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Nevermore at 2006-05-02 8:47 am
TFW2005 offers the first official Hasbro preview images of Cybertron Quickmix (new mold), the Western version of Galaxy Force Blender, who was never released in Japan. Take a look for yourself here.

The images, which show the toy in and out of packaging, are the first ever look at the actual toy in its final colors, since the prototype which Hasbro displayed at last year's BotCon was still kept in flat red and black test shot colors.

Additionally, this also finally settles the mystery of the "Armor Scattorshot" mystery entry that was found in Wal*Mart's computers a few months back - according to the product code number, "Armor Scattorshot" was apparently an old working name for Quickmix!

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