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Nevermore at 2006-06-13 3:40 am
Some more new product news...

As a follow-up to the last batch of new official Hasbro pics, there were also pics of Deluxe Class Demolishor (Armada Demolishor repaint) added later. You can see more photos of that toy from Remy.

Today's new Hasbro stock photos are of a yellow version of Scrapmetal (the Japanese Galaxy Force "Ramble" toy was available in red, blue and yellow; Hasbro thus far only released the red one) and Brakedown GTS (Brakedown repaint). You can see those photos here.

And lastly, Cosmic Rust brings us a whole new batch of listings from Wal*Mart's computers, including yellow Scrapmetal, Brakedown GTS and Cryo Scourge, but also a large number of new entries for recently released toys, which could turn out to be repackages or re-releases. Other new additions are "Hightail" and listings for Deluxe Optimus Prime and Megatron toys, with Optimus being not identical to the upcoming Armada repaint either.

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