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Nevermore at 2006-05-31 3:58 pm
First photos from the Transformers Live Action Movie set!
Currently stationed at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico where the first scenes of Michael Bay's Transformers live action movie are being filmed, collaborated and bring you the first photos of Bumblebee (old Camaro, which will probably end up getting destroyed), another version of Bumblebee (new Camaro with Saleen tuning, supposedly after he gets rebuilt), Brawl (Decepticon police cruiser, new Ford Mustang with Saleen tuning), another version of Brawl (old Ford Mustang Crown Vic police cruiser, supposedly some sort of "stealth mode"), Bonecrusher (Decepticon Buffalo mine clearing vehicle), an unknown tank (either Decepticon Devastator or part of a human military force), a movie crew helicopter and two V-22 Ospreys (one of which might or might not be the Decepticon Vortex).

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