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Nevermore at 2006-07-22 1:29 am
Heads up, fans!

TFW 2005 reports directly from San Diego Comic-Con that Peter Cullen has been casta s the voice of Optimus Prime for Michael Bay's upcoming live action Transformers movie! Better yet - Frank Welker is currently aditioning for the part of Megatron! Certainly a bunch of good news following all the complaints about the plot of the movie not being a carbon copy of the cartoon's pilot episode and the vehicle modes of the Autobots not being the same car models as in 1984.

Speaking of SDCC, I hope those of you who wanted him got their Alternators Nemesis Prime. There has been some major problem on the Hasbro Toy Shop website, what with a hoard of Star Wars fans bringing the server down, anxious Transformers fans calling HTS via phone and the listing for Nemesis Prime on the site changing directly from "coming soon" to "out of stock". See here for the details.

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