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Nevermore at 2006-01-30 2:37 pm
More new pictures! Bill of Bill's Toys and Games provided TFW2005 with official images of Cybertron Voyager Class Soundwave, Scout Class Repugnus (Autobot repaint of Undermine) and Shortround (new mold) and Legends of Cybertron "Hot Shot", who is actually a repaint of the original LoC Hot Shot toy in the colors of the upcoming Deluxe Class Excellion toy, but for some reason the LoC version appears to retain the "Hot Shot" name.

You can see all these pictures here at TFW2005, or, if you prefer larger images with a watermark, here at TFormers.

Also of note is the latest chapter in the ongoing story of Chinese bootlegs of G1 toys that actually pretend to be original Hasbro toys, down to authentic-looking packaging (but usually not completely without flaws). This issue was first brought to the public's attention mind when large amoungs of MOSC G1 Beachcomber toys started popping up, which were found to feature several typos not present on the original North American Hasbro releases. Now it is none other than Optimus Prime himself that Asian bootleggers are trying to sell to easily gullible collectors as authentic vintage toys. This eBay auction even offers a variation with blue eyes and tinted blue windows which in fact was only released as a rare Japanese edition in 1986 and a not quite as rare Japanese "special" reissue in 2002, but was never officially available in Hasbro packaging.

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