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Masterpiece Megatron, to be diecast

Posted by:
Anonymous at 2006-11-29 12:20 pm
In case you hadn't seen it already, check out for new pictures and information on the Japan-only release of Masterpiece Megatron.  It will come with die cast metal parts, accessories seen used by Megatron in TFTM like his energon sword and pistol, a Kremzeek! and more... wow.

TriPredRavage said,  - 2006-11-29 15:28:02
Woah! A Kremzeek! I'd forgotten about those guys. I may actually have to import this figure if the official word is that there is no way it's coming to America. What an awesome figure.
Knightwing said,  - 2006-11-29 19:18:53
I understand they can't give a date. But, I wish Hasbro would say definitivly YES or NO. I hate "we can't comment at this time".

But the figure rocks! If Hasbro won't make it, then I'll have to get it else where.
Lord Megatron said,  - 2006-11-29 22:13:58
OH, MY, GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the coolest thing ever to happen with Megatron since G1. I already preordered mine over at the big bad toy store and man I have to say he looks really freakin' sweet! he comes with the most ex. accesories ive seen in masterpeices so far. Maybe we'll get lucky and MP-06 will be none other than Unicron!
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