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Nevermore at 2006-03-19 7:50 am
It's the end of the Universe... almost. The last toys from the line have been released at Target. Bonecrusher & Scavenger and Long Haul & Hightower, are Constructicon repaints of the RiD Build Team. The Overbite & Repugnus two-pack consists of a (minor) repaint of Hellscream (Japanese-only retool of the Beast Wars Cybershark) and a repaint of BW Buzzclaw, an homage to the G1 Monsterbot Repugnus.

Originally planned to be released as wave 4 of the Universe Ultras, these were delayed when Hasbro discontinued the mass retail Universe line. Now, finally, they see the light of day as Target exclusives. To spice up the endcap, Hasbro also provided Target with exclusive repackages of Cybertron toys (Deluxe two-packs and Voyager/Mini-Con packs). All of these toys retail for $16.99 each. See a photo of this impressive endcap here. The final confirmed Universe toys are KB Toys exclusive Micromaster Aerialbots. (European versions are already out in the UK in "Cybertron" packaging.)

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