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Nevermore at 2006-03-23 12:43 pm
More new releases! According to Adam16bit of the Allspark and Razerwire of TFW2005, the third wave of the Cybertron Mini-Con two-packs, consisting of Thrust vs. Anti-Blaze, Ramjet vs. Scythe and Sunstorm vs. Checkpoint, is now out in US retail. These Mini-Cons are repaints of the Energon Saber Team and the Armada Emergency Team. Remember to post your own sightings of Thrust vs. Anti-Blaze here, sightings of Ramjet vs. Scythe here, and sightings of Sunstorm vs. Checkpoint here.

In other news, Remy of TFKenkon has informed me that Alternators Optimus Prime (red Dodge Ram SRT-10 pickup truck) has been officially released in Hong Kong. To back up his claim, legit eBay sellers from Hong Kong (as compared to those that offer preproduction test shots and packaged samples of dubious origin) have started putting up auctions for Alternators Optimus Prime, which means it can only be a matter of time now until he shows up in US retail.

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