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Nevermore at 2006-06-07 11:02 am
It's "new official Hasbro photos of upcoming toys" day!

- From the Cybertron line, there's Optimus Prime (Armada Super-Con Optimus Prime repaint with his Mini-Con replaced by a Cyber Key that's been retooled so it can activate a Mini-Con gimmick) and Unicron (tank) from the Deluxe Class (not depicted is a repaint of Armada Demolishor with the same retooled Cyber Key Optimus Prime comes with, who will reportedly ship in thhe same wave as the other two) and Cryo Scourge, a repaint of the Ultra Class Scourge toy.
- From the Alternators line, there's Autobot Camshaft (a repaint of Prowl, or, more specifically, a repaint of the civilian model of the Acura RSX that was previously only available as a variant version of Prowl in Japan) and Nemesis Prime, a repaint of Optimus Prime that's currently rumord to be exclusively available from San Diego Comic-Con (which is partially backed up by the fact that he's lacking an asssortment number from his packaging, which means he's not part of the mass retail assortment and thus some kind of exclusive at the very least).
- And lastly, from the new "Classics" line, there's Bumblebee, Astrotrain (who IS a Triple Changer), Starscream and Rodimus (actually Hot Rod, but the trademark is unavailable to Hasbro, hence the different name) for the first wave of the Deluxe Class, and Megatron (who transforms into a gun for the first time in 20 years) for the first wave of the Voyager (Mega) Class (not depicted is Optimus prime, who will ship in the same wave as Megatron). All these Classics toys are supposed to ship between September and November.

You can see those photos for yourself at TFW2005 (Rodimus has been added here) or at TFormers (Classics, Cryo Scourge, Alternators, Cybertron Deluxe Unicron and Optimus Prime). Additionally, also features the images of the Classics.

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