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TriPredRavage at 2006-09-01 9:28 pm
Hey everyone.  Check this out.  Rumor has it that there may be in fact a Botcon 2006 Tigatron figure.  Now, I haven't seen a picture of it, but there are two occurances of it being a possibility according to Wikipedia.  Here is the first on the Tigatron page (under the botcon section), and here is the second on the Clocker page (under repaints).  Again, there is no proof of this figure as of yet, but Wikipedia is typically very reliable.

TriPredRavage said,  - 2006-09-01 21:37:35
Unfortunately, it was never truely explained if Transformers who came from stasis pods were actually entirely new Transformers, or if they were just Transformers who were in... stasis... If that is the case then it is entirely possible that Tigatron would have had a pre-beast form... but even so Tigatron couldn't remember who he was in the Beast Wars series, so technically this figure could possibly have an etirely different personallity than the loveable "Big Cat" of the Beast Wars. This is a tricky character to make a pre-beast figure for, in my own opinion. I think his pre-beast figure should be made from Override; you think about it, Tigatron was a bigger cat, Override is a bigger car than Clocker; their head molds are relatively similar; and I personally felt that Cheetor should have been made off of Override as well...
Knightwing said,  - 2006-09-02 09:26:33
I won't be holding my breath for this one, but it's a neet thought. As far as the big cat/little cat, Tigatron should be Breakdown.
Obsidian said,  - 2006-09-02 12:28:15
I have seen pics of the Tigatron Toy. That doesn't mean he's necessarily going to be released, but we can hope. We know this, he won't be part of the gift pack, but then again, neither will Megatron. Check out the pic here.
Nevermore said,  - 2006-09-02 14:57:29
"Wikipedia is typically very reliable"

Anyone can post anything to Wikipedia. That being said, as Obsidian already pointed out, a photo of what appears to be a pre-release version BotCon Tigatron has surfaced a while ago, coming from the same source that also managed to get ahold of various other grey market test shots of exclusive toys from this year's BotCon (including Megatron). I didn't report it here because I'm still not certain how the Lukis Bros. feel about reporting premature leaks of toys that haven't been announced officially yet.

Anyways, in case you're not sure about what information has made it to the public about upcoming toys one way or another, I'd suggest you to check out my checklists over at TFArchive. They're always up to date and contain links to all relevant sources for details on upcoming toys (such as store listings, leaked prototypes, official stock photos or convention exhibits). In this case, that would be the Fun Publications BotCon/Collector's Club checklist:

The prevalent theory is currently that Tigatron will be this year's bonus giveaway figure for buyers of the boxset, like last year's Flamewar figure.
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