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Posted by:
Mighty Maximal at 2006-01-29 1:35 am

Hi, Folks.

I thought I'd update with some interesting Chinese " double sized Fakes" Transformers items from the world of E-bay which should have some special interest to Robot Masters fans.

8" Liger / Mirage "Flipchanger" Robotmaster.
8" Airblade (Cyberjet) Robotmaster jet

Also Shown there is a Fake WreckerHook mold shown lower down in this auction.
And also a Micromaster scale Lio Ceaser fake. Here

The same seller also has a Larger scale Optimus Prime Robotmaster that seems ideally suited for play with G1 Cars.
And also shown on this auction is larger sized Flipchanger jets. Here

Also this seller has nice Robotmaster scale Power Master Apex Armor Optimus Pime & Fire Guts God Ginrai : Here and Here

Thanks to "Superfire convoy" of the Allspark / Alpha Site for the heads up on the Fire Guts God Ginrai which lead me to find the others listed above Here at this thread.

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