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Transformers Collectors' Club exclusive Astrotrain with Mini-Cons and Airazor

Posted by:
Nevermore at 2006-11-22 5:57 pm
The retail edition of the BotCon 2006 comic distributed by Diamond is out, and there appears to be an "exclusive" in this version not found in the convention version. TFW2005 member shadow panther provides a scan of an advertisement for the Transformers Collectors' Club, showcasing the two upcoming Club exclusive toys (which will be available via the Club store and which are NOT to be confused with the combiner figures available to Club members for free).

The first toy is the one that's been known for a while and which has already been announced at the Club website months ago. Astrotrain is a redeco of the Armada Jetfire toy, with the color scheme and deco based on an unreleased Universe toy named "Spacewarp" (also a repaint of Armada Jetfire) which we saw test shots of more than two years ago. However, unlike the Spacewarp version, Astrotrain will actually sport a new head sculpt based on G1 Astrotrain, designed by Dan Khanna.

Astrotrain will come with four Mini-Cons: Starcatcher is a repaint of Armada Jetfire's Mini-Con companion Comettor (apparently, the name suggested by Club members, "Cowcatcher", was unavailable); the other three Mini-Cons, named "Astro-Hook", "Astro-Line" and "Astro-Sinker" (supposedly a cue to three characters from Simon Furman's stint at the Marvel US comic), are unfortunately not the redecos of the Armada Space Team that were originally supposed to come with Spacewarp (and whose molds have been said to be in a state right now that doesn't warrant using them any longer), but rather repaints of the Cybertron Giant Planet Mini-Con Team.

The second exclusive has also been rumored for a while, but with this ad, at least the character is finally official: Airazor. It's widely assumed that her toy will be a redeco of the Energon Slugslinger toy (the new head sculpt is the only part of the toy depicted in the ad), since that's the body she sports in the comic.

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