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Perceptor at 2006-06-14 5:33 am   (site update)
Wanted to point out someting pretty interesting especially for older TF fans.  We received an e-mail/link to a photo gallery of original, hand painted box art from the original G1 Transformers series including the original Skywarp!  These items are for sale, prices range from $750-2,500.  The seller didn't want us to give out his e-mail address publicly, so if you're interested, send us an e-mail and we'll pass it along.

Thanks to Joe Slade W for pointing out an interesting tid bit, has a listing for "Transformers Cybertron: Supreme Unicron" figure, available for pre-order, expected to ship in September.  Since we haven't heard of this before, I'm guessing it's either a typo or may mean another recolor of the Armada Unicron toy!?  Anyone else have more info on this?

Thanks to Grimm9000 for the heads up that Hobby Link Japan has MP-03 Starscream and MP-04 Convoy (with trailer) for pre order. Starscream is due out in September with a pricetag of $81.66 and the new version of Prime will also be out in September with a pricetag of $149.99.

Last but NOT least, more info and pix on the Iacon One convention exclusive are forthcoming shortly.  Stay tuned!

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