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Nevermore at 2006-01-29 6:30 am
There's a good chance that Alternators Rollbar and Ricochet might be out at US retail. A US-based eBay seller put up an auction for Ricochet, and when Allspark staff member Quantumhawk contacted him, the seller not only confirmed having purchased both Ricochet and Rollbar at a Wal*Mart store in California, but also provided the Allspark with some in-packaging pics of both toys which reveal the mottos for them. Remember to post your own sightings of Rollbar here and those of Ricochet here.

In other news, there's a large number of unofficial images of upcoming toys floating around the internet. Those include Cybertron Cannonball and Skywarp (redecos of Red Alert and Thundercracker, respectively), Cybertron Soundwave in Hasbro packaging, repackaged Deluxe two-packs that will be exclusively available from Target stores, a redeco of Soundwave (Takara are going to release a "Soundblaster" redeco as a Toy's Dream Project exclusive, but this one looks like it might originate from Hasbro?!?), Takara's version of Primus in packaging and the fourth wave of the "Legends of Cybertron" toys, consisting of Thundercracker (the only new mold), Sunstorm (Starscream repaint), Excellion (Hot Shot repaint, packaging still says "Hot Shot") and an Optimus Prime repaint that also doesn't sport a new name on the packaging as of now. Take alook around and you will certainly find those images.

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