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Nevermore at 2006-04-11 8:49 am
Online retailer Entertainment Earth is listing new upcoming waves of Cybertron toys for preorder:
- Legends of Cybertron wave 4, introducing Sunstorm, a repaint of LoC Starscream; a repaint of LoC Optimus Prime based on the upcoming repaint of the Leader Class Optimus Prime toy; a repaint of LoC Hot Shot based on Excellion, the repaint of the Deluxe Class Hot Shot toy; and Thundercracker, the only noew mold for this wave; which we have all seen official in and out of packaging images of before.
- Voyager Class wave 7, introducing Quickmix (the third Giant Planet toy, whose Galaxy Force counterpart "Blender" thus far remains unreleased in Japan), whom Hasbro displayed as an off-color prototype at last year's BotCon, and also containing either a re-release or a repaint of Vector Prime.
- Deluxe Class wave 8, introducing Unicron (tank) and a repaint or remold the Armada Super-Con Optimus Prime toy, both of whom Hasbro displayed at this year's Toy Fair; also including a toy named "Demolisher" which is widely speculated to be a repaint of Landmine.
The listings don't contain any images yet at the time of writing this, and all three waves are slated for an August 2006 release.

In other news, TFW2005 member and Toys'R'Us employee Junior reported a mystery listing for a TRU exclusive Beast Wars Optimus Primal vs. Megatron two-pack, supposedly retailing for $39.99. At this point of time, it's still unclear whether these will be the upcoming all-new molds for the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary line or the show-accurate remolds of the original Beast Wars Ultra toys which recently came out in Japan.

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