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Nevermore at 2006-01-04 9:01 am
Hasbro are once again sending out official preview images for upcoming waves of toys.

First up is wave 3 of the Cybertron Mini-Con two-packs, consisting of Thrust vs. Anti-Blaze, Ramjet vs. Scythe and Sunstorm vs. Checkpoint. Just like the previous two-pack Mini-Cons, these are once again redecos of older toys, in this case of the Energon Saber team (which in turn was a retool of the Armada Air Defense Team) and the Armada Emergency Team. You can see images of these toys here at TFW2005, courtesy of Bill from Bill's Toys and Games, and here at TFormers.

Note that unlike the recent Japanese store exclusive campaign redecos of the Firebot and Makeshift Mini-Cons, which were retooled to sport additional handles so toys without Mini-Con ports could hold them in their hands and use them as weapons, these Hasbro versions still use the same mold as the Armada versions, which means that Checkpoint is the only one with a handle.

Also new are images of Cybertron Lugnutz and Scrapmetal, the Hasbro versions of Galaxy Force Roadstorm and "Ramble" which are the new additions for wave 6 of the Cybertron Scouts. You can see images of those here at TFormers.

Note that unlike Takara's "Ramble" toy, which was available in red, blue and yellow variations as seen on the show, the Hasbro version will only be available in red, although a Hasbro-only redeco will probably be released in a future wave.

Both the Mini-Cons and the Scouts are slated for a March 2006 release.

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