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Mighty Maximal at 2006-02-20 3:40 am
Hi Folks, sorry about a lack of update last week about what's been happening with regard to the new Transformers Movie, I've been as sick as the proverbial dog. So here is the latest as of 19th Feb 2006.

"On TF, I hoped to be able to tell you about our start date. I can say it is looking like late May. I can tell you that Tom and I are excited. I can tell you that Michael and Ian are working hard as hell. I can tell you that Robert and Alex are pulling all-nighters. But I can't give you the exact date until the green light comes. It will come. Maybe next week.

What I will point out here for y'all, is that the project is at a crossroads. The smarter of you could tell that things were happening behind the scenes when you read Michael's post on his site. EVERYONE has been informed by me of the ONE consensus in fandom- the original voices for Cullen and Welker. Everyone including Michael gets it. BUT not everyone supports it. If I believe the film should be tied IN GENERAL to the original material there is an equally vocal group within the production who believe that we should be re-starting our own mythology and that what was in the past stays in the past (with the exception of a nod or two). The other side has strong, rational arguments for their point of view. In their point of view, the original characters don't even need to look like you remember them, ie. Prime remains a truck but a completely new truck I don't know which point of view will prevail- that is Michael's call. The conclusion, either way, is coming soon.

What I will say, though, is be patient. We are trying to make a huge worldwide box office success based on Transformers. I hope you'll like it no matter what. Your voice is coming through ( you can tell that from Michael's post too). We're nearing the finish line on the one hand and the start line on the other".
The Michael Bay post he is refering to can be found HERE at Mr. Bay's Site.

One other little tipbit to add would be that as Dreamworks and Paramount ar Merging it will be interesting to see if this movie comes out under The Dreamworks name after all.
Also HERE The Movie's Writer Roberto Orci states that Soundwave will not be a Helicopter in the new Movie (as was shown in the animatic from some months ago).

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