2006-04-04 12:18 pm
A quantum surge is headed for Iacon One, and nothing will be the same...
Pre-registration will be available this week; watch for the announcement with all the details. Keep checking Iacon One for more news and updates!  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-04-04 12:16 pm
Just a quick note on international releases for Hasbro toys not sighted in US stores yet...

- Wave 3 of the Legends of Cybertron sub-line (Galvatron, Soundwave, Vector Prime and Red Alert) is currently out in Hong Kong and Canada.
- Alternators Optimus Prime is currently out in Hong Kong and the Philippines, and has also been briefly in stock ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2006-04-04 11:08 am
Don reports that Shia LaBeouf is in final negotiations to play Spike Witwicky in the 2007 TF-live movie. You can read/discuss the complete news posting HERE. Who is Shia LaBeouf? He was the feature role in "The Greatest Game Ever Played" and you may have also seen him in "Constantine" and others. Check out links here and here.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-04-04 9:45 am   (page update)
Speaking of beast-bots! Check out the newly uploaded, all-new character page for Jungle planet native BRIMSTONE in the 2005 section.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2006-04-04 6:33 am
In case you haven't seen it already (thanks to the allspark for the heads up) IDW publishing has posted 4 covers and 5 preview pages to the upcoming Beast Wars, "The Gathering" issue #3 on their news releases page. Very cool indeed!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-04-02 7:57 am
Mark your calanders! AWESOME news for all Transformers fans in the upper midwest, especially those in Minnesota! One of the larger comic/hobby shops in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) area, Shinder's (where I buy my TF comics) is getting ready to host their "FCBD" (that's Free Comic Book Day)! As part of the event, they schedule comics ...  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-03-31 4:57 pm
On the topic of Free Comic Book Day, if you live on the eastern side of the good old U.S. of A., Sarge's Comics has the date of FCBD as May 6th.

In other News, The Action Video Vault has another episode up. This is episode 33, "Darkness." Keep in mind that tomorrow on Cartoon Network episode 30, "United" will be airing, so there is quite a few ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-03-31 7:31 am   (page update)
Do you consider yourself a TF collector "completist"? That is, do you strive to collect them "all"? I started a little thread in the forum area HERE and I'm curious to hear your thoughts!  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-03-29 1:05 am   (page update)
Ever wonder why the Cybertron toys don't have quotes like some of the older lines? Taken directly from the cartoon, we now have included a quote for some characters. Check out the latest additions, also including a brief history from the show. Overhaul, Scattorshot, and Landmine.  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-03-27 9:03 am
And more releases! Once again, TFans member Decepticharge provides visual evidence, this time for Cybertron Ultra Class toy Sky Shadow having been released in the USA! And just so he won't be alone, TFW2005 member Christoph Prime confirms that Sky Shadow's casemate, Wing Saber, has been released as well. See here for the confirmation.

Sky ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-03-26 1:10 pm
Aaaaand more releases! TFans member Decepticharge is the first to bring us a receipt photo of the new toys from wave 6 of the Cybertron Deluxe Class, namely Excellion and Override GTS.

Excellion is a repaint of Hot Shot in a deco similar to, but still different from Takara's Galaxy Force DVD exclusive red Exillion, and Override GTS (briefly ...  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-03-24 6:26 pm
Currently on The Action Video Vault you can find the TF: Cybertron episode 30, "United" up for viewing. This is a new episode that is going to air next week. Warning! That means it's the one after episode #29, "Starscream" which will air tomorrow at 6pm central on Cartoon Network.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-03-24 9:18 am   (page update)
Another all-new character page is ready to add to the mix. In the 2005 section, you'll find everything there is to know about the Jungle planet native, SNARL, another great addition to the TF:Cybertron line.  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-03-23 12:43 pm
More new releases! According to Adam16bit of the Allspark and Razerwire of TFW2005, the third wave of the Cybertron Mini-Con two-packs, consisting of Thrust vs. Anti-Blaze, Ramjet vs. Scythe and Sunstorm vs. Checkpoint, is now out in US retail. These Mini-Cons are repaints of the Energon Saber Team and the Armada Emergency Team. Remember to post ...  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-03-22 3:56 pm
Make sure to pick up a copy of IDW's Transformers: Generations #1. This title reprints some of the hard to find Marvel series from 1985 forward. Information, including cover pictures can be found here. A review of the original release is located here at the bottom of the left side. This title will only last as long as sales demand it.

Also, check ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-03-22 1:59 am
Hasbro have provided new preview images of upcoming toys for online retailers. Get a good look at Cybertron Nemesis Breaker (Voyager Class, evil Leobreaker repaint), Menasor (Ultra Class, new mold), Metroplex (Leader Class, new mold) and PRIMUS (Supreme Class, with Unicron head pack-in feature) here at TFW2005.

Also note that these stock photos ...  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-03-21 1:40 am
Have you been reading IDW's Beast Wars? Confused how Magmatron's army arrives on Earth the moment the stasis pods are released, but wind up sometime in the third season? So were we, so we asked. Writer Simon Furman offers the following clarification.

On arrival, Magmatron & Co. overshoot their final destination/arrival point (on purpose), going ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-03-20 9:25 pm
It's another Transformers dream come true! Thanks to BBTS for the following:
"MASTERPIECE MP-03 STARSCREAM: Takara has not yet officially announced this item, but all signs point to a fall release of the MP-03 Masterpiece Starscream! We've listed an preorder for the figure at $109.99, this price MAY CHANGE IN THE FUTURE, after Takara releases ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-03-19 7:50 am
It's the end of the Universe... almost. The last toys from the line have been released at Target. Bonecrusher & Scavenger and Long Haul & Hightower, are Constructicon repaints of the RiD Build Team. The Overbite & Repugnus two-pack consists of a (minor) repaint of Hellscream (Japanese-only retool of the Beast Wars Cybershark) and a repaint of BW ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-03-18 1:00 pm
Normally this wouldn't get posted here, but this case appears to be perfectly legit: A few other sites have discovered that the official website of the Japanese patent office, a website open to the public, offers a great deal of photos of grey resin prototypes for Transformers toys dating back at least to the days of the Beast Wars Transmetal II ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-03-17 4:01 pm
Once again, for those who down't want to wait until tomorrow to watch the new episode of Cybertron, entitled "Assault", you can already watch it here at the Hasbro Action website!

In other news, wave 3 of the Legends of Cybertron figures has been released in Canada, so it should only be a matter of time until they hit US retail! TFW2005 member ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-03-17 7:52 am   (page update)
Now, on to an even cooler figure! You can now access the all-new character page for CROSSWISE in the 2005 section. Love this toy! Happy weekend all.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-03-16 7:05 am   (page update)
We're trying to finish off the 2005 figures so we can get to some more current events. But this toy is in stores now and rocks! You'll find LONGRACK's all-new character page uploaded and ready for viewing.  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-03-15 1:24 pm
Looks like US retail has taken a back seat again, as toys start popping up in other countries or at more online stores first. Wave 3 Mini-Con 2-packs (Ramjet vs. Scythe, Thrust vs. Anti-Blaze and Sunstorm vs. Checkpoint) have been released in Canada, as confirmed here. These repaints of the Energon Saber team and Emergency Teams have been in ...  (0 comments)
Free Trader  2006-03-14 11:35 pm
The Iacon One Datatrax has been updated with unused character art for... Transformers Universe Menasor!
Who, you ask? This redeco was originally planned for the Transformers Universe toyline, but never released. But now you can get a look at what might have been... (recognize the toy?)
Keep watching for more Iacon One event news and additions ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2006-03-14 9:46 pm   (page update)
Update>> These are well kitbashes. We've received several e-mails from *friends pointing out their featured website here, here and here... Thanks to 'ink&metalskin' for passing along photos of what he believes to be forthcoming e-hobby issues. This first picture shows a re-tool of Cyb Soundwave as Autobot Communications specialist BLASTER! The ...  (0 comments)
TriPredRavage  2006-03-13 5:50 pm
Covert Agent Ravage, at your service! I'm one of the newest members to the Friends of Unicron and among other things will assist with TF news.

If you are having problems finding your own copies of the Beast Wars the Gathering comics, like I am, you may be best off just waiting out the series. Amazon has put up for Preorder Transformers: Beast ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2006-03-10 9:50 pm
Thanks to Kasilien for the heads up that has a listing up now for new StarWars TFs Boba Fett, Darth Maul, and Anakin Skywalker. FYI, I actually saw these toys at at Target in MN earlier this week. Here's a question. Do fans out there think these toys should be added to the sightings section? As cool as they are, we haven't received ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-03-10 7:57 am   (page update)
Continuing with the 2005 Jungle Planet natives, you'll find an all new character page for Wreckloose is uploaded and ready for viewing! Happy weekend all. Cannot wait, all new shows begin tomorrow!  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-03-10 6:26 am
New listings have popped up on the public Wal*Mart website. Most toys have already been confirmed one way or another. The most interesting entries are:
TFs Voyager Armor Scattershot - either a repackaged Cyb Defense Scattorshot or a repaint.
TFs Voyager R03 Cybertron Me - might be the third Mega-sized redeco after Dark Crumplezone, Nemesis ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-03-09 11:48 am
Well, looks like BBTS removed the pics of Titanium Thundercracker and Jetfire again. But in return, they have the following pics up:
Cybertron Mini-Con Class wave 4: Scrap Iron vs. Grindor, Blastcharge vs. Highwire, Backblast vs. Sureshock (repaints of the Armada Space Team and the Energon Perceptor Team)
Cybertron Scout Class wave 8: Ransack GT ...  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-03-08 2:11 pm
Megatron is used to create an artificial humanoid. What could possibly go wrong? Find out in Devil's Due Publishing's G.I. Joe vs. The Transformers: The Art of War. Issue 1 of 5 arrived in comic shops today. Read the official previews of issues ONE, TWO, and THREE. Starring Bumblebee, Arcee, Grimlock, General Hawk, Scarlett and others.  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-03-07 2:18 pm
They've been in stock at several online retailers for a few weeks, now they finally hit US retail! Allspark member Packrat reported the first sighting of wave 2, Beast Wars 10th Anniversary: Dinobot, Transmetal Rattrap and "Predacon Tarantulus" (renamed that way for trademark reasons) at a Target store in Las Vegas and posted a receipt photo here. ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-03-07 8:49 am   (page update)
Now, how about a character page with a little more bite! Moving right along with the figures of 2005 the C.P. for reformatted G1 Hero BLURR is uploaded and ready for viewing.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-03-06 4:43 pm
In the tradition of other recolor toys w/o a story background, a perfunctory character page is now up and running for the Street Speed Team in the 2005 section. In more recent events, I found my first 'Scrapmetal/Ramble' yesterday! wa-hoo! Keep the sightings comin!  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-03-02 10:37 am
New (unofficial) pictures of the Titanium Robot Masters figures have surfaced through the usual Chinese sources. You can see pictures of the wave 1 figures Unicron, War Within Optimus Prime and Beast Wars Megatron in this Allspark thread. Also available are pictures of two (still unpainted) wave 2 figures, Alternator Jazz (yes, "Jazz") and ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2006-03-02 7:35 am
IDW Publishing has posted news and really neat character sketches by Guido Guidi, the lead artist of the upcoming Transformers Evolutions: Hearts of Steal (4 part out of continuity mini-series). Check it out here at IDW Publishing!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-03-01 7:38 pm   (page update)
Surely but slowly! We're trying to get caught up with the 2005 Cybertron toys before the next wave of Cybertron toys and shows start hitting en masse. Next up, you'll find the all new character page for the North America only release, Hardtop has been uploaded and is ready for viewing.  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-02-28 4:10 pm
The Transformers Collectors' Club has announced date and location for this year's BotCon. September 29 through October 1 in Lexington, Kentucky. E-mails were sent out today to club members. And don't forget Iacon One July 7-8 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I hope to see you all there.  (0 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-02-24 4:44 pm
Hi Folks, A surprise post on the Don Murphy Board is the subject of todays Movie Update, Ian Bryce the 'Line Producer' of the new Paramount / Dreamwave / Angry Films Transformers Movie dropped by Don's place HERE with this update :

"Hello Transfans......sorry for my absence has been extremely busy... A few tidbits for you from my ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-02-24 6:49 am
Well, that was fast. A few days after the Transformers Collectors' Club revealed the "mystery bonus pack-in feature" that's supposed to come with the initial shipments of the US release of Cybertron Primus, Hasbro followed suit by officially revealing that very feaure to the public on their own website. The item is a Unicron head with major battle ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2006-02-22 6:25 am   (page update)
Thanks to Chris Ryall for for forwarding our way this awesome promo picture, hinting of great things to come! Among many things to look forward to as a Transformers fan this summer...
Also be sure to check out this "art du jour" on IDW's site from an upcoming issue of Beast Wars. TOO cool! Featuring TM Megatron, Rampage and Inferno! Too cool...

Perceptor  2006-02-21 1:40 pm   (page update)
How can you possibly not love SIDEWAYS?! Phenomenal toy, looks wicked in each mode, complex and fun transformation, high-tech detailing/sculpt, awesome character in the shows... Absolutely rockin! His all-new character page is uploaded and ready for viewing in the 2005 section.  (0 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-02-20 3:40 am
Hi Folks, sorry about a lack of update last week about what's been happening with regard to the new Transformers Movie, I've been as sick as the proverbial dog. So here is the latest as of 19th Feb 2006.

"On TF, I hoped to be able to tell you about our start date. I can say it is looking like late May. I can tell you that ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-02-17 5:12 am   (page update)
Tying up a few loose ends, you'll find a newly uploaded character page for the Energon Deluxe Rapid Run in the 2004 Section. Thanks to Byrerprime for the character text profile from the "wishful thinking files"...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-02-16 10:08 am
More Cybertron toys popping up in stores... TFW2005 member Deathy G1 reports having found Lugnutz from wave 6 of the Cybertron Scout Class toys at Super Target in Leesburg, Virginia, and backs it up with a receipt photo here. Furthermore, TFW2005 member Schnafe confirms having picked up not only Lugnutz, but also his case companion Scrapmetal at ...  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-02-15 3:16 pm
Speaking of Beast Wars, IDW Publishing has released Beast Wars: The Gathering #1. The first installment of a six-part mini-series. Four covers by Don Figueroa including the awesome wrap-around cover. Check out character pages for some of the major players. Magmatron (his US release was as a Maximal), Razorbeast, Manterror, Transquito, Spittor, ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-02-14 10:00 am   (page update)
Okay, so there's no overwhelmingly timely reason for this update other than it's cool and it's ~done. Well, it is afterall the 10 year anniversary of the Beast Wars and it's been that long since he appeared last. You guessed it, the all new character page for Buzzsaw is uploaded and ready for viewing in the 2005 section. Well, that and the ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-02-14 4:53 am
Several bits of news today:

Allspark member Transfan2007 confirms wave 2 of the Star Wars Transformers toys having been released at the Rancho California Target store. He provided receipt photos of Boba Fett/Slave I and Darth Maul/Sith Infiltrator here and also confirmed having spotted Anakin Skywalker/Jedi Starfighter at the same store.

Nevermore  2006-02-11 4:58 pm
It's Toy Fair time! There's quite a lot of galleries available across the 'net, and thus far, it appears Hasbro had the following toy on display (everything in bold letters is a "mass public" premiere):
Cybertron Scouts: Lugnutz (Galaxy Force Roadstorm), Scrapmetal (GF "Ramble"), Repugnus (Undermine redeco) and Shortround (new Hasbro-only mold).
Anonymous  2006-02-11 8:52 am
In other news, Malin Huffman unveils info about a new Transformers convention.
February 10, 2006 The Stasis Lock Group presents: IACON ONE "Where Things Are Not What They Seem..." July 7-8, 2006, Grand Wayne Convention Center, Fort Wayne, Indiana

2006 marks the 10th anniversary of "Beast Wars: Transformers", and the 20th anniversary of ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2006-02-11 7:53 am
The American International Toy Fair 2006 is this weekend in New York City and that means, it's likely to be a very busy TF news week. Whatdya think of their non-fan article about the " Top 10 Hottest Transformers Toys and Action Figures? :) #1 I agree w/. #5 should be #2 but the rest?? 2,6,9 shouldn't be in a list of top 100, IMHO!

You can ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-02-10 12:00 pm   (page update)
Speaking of comics, it's not often that a posting about Runamuck could be timely! With the G1 characters recent appearance in the new IDW comics, I thought now would be a good time to get the TF: Cybertron version's character page uploaded and running. You'll find it linked to in the 2005 section.  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-02-09 1:55 pm
IDW's TF: Infiltration #2 is on shelves in comic shops even now. Go pick yourself up a copy. Four covers to choose from, or get all four like everybody else. Beast Wars #1 due soon.  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-02-09 1:06 pm
Regarding the bootleg G1 Optimus Prime reported earlier: e3nine provided detailed images of the black variant with copyright markings. Apparently, the bootleg is identical to the mold used for a French version released in 1984-85. Some units an odd variant with red feet (see here. Not to be confused with the European release by Milton Bradley, ...  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-02-07 4:26 pm   (page update)
Slowly but surely, Cybertron character pages are taking shape. Updates in the 2005 section, including Galaxy Force names and first appearances for the following characters.
Basics Overhaul, Scattorshot, and Recon Team.
Deluxe figures Hot Shot, Landmine, and Override.
Voyager class Evac and Ultra class Jetfire and Scourge.
Last, but I wouldn't ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-02-06 2:26 pm
Hasbro has provided online retailers with new images of upcoming toys: Boba Fett from "Star Wars TF" second wave and the rest of the 4th wave of the LoC: Sunstorm, Thundercracker (new mold, apparently superior (!) to the Deluxe-version) and redeco of Optimus Prime.

Just like the fourth wave 4 LoC Hot Shot redeco, previously shown here, LoC OP ...  (0 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-02-06 12:18 pm
Don Murphy, one of the Producers on the Dreamworks Transformers Movie has updated his site with some comments about the current status of the new movie, and his continuing desire to persuade the "Money Men" at Dreamworks and Paramount that it is a good idea in most Transfans view to have the 'Original Transformers' voice artists Peter Cullen & ...  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-02-05 7:32 am
Everyone in the Official TF Collector's Club should have received their newsletter this past week. The comic, which featured some of the toys not shown in the cartoon, includes the Costco exclusive Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus (RiD re-release). In addition to showing pix of Cannonball, the Decepticon pirate and Nemesis Breaker and Alternator ...  (0 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-02-03 7:24 pm
Hi Folks.
I thought this might be of interest to some! Transformers Movie Director Michael Bay comments on the new movie that is due for release on the 4th of July 2007 at his site HERE  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-02-02 11:06 pm   (page update)
Why do I like the toy as much as I do? Hard to say. It's difficult to pinpoint one feature and say, "that's it!" Perhaps it's just the combination of interesting transformation, porportionate bot mode, unique vehicle mode, nicely done head sculpt or the very well coordinated color scheme that makes me say that Mudflap is a darn good figure. ...  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-02-01 6:41 am   (page update)
Additional information, such as Galaxy Force name, first show/comic appearances... have been added to the following 2005 character pages: Breakdown, Clocker, Crumplezone, Dark Scorponok, Dirt Boss and Ransack.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2006-01-31 9:51 pm
You seen this? In package pix of Takara Primus figure. I for one, think it's dang cool that they modeled the packaging after the fan favorite (giant) G1 original Fortress Maximus!  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-01-31 3:21 pm
Just a small update to the Rollbar/Ricochet story: TFW2005 member Omnibus Prime posted receipt pics today which confirm the US release of both toys once and for all.

In other news, the latest edition of Insidepulse's "Cybertronian Enquirer" includes a rumor about a Cadillac XLR Alternator that is supposed to come out even before Rumble.

Nevermore  2006-01-30 2:37 pm
More new pictures! Bill of Bill's Toys and Games provided TFW2005 with official images of Cybertron Voyager Class Soundwave, Scout Class Repugnus (Autobot repaint of Undermine) and Shortround (new mold) and Legends of Cybertron "Hot Shot", who is actually a repaint of the original LoC Hot Shot toy in the colors of the upcoming Deluxe Class ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-01-29 6:30 am
There's a good chance that Alternators Rollbar and Ricochet might be out at US retail. A US-based eBay seller put up an auction for Ricochet, and when Allspark staff member Quantumhawk contacted him, the seller not only confirmed having purchased both Ricochet and Rollbar at a Wal*Mart store in California, but also provided the Allspark with some ...  (0 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-01-29 1:35 am

Hi, Folks.

I thought I'd update with some interesting Chinese " double sized Fakes" Transformers items from the world of E-bay which should have some special interest to Robot Masters fans.

8" Liger / Mirage "Flipchanger" Robotmaster.
8" Airblade (Cyberjet) Robotmaster jet

Also Shown there is a Fake WreckerHook mold shown lower

Jason  2006-01-28 11:06 am
Check out some new G1, Beast Wars, and Generations comic listings over at Comic News International.  (0 comments)
Mighty Maximal  2006-01-27 11:42 am
Hi, folks. The Lukis Bros have kindly offered me a news post position here and therfore this is my first post. I'll primarily be concentrating on the events at the Don Murphy Board and any European news I come across.

I have recently spoken to representatives of the UK Supermarket store chain Tesco and have been informed that all larger stores ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-01-27 8:11 am
It looks like the new Collectors' Club magazine is out. Thanks to Allspark member MightyMegs, the following news have become public:

- The Cybertron Deluxe Class Red Alert repaint we saw before is named "Cannonball". He is supposed to be a Decepticon pirate (!), decked out in skull decals. Scheduled for a May release.
- Nemesis Breaker, the ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-01-26 8:35 pm   (page update)
We knew him and loved him in Energon. Now as a recolor of the TF Cybertron line, you'll find Dark Scorponok's all-new character page has been uploaded and is ready for viewing in the 2005 section. Surely but slowly catching up! We better get a move on before the next waves of new TFs hits the shelves!  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-01-25 11:16 am
Looks like we're back on track. After a little trouble with providing photographic proof, TFW2005 member MegaHavok confirmed having purchased Dark Crumplezone, an extensive retool of the original Cybertron Crumplezone toy, at a Target store next to Disneyland. You can see the images here. MegaHavok also confirmed having seen Cybertron Defense ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-01-24 1:09 pm
Sightings alert! Wave 5 of the Cybertron Deluxe Class toys is out in the USA. Bill of Bill's Toys and Games picked up Downshift and Cybertron Defense Hot Shot at a Wal*Mart Supercenter in Shreveport, Louisiana. You can see a visual proof here, and don't forget to post your own sightings of Downshift here and of Cybertronm Defense Hot Shot here!

Nevermore  2006-01-23 12:22 pm
Well, it would appear that Cartoon Network are back to their old schemes again.

Contrary to what was reported before, today did not see the debut of the first new Cybertron episode, "Critical", on Cartoon Network, but rather the first Cybertron episode total, "Fallen".

A point could be made that this episode as well as the following one, ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-01-22 11:59 pm   (page update)
Long overdue, the "Who is Unicron" page linked to at the top of our mainpage, has been overhauled. No, it's not "done" (still needs a 'chapter' on Energon Unicron, and the various smaller vessel/forms he's taken ie. Armada Sideways...) but there's enough there that I thought it time to get uploaded some the changes which have been made. As well ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2006-01-21 7:07 am
Everyone is probably saying, "Where are my Beast Machines DVD's I ordered back in November?" Well has a news story for you! Here you will find a full article on the new release date and all of the new special features that have been thrown onto this DVD set. I hope this clears up any questions. Thanks to Cliff C for the heads ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-01-20 1:05 pm
Another roundup: Another batch of upcoming Cybertron entries found in Wal*Mart computers has been reported by Cosmic Rust here. Entries include Scout Class toys Lugnutz and Scrapmetal (both of which have been previewed by Hasbro before), what appears to be listings for Excellion and Override GTS (the latter of which had been temporarily referred ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2006-01-20 9:39 am
Comic News International has posted some preview pages of Transformers Infiltration #1 AND Infiltration #2.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-01-20 9:11 am   (page update)
Okay next up, more rudimentary character pages have been uploaded for the mini-con recolor -two packs of 2005 considered "series 1": Shockwave vs. Tankor, Sky Lynx vs. Thunderblast and Razorclaw vs. Steamhammer  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-01-19 7:27 pm   (page update)
Another round of 2005 Legend of Cybertron figures are ready. This time it's: Evac, Jetfire, Leobreaker, Scourge.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-01-18 4:08 pm   (page update)
Well, it's nothing too earth-shattering. But if you're like me and haven't ever seen the Legends of Cybertron figures in stores, then maybe this will be of interest. In the 2005 section you'll find rudimentary character pages w/ a scan of the package back and other info for, All-stars Hot Shot, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Starscream.  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-01-14 5:56 am
More new stuff coming our way! Randy (aka Powered Convoy) of Cosmic Rust has discovered lots of new entries for upcoming Cybertron toys in Wal*Mart's computer system. Some of these toys have already been revealed officially, while others have never bene heard of before.

The first batch of listings, which can be found here, includes entries for ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-01-10 9:42 pm
The server appears to be down and everyone is wondering, "WHY?! HOW COULD I POSSIBLY HAVE MISSED IT!?" Several other TF sites reported "test footage" of presumably Sideswipe from the live action movie. Fear not fellow fans, Don Murphy TFTM-live producer said the following, "...NONE of our test footage has been leaked yet. We'd tell you if it ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-01-10 2:29 pm
As a follow-up to the story from three days ago, Entertainment Earth have now added images for all the upcoming new Cybertron and Alternators releases reported before. You can find the links here at the Allspark boards.

Since most of these toys have already been seen officially one way or another (either being on display at BotCon, as in ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2006-01-10 1:59 am   (page update)
After a little break, lets get back to the Jungle Planet. This time, you'll find UNDERMINE's all-new character pages is ready for viewing in the 2005 section. Bring on those new shows. I cannot wait!  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-01-09 4:02 pm
Want to know how Hasbro originally discovered Takara's "Diaclone" and "Microman" toys which would eventually end up becoming the original Transformers?

Fred's Workshop (of "The Complete Transformers Variants Page" fame) posted copies of internal Hasbro paperwork from the early 1980s which also finally confirm details about the initial release ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-01-07 3:11 am
New Cybertron toys are out in the US: TFW2005 member e3nine has spotted two of the three two-packs from the second wave of the Cybertron Mini-Con Class, namely Scattorbrain vs. Monocle and Kobushi vs. Landslide. The third two-pack which he didn't find is Payload vs. Ascentor, and as reported before, all three packs feature repaints of Armada ...  (0 comments)
Byrerprime  2006-01-04 12:49 pm   (page update)
Before the new episodes of Transformers: Cybertron hit the airwaves, you can check out the synopsis of each of the first 26 episodes in the media section of the 2005 page. Courtesy of yours truly. Stay tuned. Many more great things to come in 2006.  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-01-04 9:01 am
Hasbro are once again sending out official preview images for upcoming waves of toys.

First up is wave 3 of the Cybertron Mini-Con two-packs, consisting of Thrust vs. Anti-Blaze, Ramjet vs. Scythe and Sunstorm vs. Checkpoint. Just like the previous two-pack Mini-Cons, these are once again redecos of older toys, in this case of the Energon Saber ...  (0 comments)
Nevermore  2006-01-03 2:18 am
Just after reports came in of several store chains bundling earlier waves of Cybertron Scouts and Deluxes into "two-packs", Hasbro and Wal*Mart now come up with yet another way of selling even more wave 1 and 2 Cybertron Deluxes: Dirt Boss, Thundercracker, Hot Shot, Landminde, Override and Red Alert now come repackaged (!) in boxes instead of on ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2006-01-02 10:09 am
Just learned that BigBadToyStore is having a New Year's sale, included you'll find 20% off our very own Energon Cubes and Unicron Stands.  (14 comments)

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