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Byrerprime at 2006-07-11 6:27 am

Thanks to Byrerprime for the following report straight from IaconOne

Transformers vs. Gobots - Friday night
A detailed look back at the history of Gobots and the Transformers. The similarities and differences between these two great toylines from Bandai's Machine Robo to Takara's Diaclone, Tonka's Gobots to Hasbro's Transformers, Hanna-Barbara's Challenge of the Gobots to Sunbow's Transformers, The Gobots Movie to Transformers: The Movie were discussed by Doug Dlin and Fumihiko Akiyama. Then, Hasbro's acquiring of Tonka and subsequent use of the name. G2 Gobot, The Gobots from G2, Playskool's beginner level TF's were also sold in Japan under the name Gobot.

Making the Transformers - Friday night
Two former Hasbro employees who happen to be TF fans as well shared their experiences from writing Beast Machine bios to redeco-ing molds. There were Beast Machine playsets discussed that were never produced. accessory pack
The golden disks and projector could be picked up/purchased at the Iacon One table. The projector snaps onto the end of Transmetal Megatron's tail, in place of his weapon. Either disk fits into the projector and spins.

Guests - Saturday

Bob Budiansky and Don Figueroa held a Q&A session where they talked about creating comics from both perspectives of writer and artist. Don's contributions to TF's include the War Within designs of many popular characters while working for Dreamwave Comics. He drew the awesome Beast Wars miniseries for IDW as well as the soon to be released Stormbringer. The new Titanium War Within Optimus Prime was engineered based on his drawing. When asked about his signature on the toy, he said that he figured they would have just filled it in and was surprised it showed up on the final product. Bob is known for his run as writer of the Marvel TF series in the mid '80's. What you may not know is that as special projects editor for Marvel, he was responsible for creating the entire back story. Hasbro brought Marvel a bunch of toys and asked that they create names and a story. The original proposal was refused by Hasbro. Bob stepped up and his names and story were accepted. He showed me a rough draft of the story in which the name Spike was crossed out and Buster was written above it. Apparently, Hasbro gave the animation company the rough draft.

Scott McNeil (Dinobot, Rattrap, Waspinator and Silverbolt), Venus Terzo (Blackarachnia) and David Sobolov (Depth Charge) entertained fans with stories of working at the studio as well as recounting past and current projects. As Venus, David and fans waited, Scott entered "fashionably" late and in his geekiest voice said, "I have a question for Venus... Will you marry me?" He was of course joking. David does a considerable amount of voice work for video games, and told us that one company had put a statement in his contract that they would not use his voice for intimate care products. This inconceivable statement was obviously the work of some lawyer. The rest of the convention was filled with "Depth Charge Wipes" and "Tampon Transformers", mostly spoken by Scott. David also said that Gary Chalk (Optimus Primal) could not say "Depth Charge" correctly. He would say "Dep Charge" or "Death Charge" or "Def Charge". More on this later.

Beast Wars Celebration - Saturday night for pre-registrants only
Fans, along with Scott, Venus and David, watched clips and episodes from Beast Wars. Code of Hero, Nemesis parts 1 &2 as well as clips from Deep Metal, Changing of the Guard and Proving Grounds. The guests were supposed to comment, but silently watched most of the time, only interjecting the occasional hidden sexual innuendoes and "Depth Charge Wipes" jokes. We also heard for ourselves that, indeed Gary Chalk cannot say "Depth Charge" correctly.

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