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Nevermore at 2006-04-26 2:12 pm
In what appears to be one of their most susprising, and at the same time still rather predictable decisions, the official Transformers Collectors' Club just announced their first "regular" exclusive toy for this year. See it for yourself here.

Astrotrain is a repaint of Armada Jetfire that was originally supposed to come out as part of the Universe line, supposedly as a Toys'R'Us exclusive named "Spacewarp", complete with repaints of the Armada Space Team Mini-Cons. However, due to the Universe line folding, the toy ended up in limbo... until now.

Supposedly, the deco will differ from the original unreleased Hasbro concept, and additionally, the Club exclusive version will sport an all-new head sculpt based on a concept by Dan Khanna. Of course, the biggest difference is the name change from "Spacewarp" to "Astrotrain", possibly due to Hasbro having gotten the name back for the reissue... although this Astrotrain doesn't actually turn into a train at all.

Stay tuned for more news on pricing and a release date hopefully coming up soon!

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