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Posted by:
Nevermore at 2006-10-01 6:46 am
Several reports of the 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime "DVD Edition" re-release being out in stores. Report your own sightings here.

News from BotCon: New photos of the Hasbro booth available here:
TFW2005, Allspark, TFormers.
Many of those toys have also been reported by Hasbro's official website. New revelations (toys, names) as compared to yesterday are marked with an asterisk* again.
Classics: · Voyager Class - Jetfire.
· Deluxe Class - Grimlock, Mirage, Ramjet (Starscream remold) and Cliffjumper* (Bumblebee repaint).
· Legends Class - Menasor (LoC Optimus Prime repaint), Bumblebee (LoC Hot Shot repaint), Jetfire (LoC Thundercracker repaint) and Autobot Whirl (LoC Evac repaint). · Mini-Con Class - Predator Attack Team* (Snarl*, Overbite* and Dreadwing*), Dirt Digger Team (Oil Slick*, Grindor* and Dirt Rocket*) and Clear Skies Team (Thunderwing*, Steel Wind* and Nightscream*).
The Optimus Prime vs. Megatron - The Ultimate Battle two-pack (mass retail).
The Ultra Magnus vs. Skywarp - Battle for Autobot City two-pack (Target exclusive).
A Constructicon Devastator* giftset (Wal*Mart exclusive) - repaints of the Energon Constructicon Maximus team.
A Soundwave reissue with Laserbeak and Ravage in Classics-style packaging that has been rumored for a while (including the obligatory leaked test shots).
Presumably the last two Alternators in a while - Decepticon Rumble as a Honda Civic Si (known for a while) and Decepticon Ravage as a Jaguar XK (test shots seen before).
New 6" Titaniums include G1 Ultra Magnus* (in the traditional "battle armor" look) in addition to the War Within version, as well as a two-pack featuring War Within Megatron* and The Fallen*.
There are lots of more news from the "Hasbro New Product Unveiling" panel, which has been summarized here and here.
Lastly, the announcement for next year's BotCon: BotCon 2007 will be held on the weekend before the Transformers movie's official theatrical debut - in Providence, Rhode Island! Needlesss to say, a trip to Hasbro's headquarters appears to be one of the major activities on the schedule.

draconis of nebulos said,  - 2006-10-03 01:48:37
WHOO-HOO!!!!! Titanium WW Megatron!! And not only him; We're getting Ultra Magnus, Rodimus Prime and THE FALLEN!!! AND reissue Soundwave?!?! SCORE!! Just how many different ways can you say SWEET!!!!! (Ok...Ok...breathe in deep...Must go take blood-pressure now...)
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