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Nevermore at 2006-01-14 5:56 am
More new stuff coming our way! Randy (aka Powered Convoy) of Cosmic Rust has discovered lots of new entries for upcoming Cybertron toys in Wal*Mart's computer system. Some of these toys have already been revealed officially, while others have never bene heard of before.

The first batch of listings, which can be found here, includes entries for Skywarp (see below for more on him), Deluxe Unicron (first revealed by Hasbro at BotCon, but never shown on the internet so far), Repugnus, Shortround (the latter two both officially revealed a few days ago), Soundwave (seen at BotCon and at online retailers), Menasor (unpainted prototype seen at BotCon), Metroplex (seen at BotCon) and what appears to be a repaint of Optimus Prime.

The second listing, which can be found here, includes entries for what appears to be even more Armada recolors, Nemesis Breaker, Wing Saber, Sky Shadow, Dark Crumplezone, Cybertron Defense Scattorshot (the latter five all seen at online stores), "Armor Scattorshot" (a repaint?), another Mega-sized repaint (rumors seem to indicate it's the Mudflap mold), apparently a new Mini-Con team and a repaint of Ransack?

Lastly, TFAuctions has been provided with images of several upcoming toys: See here for Dark Crumplezone in vehicle mode, here for the first image of a fully painted Menasor in vehicle mode, and here for Skywarp, a repaint of Thundercracker, in robot mode.

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