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Nevermore at 2006-10-13 3:24 pm
The new toys from wave 3 of the Titanium 6" figures, namely Optimal Optimus and Scourge, have just arrived in stock at online retailers such as Big Bad Toy Store and Brian's Toys a few days ago, and now reports are coming in between TFW2005 and Seibertron of both toys having been found at Toys'R'Us stores in California and Michigan! Remember to report your own sightings of Titanium Optimal Optimus here, and sightings of Scourge here!

A small reminder for people reporting "sightings" from online stores: Please make sure that the toys in question are actually listed as "IN STOCK", not "coming soon", "preorder" or "out of stock". There's no point telling people which store is supposed to carry a toy they're looking for but currently doesn't actually have it in stock, right?

In other news, TFW2005 and TFormers feature new official Hasbro stock photos of Classics Grimlock. Unlike the previous photos from the official Hasbro website, which depicted a prototype with airbrushed colors, these photos show the actual toy the way it will be released. Of course, there's not really much in these photos we didn't already see in the multiple image galleries from BotCon. Classics Grimlock is scheduled to ship in November together with Mirage.

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