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Nevermore at 2006-09-30 6:52 am
New releases first... Several reports are coming in of the Costco exclusive Cybertron Optimus Prime/Wing Saber two-paxk being out. Report your own sightings here.
Also, bw_rhinox of Seibertron confirms that the KB Toys exclusive Micromaster Aerialbots are finally out in stores. Report your own sightings here: Air Raid, Fireflight, Ro-Tor, Silverbolt, Skydive, Storm Jet.

Now, BotCon! Lots of photos from the Hasbro booth:
TFW2005, TFormers, Seibertron.

The following upcoming toys were on display. An asterisk* signifies that this is the first time we have seen the toy in question or gotten a name confirmation.
· Mini-Cons (all new molds): Dinobots (Knockdown, Terrorsaur, Swoop), Night Rescue Team (Stromgarm, Firebot, Divebomb), Demolition Team (Wideload, Sledge, Broadside), Clear Skies Team* (dragon, jet and another jet*), Dirt Digger Team* (motorcycle, muscle car* & monster truck*) and a third, unnamed "beast"-themed team (panther*, tiger* & gobbler*). The name "Dirt Digger Team" was incorrectly applied to the Demolition Team, which we've already seen in packaging.
· Legends: Perceptor (Legends of Cybertron Red Alert repaint), Leo Prime (LoC Leobreaker repaint), Trypticon (LoC Scourge repaint), Fireflight (LoC Jetfire repaint), Autobot Whirl* (LoC Evac repaint), Bumblebee* (LoC Hot Shot repaint), Menasor (LoC Optimus Prime repaint) and Jetfire* (LoC Thrundercracker repaint). Supposedly, Hasbro used the name "Menasor" because they couldn't get the "Motormaster" trademark.
· Deluxes: Grimlock, Mirage, Ramjet (Starscream remold). Ramjet has been previously seen as a resin prototype from the Japanese patent office website. This is the first time he's been seen in full color.
· Voyagers: Jetfire.
· Two-packs: Optimus Prime vs. Megatron (new molds, mass retail), Ultra Magnus vs. Skywarp (Voyager Optimus Prime and Deluxe Starscream repaints, Target exclusive).
· 3" Robot Masters: Rodimus, Thundercracker (Starscream repaint), Galvatron, G1 Optimus Prime (repaint with battle damage), Soundwave, Cliffjumper (Bumblebee repaint), Sunstreaker (Side Swipe repaint) and Nemesis Prime (War Within Optimus Prime repaint). No new toys that haven't already been displayed at SDCC.
· 6" Cybertron Heroes: Scourge, Optimal Optimus, Rodimus Prime, Soundwave, Cheetor* (Beast Machines version), Sunstorm* (repaint of Thundercracker) and Ultra Magnus (War Within Optimus Prime repaint). RiD Optimus Prime and the Starscream repaint of Thundercracker that were on display at SDCC are nowhere to be seen, oddly.

Paul J. Lowery Jr. said,  - 2006-09-30 15:46:43
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