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Nevermore at 2006-01-03 2:18 am
Just after reports came in of several store chains bundling earlier waves of Cybertron Scouts and Deluxes into "two-packs", Hasbro and Wal*Mart now come up with yet another way of selling even more wave 1 and 2 Cybertron Deluxes: Dirt Boss, Thundercracker, Hot Shot, Landminde, Override and Red Alert now come repackaged (!) in boxes instead of on cards, each of them coming with a recolor of an Armada Race Team Mini-Con including a Tiny Tin (like the Universe releases, only in slightly different colors).

Note that every Mini-Con recolor is available with two different Deluxes. For those interested, you can see preview images and transcribed bios at, under their November 21 entry.

What's interesting is that those bios actually come up with an explanation for coupling those Mini-Cons with the Deluxes (even though they can't actually be powerlinked, due to the Deluxes not sporting any Mini-Con ports). Also note that after Thunderblast, the Mini-Cons Downshift and Dirt Boss now also share their names with Deluxes toys which are presumably separate characters (although Hasbro didn't go so far and pair up Dirt Boss with Dirt Boss).

The first sightings for these Wal*Mart exclusive (re-)releases are just in (see here and here for numerous people reporting having spotted them at their local Wal*Mart stores), so if you're still missing Cybertron Deluxe toys from the early waves and like repainted Mini-Cons, go get 'em!

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