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Nevermore at 2006-02-09 1:06 pm
Regarding the bootleg G1 Optimus Prime reported earlier: e3nine provided detailed images of the black variant with copyright markings. Apparently, the bootleg is identical to the mold used for a French version released in 1984-85. Some units an odd variant with red feet (see here. Not to be confused with the European release by Milton Bradley, seen here). The packaging is based on an old Hasbro mockup version for the original US release!?

Did bootleggers get their hands on an old original French version mold? Perhaps they reverse-engineered a new mold from one of the French toys? Either way, its easy to tell the bootleg from the real deal (unless we're talking about a genuine French OP). And of course, the black version was NEVER available with a French copystamp (and not in Hasbro packaging either; see here for images of the only official black variant released in Japan ~6 years ago).

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