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More Movie toys list in Target Computer

Posted by:
Mighty Maximal at 2006-12-08 6:49 pm

The Allspark just put this up :<i>

Mouth04, Allspark Admin and Target employee, has brought us some interesting news on new DPCI numbers from the Transformers Movie Products.  Here is a list of the latest.

Transformers Authentic Action Figures 087-06-0012 $9.99

Transformers Robovision Optimus 087-06-1846 $19.99

Transformers Movie Legends Asst 087-06-1883 $3.99

Transformers Movie Ultimate 087-06-1886 $79.99

The last figure, Movie Ultimate @ $79.99, is a rather interesting entry.  Could this be a new figure size that is larger than Supreme?  Or perhaps a Supreme size figure with extreme detail and transformation complexity?  We will keep you posted.

Thanks to Mouth04 for the low down.

I'm guessing personally that the Authentic figures might be something to do with the "Unleased" figures Brian Goldner mentioned and might be a continuation from the look of the Hasbro Soundwave Statue / figure.

So movie acurate look but no transformation... perhaps not even much or any articulation.

I can't see the reason to call them that if it's human characters though.

I don't know what the Robovision think is.. but there is a role play set along similar lines to the "Hulk Hands" from a few years back.
one each for Megatron & Optimus.

The Movie Legends assortment I heard about months ago and is lOC like stuff of Movie Characters.

The Ultimate figure is the Super big Movie acurate (more or less) figure similar to Masterpiece MP-01 in concept only of Movie Optimus that I have been going on about the last few months.

I hear there's a chance they may be more than 1 figure but i do not know who the other is or even if its just Optimus.

Something new to chat about anyhow.

Oh and one other little Tipbit is that Classics Toys are now available in the UK in certain selected places mainly Comic shops.. but they are in European stock.

Some Woolworths also have a couple of New Basics in stock too.

I asked them and Hasbro UK say they have Cryo Scourge, Gold Galaxy Force Vector Prime, Quickmix, and Menasor in stock too. so look for those in selected UK stores pre-Xmas.


All the best M'M

Knightwing said,  - 2006-12-08 21:31:47
That new "Ultimate" class sound VERY cool!
Perceptor said,  - 2006-12-08 23:26:15
It's $80 and a Transformer? I want it already!!! Sa-WEEEEET! I want it to be die cast, high detail, version of Optimus Prime, ala Masterpiece (movie) Optimus/Megatron!
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