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Posted by:
Nevermore at 2006-03-09 11:48 am
Well, looks like BBTS removed the pics of Titanium Thundercracker and Jetfire again. But in return, they have the following pics up:
Cybertron Mini-Con Class wave 4: Scrap Iron vs. Grindor, Blastcharge vs. Highwire, Backblast vs. Sureshock (repaints of the Armada Space Team and the Energon Perceptor Team)
Cybertron Scout Class wave 8: Ransack GT (Ransack repaint with fixed rear wheel strut!), New Mold Mini-Con Team (the still unnamed seaplane already surfaced as an unpainted prototype last year)
Cybertron Deluxe Class wave 7: Skywarp (Thundercracker repaint), Cannonball (Red Alert repaint)
Cybertron Ultra Class wave 5: Menasor with Heavy Load (new mold)
Beast Wars 10th Anniversary wave 3: Optimus Primal (new mold), Megatron (new mold)
Alternators: Mirage
Titanium Robot Masters wave 1: War Within Optimus Prime, Unicron, Beast Wars Megatron Titanium Robot Masters wave 2: Starscream

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