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Posted by:
Nevermore at 2006-08-18 10:29 am
It's been only a day since images of new Mini-Cons have shown up through the usual grey channels from Asia, and Hasbro have already followed through with official stock photos at their website!

Check out the first official images of the Dinobots (Terrorsaur, Knowdown and Swoop), the Night Rescue Team (Strongarm, Divebomb and Firebot) and the Demolition Team (Wideload, Sledge and Broadside), which are extected to be released as part of the upcoming new "Classic" line this November, here at Hasbro's website.

And just for those wondering: All nine Mini-Cons are entirely new sculpts, no repaints or remolds from Mini-Cons from previous lines!

CapnScumbone said,  - 2006-08-18 11:19:23
That Tyrannosaurus' bot mode looks terrible, but Swoop's impending sweetness more than makes up for it.Seems like there's a standout in every trio to make the buy worthwhile.It makes me wonder who the previously-seen Dragon minicon will come with...
Knightwing said,  - 2006-08-18 21:30:49
I like them. Mini-cons rock! The only problem is, I like the teams of 3 to look like a team. The tank looks odd next to construction machinery. Diddo for the millitary hellicopter with emergency vechiles.
Shinobitron said,  - 2006-08-18 23:06:19
If this is supposed to be a classics line, then shouldn't they call the other two Dinobots Slag and Grimlock?
MISTERKENNEDY...kennedy said,  - 2006-08-19 01:33:47
Never fails, they get my attention with a few great looking figures, then they start with the junk. The first of the line looks great (Prime and all) and then they decide to release what look like Happy Meal toys.
Cybertronian Warrior said,  - 2006-08-21 08:42:45
Me like Swoop!
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