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Posted by:
Perceptor at 2006-08-18 4:01 pm
Below is a summary of the Transformers Movie author Question and Answer session

...Yes we were fans of TF prior to doing the movie.  It was a big responsibility for us.  If we couldn’t do it right then we didn’t want to do it all.  Most of all I rememberd the cartoons.  I watched the cartoon religiously.  They have their 1984 mint condition Optimus Prime on their desk who give them assistance when they need it.

Q: What’s the TF to human ratio in terms of screen time? 
A: I think this became an issue when some group of fans saw/read what they thought was a script.  First of all reading a script can be misleading .  Trust me when I tell you that thers are going to be transformers in the Transformers movie.  ...he described the flow of the movie will start with an introduction to the Transformers from Human's point of view (mostly humans) and will get to be progressively more and more into the world of these giant robots.

Q about Bumblebee as a camaro:
A: ...Design is another restriction. “The clothes do not make the man".    The characters dictate their alternate form.  A lot of thought has gone into their designs.  Bumblebee, he’s still the same character.  His relation to spike, at his core is the relation ship between spike and Bumblebee…  Vehicle modes were made based on thoughts of what is this going to look like on the big screen.  We need to find the reality.  Real humans, interacting with real robots.  Like when Spielberg envisioned what would it be like for real humans to interact w/ real dinosaurs...  We took the Jurrassic Park approach  Use humans as the eyes, highlight the wonder.

Don't remember the question, but it lead to this answer:
They worked with several separate storylines and tried to bring them all together.  They are trying to merge many different plotlines.  For Females, this is not just a boys toys film…  an essential part of of this film is to write some "kick ass female characters".
...The dynamic exists between Megatron and Starscream will  be there in all its force.

Q:  Why so few Autobots vs. Deceptions?
A: We wanted to put our Autobots at a disadvantage.  It makes the action sequences more intense to put the odds so against them.

Q: How closely has Hasbro been involved in character designs:
A: They talked about how much of a pleasure it had been to work in conjunction with their design team.  Visiting at the corporate headquarters...  We talked at length about the spirit of their wonderful world of characters.  That it wasn't just about toys, but the characters and personalities and story canon that has been so affixed in the minds of our society, that is at the heart of what makes this franchise so great.  Something they as authors loved.

Q: Why no shockwave? 
A: why not a million other really great characters…  They had to be very selective.  They’re setting up a lot of threads in the hopes that the film does well, stories are available for sequels! 

Q: What type of weaponry will the Transformers use?
A: In disguised form, they’ll have earth style weaponry.  In robot mode, they're thinking like more pulse blasters.  Want to be true to what we know.  In bot modes they use their alien weaponry.

Q:  Why is Bumblebee a camaro? 
A: Because they wanted him to be something cool.  Something that Sam (Spike) Witwicky goes to the car lot and says, "that the car that I want!"  That’s a cool looking car…

Q: What do you think about Michael Bay directing the film?
A: They love it. ...They talked about Michael Bay and the passion.  He trusted us to keep the fan perspective alive.  From what we’ve seen he’s truly staying with the essence of what makes Transformers great.  And they're thrilled with what they've seen so far.  They talked about his enthusiasm, and knowledge of making vehicles looking great on screen.  This is his expertise and he does it well.  When they were pitching the idea of the Transformers movie to him.  He's already picturing shooting the film where these things are transforming while going 90 miles an hour!...

Q: What about other TF character voices:
A: Still work in progress.  Everybody that you all would want to be considered is being considered.   (Nothing new reported here)

Knightwing said,  - 2006-08-18 21:44:42
Sounds like they have all the right anwsers. This gives me great hope that this movie could be on par with any of the great sci-fi/comic book films.
Koss11 said,  - 2006-08-19 04:05:13
they should have had a beast wars character ... or at least grimlock!!! but ok , oh and megatron being a tank that is the easy way out , he should be something original , i know being a gun would be a little hard for the normal audience to get in to ... but maybe he could stay in the form of what ever he might be on cybertron.I hoped that maybe they would be smart enough to use unicron in some way ... but im just jumping ahead of myself, or does anyone else feel the same ...
pheonix said,  - 2006-08-19 08:25:24
im just disapointed that soundwave wont be in the movie i mean i realy thought that the people making this film would put more thought in to this but considering that they decided to leave out one of the coolest decepticons of all time i guess not.
GoBots2011? said,  - 2006-08-19 08:37:14
I was waiting for them to address the real reason for changing alt forms such as bumblebee...LICENSING! a Camaro can be changed up enough to not be trademark infringment, however, a VW Bug even changed will be a VW Bug. They did it so they don't have to pay Volkswagon.
buildbot said,  - 2006-08-21 15:49:29
As to the comment about not paying VW to make Bumblebee a bug.
That is only partly true.
Volkswagon has flatly refused to allow any war toy to be made from VW.
this is also why we will never see a Porshe transformer ever again.
it has to do with them being a weapons manufacturer for the natzi's during WW2
It will never happen and their is nothing the makers of the movie can do to change it no matter how much they would like to.
Perceptor said,  - 2006-08-21 21:22:52
Quite right buildbot. Thanks for making that very valid point.
koss11 said,  - 2006-08-26 17:37:10
yeah!!! VW!!! representing deutchland !!! YAWH!!! WE not down with Transformers .... DOsh es neat so goot !!!
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