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Nevermore at 2006-01-07 3:11 am
New Cybertron toys are out in the US: TFW2005 member e3nine has spotted two of the three two-packs from the second wave of the Cybertron Mini-Con Class, namely Scattorbrain vs. Monocle and Kobushi vs. Landslide. The third two-pack which he didn't find is Payload vs. Ascentor, and as reported before, all three packs feature repaints of Armada Adventure and Destruction Team Mini-Cons. See images which confirm the purchase here.

Meanwhile, Adam16bit, who's working for online retailer Entertainment Earth, has been reporting lots of new Alternators and Cybertron waves here at the Allspark boards.

Of note is the confirmation that Hasbro have started to "stagger" the waves, in other words, potential shelfwarmers will be skipped for one wave and then return in a later wave, thereby allowing for the toy to clear from the shelves before being restocked. For example, one of the next waves of Cybertron Ultras holds the return of the elusive Dark Scorponok!

New releases are:
Alternators: Rollbar and Ricochet (March 2006), Optimus Prime (April). All three toys have been seen online before, the former two both officially and unofficially.
Cybertron Ultra Class: Wing Saber (new mold) and Sky Shadow (Decepticon repaint of Jetfire, no show appearance) in April. Both toys have been seen officially before, Sky Shadow also unofficially.
Cybertron Voyager Class: Cybertron Defense Scattorshot (upgrade, new mold) and Dark Crumplezone (extensive retool, show character) in February, Soundwave and Nemesis Breaker (Decepticon redeco of Leobreaker, show character) in June. All four toys have been displayed by Hasbro at BotCon.
Cybertron Deluxe Class: Downshift (new mold, no show appearance) and Cybertron Defense Hot Shot (upgrade, new mold) in February, Doubleclutch (Override repaint, no show appearance) and Excellion (Hot Shot repaint, no show appearance) in April. Excellion has already been shown unofficially as a repaint of the smaller Legends of Cybertron Hot Shot mold, so we know what the colors will look like.
Cybertron Scout Class: Lugnutz and Scrapmetal (new molds, show characters) in March, Shortround and Repugnus in May. These might either be yet unseen toys (fans speculate about Scattorshot and Undermine repaints) or a mystery hovercraft mold in G1 Piranacon colors and a Hasbro-only repaint of Cybertron Scrapmetal we've both seen unofficially before.
No sign of the Giant Planet toys, namely Metroplex, Quickmix and Menasor, as of yet.

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