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Nevermore at 2006-05-12 1:39 am
Not sure if this is good or bad news, but...

Dr Fang of the Allspark originally reported here having spotted Galvatron from the third wave of the Legends of Cybertron toys at HEB, a local grocery store in Texas.

Additionally, 03Mach1 and Bête Noire of TFW2005 confirm here and here having picked up LoC Galvatron, Soundwave and Vector Prime at Once Upon a Toy in Downtown Disney and another HEB store in Texas, respectively. This would mean that the third and last wave 3 LoC toy, Red Alert, should also be out.

The problem is that the LoC toys so far are limited to smaller stores such as Kohl's, ShopKo and grocery stores in the US, as compared to Canada or Hong Kong, where they are available at regular toy stores. There were listings for the LoC toys from Target and TRU computers a few months back, but thus far, nothing solid has become of it.

In any way, remember to post your own sightings of LoC Galvatron here, sightings of LoC Soundwave here, sightings of LoC Vector Prime here, and sightings of LoC Red Alert here.

In other news, Cybertron Voyager Class Nemesis Breaker (Leobreaker repaint) has been released in Hong Kong, Ultra Class Menasor has started to arrive at US-based online retailers, and Scout Class Ransack GTS is rumored to have popped up in New Zealand, which means those toys should arrive at US retail soon as well.

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