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Nevermore at 2006-01-25 11:16 am
Looks like we're back on track. After a little trouble with providing photographic proof, TFW2005 member MegaHavok confirmed having purchased Dark Crumplezone, an extensive retool of the original Cybertron Crumplezone toy, at a Target store next to Disneyland. You can see the images here. MegaHavok also confirmed having seen Cybertron Defense Scattorshot, who is supposed to ship together with Dark Crumplezone, but didn't buy him. As always, remember to post your own sightings of Dark Crumplezone here and for Cybertron Defense Scattorshot here.

Straight from the British Toy Fair, Prowlus brings us news not only of an upcoming combiner toy from the "Star Wars Transformers" line, namely Han Solo and Chewbacca which can merge to form the Millennium Falcon, but also the first confirmation of an upcoming Alternators Honda Civic, with the character being none other than the Decepticon Rumble! You can see images scanned from Hasbro's official product sheets here and here. Also, Prowlus found the time for a quick chat with a Hasbro UK representative, and from the answers, which can be found here, it appears one of the next Alternators toys will be based on a Jaguar sports car?

In other news, the latest edition of the Cybertron Enquirer rumors a number of upcoming Cybertron releases (mostly repaints), which more or less match with the Wal*Mart listings we saw before. These include a Scourge redeco (slated for August), "Giant Planet Mini-Cons" slated for June, a Ransack redeco slated for June, redecos of Scattorshot (the Scout Class toy) and Brakedown slated for August, an Armorhide redeco slated for October, Skywarp (redeco of Thundercracker, seen before) and a Red Alert redeco (colored artwork seen on the official Transformers Collectors' Club website's main page) slated for May, Unicron (deluxe-sized tank, new mold) and a redeco of Armada Super-Con Optimus Prime slated for July, redecos of Hot Shot (Deluxe Class), Crosswise and Landmine slated for September, and a redeco of Blurr slated for October.

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