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Anonymous at 2006-02-11 7:53 am
The American International Toy Fair 2006 is this weekend in New York City and that means, it's likely to be a very busy TF news week. Whatdya think of their non-fan article about the " Top 10 Hottest Transformers Toys and Action Figures? :) #1 I agree w/. #5 should be #2 but the rest?? 2,6,9 shouldn't be in a list of top 100, IMHO!

You can see a complete listing of Hasbro press TF related releases here. One of the biggest TF related ones can be read in it's entirety HERE. Highlights include pictures and info about Cybertron/Primus, Metroplex and a few deluxe Cybertron figures we haven't seen before: Deluxe Optimus Prime, Demolisher, Skywarp, Cannonball and Smokescreen! Also official mention of the *final* BW 10th Anniversary figures will be Optimus Primal and Megatron. A discussion of this press release can be found here on the allspark forums.

There is also this press release on coming Transformers in the "Titanium Series" What could possibly be cooler than 6" transformable diecast figures?! Bring'm on!!
More to come stay tuned.

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