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Posted by:
Mighty Maximal at 2006-10-19 2:23 pm
Don Murphy's TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE related site has now been visited by Transformers author David Cian HERE where he discussses his work on the previous Transformers novels he's written or Edited Thus He also discusses some elements of The Transformers Prequels novel that he's writing with regard to the 2007 Dreamworks Transformers movie.

Mr. Cian also expressed an interest in aquiring geographical information or any maps, or other information or artwork about Cybertronian locations that might be of use to him in writing this novelisation, so if you feel you can help with that, pop along to the thread and contribute if you care to.

Now some quick UK toy release News ; Transformers Cybertron Supreme Starscream can now be purchased at larger Woolworths stores or by its instore catalogue or online for Half price HERE or you might be able to order it instore and get it shipped to a Woolworths branch and - I think there's no shipping charge then.. but I'm not 100% sure.

UK Toys R Us stores are now selling the Transformers Cybertron reverse color repaint (Voyager size) Starscream and Vector Prime for Half price HERE online or in store they also stock Primus and Metroplex now online as well as a few left over Generation One reissues so check the rest of the site out for other Transformers if you care to.

UK supermarket chain Tesco is now stocking the Second Wave of Legend of Cybertron figures in it's midsized and larger stores this includes Sunstorm, Optimus Prime (with black legs essentially a minature Galaxy Force Optimus Prime), Hotshot repaint (It's red so it's Excillion really), & Thundercracker (who is a pretty excellent toy in my view) and you might find the subsequent 4 bundled as a set of 4 in Argos Extra stores or ONLINE now Galvatron, Vector Prime, Red Alert (Cybertron Defense version), & Evac.

Hasbro UK have informed me that Cybertron Menasor and the Classics Line is now in stock in the Hasbro UK warehouse with Forbidden Planet being the first to get the stock so look for them in the near future to start being more widely distributed in the UK, This also ties into the website where they list the classics with a UK release date of the end of October.

I hope this is of some help.
Regards Mighty.Maximal.

Ultimas Prime said,  - 2006-10-20 01:40:12
Is that UK Starscream/Vector Prime shipping to the US?
Mighty.Maximal said,  - 2006-10-20 17:14:58
It's the same Item as American TRU but they only ship to the UK. But some people have bought them and put them on E-bay if ypu are desperate to find one in America and feel you have to import it.
charms said,  - 2010-10-21 20:11:15
I thought this guy was serious!! So much so, that I basically checked out of the business, let him take control of it, and began making plans for the next chapter in our life journey. I gave him our offer sheet, and it went unacknowledged for three weeks. I started to wonder what the hell was happening – no counter offer, no discussion, no “are you crazy, I wouldn’<strong><a href="">charms</a></strong>t give you half of what you’re asking for this dump!” Nothing. Upon finally being pressed for a response, he simply said “I’m not interested, and I've decided to concentrate on other issues.” Huh?? What about the crowd of friends you had in here two nights ago speaking as if you were the soon-to-be owner?
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