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Posted by:
Byrerprime at 2006-10-05 7:59 pm
Could Classics be at your local Target? Write these numbers down and find out. 087-06-1166 is the case number for the Deluxe class, packaged 2 each of Astrotrain, Bumblebee, Rodimus and Starscream. 087-06-1167 is the case number for the Voyager class, packaged 2 each of Megatron and Optimus Prime. Punch the numbers into a price checker to see if they are in the stockroom, then politely ask a sales associate for help. Supposedly, Target isn't shelving these until the 15th. I read this elsewhere and just got back from a successful mission.

Cybertron Man said,  - 2006-10-05 21:02:41
I heard somewhere that the price for deluxes was going to increase with the Classics line. How much is Target charging for them?
Byrer prime said,  - 2006-10-05 21:26:04
Deluxe are $9.99
Voyager are $19.99
dwinferno said,  - 2006-10-05 23:59:58
From OP and megs today, they are alsome
damagecontrol54 said,  - 2006-10-06 14:34:54
Started finding them at Walmart as well.....and the 20th prime as well...for a lovely price tag of $69.99
Knightwing said,  - 2006-10-06 21:51:48
Sweet! I can start buying new toys agian.
draconis of nebulos said,  - 2006-10-07 18:52:28
"Classics" may also start hitting toys'r'us shelves near you! I picked up Megs, Op, Rodimus, & Starscream myself just a couple of days ago. And yes, they are all AWESOME.
Skyfire21 said,  - 2006-10-07 19:18:40
In CA the classics have been out for a couple weeks now.
dwinferno said,  - 2006-10-07 21:20:49
Had to ask for them at Target, But I got all 4 deluxes.
RaveRacer said,  - 2006-10-08 19:16:26
I wrote down the numbers as they were listed and simply asked the guy in the toy department at Target if they had them in stock. He went into the back room and moments later he came out with Classics Megatron, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Rodimus! I could have literally jumped for joy right then and there.
Shinobitron said,  - 2006-10-08 19:35:55
The store called Boscovs in PA but them out last Saturday and sold out the same day. I managed to get Rodimus, Bumblebee and Astrotrain. The weird yet cool thing is that as people my age (27) walked bythey were picking them up jusr cause they looked cool and the whole "I had this guy when I was a kid." spoken as the grabbed them. This line may be a rought one to get due to the nostalgia factor. If you got the money I highly suggest getting them when you see them. I let Megs sit and am regretting it right now.
Knightwing said,  - 2006-10-09 16:57:33
I wouldn't worry too much Shinobitron. Hasbro has done a pretty good job making sure to re-stock stores. You'll just have to be patient.
Cybertronian Warrior said,  - 2006-10-26 19:15:15
I haven't seen any toys yet at my town's Walmart.
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