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Nevermore at 2006-06-30 4:15 pm
Finally, thinks start making sense again.

Although there is no visual evidence yet to confirm this, there are at least four independent sightings of Cybertron Primus with the Unicron head at TRU stores in New York City and Iowa between TFW2005 and the Allspark, so both versions of Primus should now be be assumed to be out. As before, remember to report your own sightings of Primus with the Unicron head here, and sightings of Primus without the Unicron head here.

Allspark member ---The Rat and TFW2005 member REDLINE confirmed here and here having found War Within Optimus Prime, Unicron and Beast Wars Megatron from wave 1 of the 3" Titanium Robot Masters figures at TRU stores in Miamisburg, Ohio and Cape Girardeau, Missouri, respectively, and provided receipt photos to back up their claims. That means the first three waves of the 3" Titaniums are now out at US retail.

Lastly, it would appear that Hasbro USA are having eBay sellers from Hong Kong take down their auctions for Alternators Nemesis Prime with winning bidders based in the USA. While those sellers are allowed to sell their legally acquired stock of Nemesis Prime to Hong Kong residents, they are not supposed to sell them anyone outside Hong Kong, which makes Nemesis Prime, when not purchased at either San Diego Comic-Con or from the Hasbro Toy Shop website, a "parallel import".

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