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News of 2003:
Anonymous  2003-12-08 5:34 am
The final 5 episodes of Transformers Armada will air this week, starting tonight, Monday December 8th, with episode #48, "Cramp". According to Kickback on a TFW2005 posting, "...Many have stated that (tonight's) episode is one of the best episodes of Transformers since the days of Beast Wars..." Woah, an Armada show as good as Beast Wars?!?!?! ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-12-06 7:30 am
Check out! Man-o-man have there been some great updates lately! In addition to a cool news update about toy changes and additions and the Alternator Hound figure, you'll find a new TF:Energon product update w/ high rez pix of ARCEE, MIRAGE, and INSECTICON as well as new role play toys: Megatron's Energon Sword and Optimus ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-11-29 7:13 pm
You seen these cool advance pix of TF: Energeon Galvatron? Cool stuff, but be warned spoilers ahead! Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend everyone!
Elija reports that the TF video game is set to hit stores shelves May 28,2004. Stay tuned.  (0 comments)
Brian  2003-11-25 8:23 am
A little info on the upcoming live action Transformers movie from - via  (0 comments)
Brian  2003-11-24 4:11 pm   (page update)
At long last, the Reviews section is back, and there are many new toys to be reviewed that weren't listed before.

I am soliciting comments. Please post them on our forum here.

Also, I didn't know about these until today, so I thought I'd mention it... KB Toys exclusive Jhiaxus and Megabolt  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-11-21 9:00 pm
Thanks to Darren Nelson for sending us a link to some pretty cool pix of Masterpiece Prime. Wow, is this going to be one amazing toy! :) BTW, these pix are kind of a 'spoiler' on how the toy transforms, don't visit the link if you want it to be a surprise!  (0 comments)
Brian  2003-11-13 5:52 pm
Nemesis Prime and Powerlinx Demolisher are beginning to appear in stores. Have you found anything lately?  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-11-10 6:29 pm   (page update)
We sincerely hope that you are enjoying the new TF:Armada comics series by Dreamwave. We sure are! Before the outstanding "Worlds Collide" storyline comes to a close, we thought we would introduce the younger TF fans to some of the G1 characters you've seen in this series. Among the "Heralds of Unicron", character pages are already built for G1 ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-11-08 12:03 am   (page update)
More new character pages added in the 2002 Armada Section for: Laserbeak, Smokescreen, and my personal favorite Sideways. More to come...
Also, according to a posting by Mr. Roboto on TFW2005, Rhino will be releasing a TF:Armada DVD set in 2004! AWESOME!  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-11-04 9:04 pm
More really cool high rez TF: Energeon previw pix have added on the official Hasbro site . These include Autobots: Signal Flare, Rodimus Prime, Prowl; Decepticons: Divebomb, Cruellock, and Snowcat. WOW, at first glance, I think that Snowcat and Cruellock look veeery impressive!  (0 comments)
Jason  2003-11-04 2:20 am   (page update)
I thought I might just draw your attention to a couple of new reviews just posted... Energon Hotshot and Inferno?!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-11-01 12:27 pm   (page update)
More breaking news! Yes, new character pages for toys you have never seen before! Okay, well not exactly, but they have to be done sometime! :) You'll find all new pages for four 2002 Mini-con sets: Destruction Team, Race Team, Space Team and the Street Speed Team.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-10-24 10:24 pm   (page update)
Okay, so this isn't exactly breaking news! But none-the-less I thought you might enjoy the new character pages I've added in the 2002 TF section for Red Alert, Scavenger and Starscream. Enjoy, and have a nice weekend!  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-10-24 10:07 pm
Be sure to check out Hasbro's official web site web to see a "Product Preview" of wave 1 Energeon figures! As well as figures exhibited at OTFCC, there are pictures of two figures I've never seen before, Strongarm and Ironhide!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-10-17 9:14 pm
I'd like to extend a 'bravo' and draw your attention to an editorial piece I really enjoyed in "The Matrix" Transfandom's online Magazine. The 50 most Pivotal Moments in Transformers is worth your time to read. It is in parts hilarous (#49 made me laugh out loud), informative (all over) and sad (#33 filled me will all sorts of negative ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-10-17 9:14 pm   (page update)
NEW pictures of Masterpiece Optimus Prime. Thanks to DN for sending us the link and as he put it, "prepare to drool!"  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-10-15 5:00 pm
Be sure to check out contest of Unicron fan art! Vote for your favorite and you could win a Unicron toy! Of course it's worth visiting even if you don't win! :) Great idea, great art!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-10-11 5:44 am   (page update)
The last 1989 Autobot Micromaster character page has been added. Their leader, COUNTDOWN was a giant among the Micromasters. A rocket ship w/ moble transport platform that converted to an awesome Micromaster City. He made very few appearances that I remember; none in US cartoons and comics, but he did play a "prominant role" in the 1 episode ...  (0 comments)
Brian  2003-10-02 7:08 pm
Cartoon Network is revving up for the season - Armada is on Monday through Friday again. [discuss]  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-10-01 9:02 pm
Simon Furman and Guido Guidi 'unite forces' to continue the Transformers Energeon storyline to the next chapter, "TF: Energeon" in January. See a sneak peak and read all about it on the Transfandom Forums! Thanks guys!  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-10-01 1:27 pm
Galvatron / Megatron alterations at the forum  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-09-30 6:59 pm   (page update)
You'll find a new 'character' page for the Land Military Team in the 2002 TF section.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-09-26 7:45 pm
Joel from reports that, the first figures in Hasbro's next line "Transformers: Energeon" may become available as early as October/November! Pre-Orders for - Basic, Deluxe, Mega, Ultra, and Super sized figures" can be placed now.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-09-09 8:16 pm
Today you'll find two new character pages, In the 2002 TF section I've revamped the Street Action Team's page and in the 1989 TF section, you'll find an all new page for the Micromaster Rescue Patrol. Enjoy!
You'll also find an updated dealer list in our stuff for sale page.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-09-01 7:46 am   (page update)
Happy Labor Day everybody! We hope you don't think that our page has become all about nothin' but selling Unicron Stands! :) Oh heck no! (Of course, we should mention our excitement that they are now also offered for sale at too! :)

Today, I've added a few new character pages. My next few updates will be all about 'the

Perceptor  2003-08-09 8:30 am
We want to say thanks to Remy's TF site for posting pictures of Toy Future Expo in Japan. We have learned from an inside source that this is indeed the TAKARA booth, displaying our figure stand, among their other Transformers!!! WOW, to think that in the course of 8 days, our stand literally went from coming hot off the presses, to OTFCC ...  (0 comments)
Brian  2003-08-04 6:07 pm figure stand has made it to Japan! (Toy Future Expo?)   Thanks Dak!  (0 comments)
Brian  2003-08-01 7:15 am
Our second Accessory Pack (figure stand that holds Unicron) was unveiled at last weekend's OTFCC. For everyone who missed out on the show, the stand is now available online. See our Stuff for Sale page to learn about the stand and locations to purchase.
Online dealers: do you want to carry our figure stand? Please e-mail  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-07-27 12:09 am
BIG NEWS, BIG NEWS, BIG NEWS, BIG NEWS, BIG NEWS, BIG NEWS!!! (Well, big news for us anyway! :) FINALLY! At long last, we are ready to unveil our second Accessory Pack! (I know, I know, it took us long enough! :)
CLICK HERE to learn all about it!
YES, we will be at the OTFCC.
YES, we will will have a dealer table there.
Anonymous  2003-07-23 11:01 am
Armada Unicron being sighted?! There appears to be some truth to the rumors!!! Keep the legitimate sightings coming and Wa-HOO! Let the HUNT begin!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-07-18 11:15 pm   (page update)
Before Armada Overload, there was the 1989 Mini-Con, er I mean "Micromaster Transport" with the same name! Given my speculation about the connection between Mini-cons and Micromasters, perhaps someone can start a thread discussing the possibility that the two are connected or are actually the same individual? Regardless, you can view the all ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-07-16 5:50 pm   (page update)
The Micromaster (Autobot Mini-cons!) Battle Patrol has been added to the 1989 TF section. You may be interestd to know that the cartoon screen captures you see on this page are taken from a series that lasted only one episode in Japan! Transformers: Zone.
Also find Jason's thoughts of UNICRON in the Reviews Section!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-07-14 6:40 pm   (page update)
We have good news and bad news! :) Or as I'd prefer to say, GREAT NEWS and so-so news! But, we're not telling you either until we get closer to otfcc! So keep checking back!
(end teaser!) In the meantime, I will reveal one 'secret!' >>We have seen (and touched, I don't own) the Armada Unicron toy and it ROCKS! His first *real* review has ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-07-12 11:32 pm   (page update)
Two new character pages are ready for viewing. The 1st is Cyclonus, in the (slightly updated) 2002 Armada TF section. You'll find the second in the 1989 TF section, another group of "Mini-cons" or as they like to be called while they had allegiances to the Autobots/Decepticons, "Micromasters." This time, the first 4 man team: Race Car Patrol.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-07-10 11:31 pm
Many of the TF: Armada toys for summer/fall release have been added to the reviews section. So go on, get out there and find 'em and start reviewin'! :)  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-06-20 1:02 pm
Just thought I'd leave you with a few weekend updates. The 2002 TF section has been updated w/ remaining box pix of Armada figures AND a new character page for HOT SHOT! What do you think? Your suggestions for Armada character pages are welcome.
You'll also find the first all new character page for a 1989 TF. I thought now would be an ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-06-19 10:13 pm

Special thanks to Dreamwave for passing along special advance pictures of upcoming TF comic projects: Armada #15 cover, Armada Trade paperback cover, Armada MTMTE #6, TF 2004 calander, TF G1 v.2 #6, TF vs. GIJoe poster, TF vs. GIJoe #2! Awesome stuff! Thanks guys!

Anonymous  2003-06-19 2:57 pm
Optimus Prime and Megatron! Transformers: ENERGEON is coming! Sounds promising! Check out the official Hasbro press release for more.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-06-18 3:39 pm
Be sure to check this SWEET LINK to CNN about the Live action TF movie, if you haven't already! Say it's so! I'm starting to think the rumors might actually be TRUE! :) It's a great day to be a TF "Geek!" Be sure to post your thoughts on the message board!  (0 comments)
Brian  2003-06-08 9:57 am
We got an awesome 3D rendering of Unicron's head from Jerry from Shanghai. An altered version is now the background image for our main page. Thanks, Jerry.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-05-30 8:40 am
Apparently Cybercon Expo Act 3 ^will happen^ this spring, but dates (spring 2004) and location (e-mail them suggestions) are still uncertain. See the official site for details. But first things first, you'll have to go to Cybercon Expo Wave 2, November 1st in New Jersey.  (0 comments)
Brian  2003-05-28 12:12 pm
Dreamwave Productions has been bringing much life into the Armada series for about a year now. (Oh my, has it really been this long?) It looks like they have plans to really stir things up in the Armada universe with a new story arc starting at #14. See this new press release (mild spoiler content) for details.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-05-26 10:31 am now has a Sky Linx sticker set. Site is complete with photos. (Used with permission, of course!)  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-05-15 4:57 pm
Looks like this year's BotCon will have a new name. See here for official site and details.  (0 comments)
Brian  2003-04-09 10:34 am
Dreamwave comics released some sample pages from their profile book (to be released April 30th). See for details on the profile book series.  (0 comments)
Brian  2003-03-29 7:57 am
Lots of new official-type info coming out this week at Altered States Magazine:
Hasbro's Presentation - office tour
3H Productions/BotCon Tidbits - informal interview with Glen Hallit
Transformers Tidbits - informal interview with Hasbro's Aaron Archer
Hasbro's Policy on Prototypes and Leaked Images - no more advance ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-03-27 9:00 pm
* We're rarin' and ready to update w/ loads of new character pages, but is down again. Well, it's up in the sense that you can view pages there but internally I can't update it. Shucks. We'll keep you posted.
* We're certainly not trying to start a war debate, but I thought everyone should see THIS! We hope (and pray) this is ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-03-16 8:51 am   (page update)
The last remaining Autobot character page for 1987 can be viewed today, the Autobot CLONES: Fastlane and Cloudraker. It was another great concept introded that year, with the idea being that the two had identical looking robot modes but could transform into completely different vehicles. Cool, huh?!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-03-15 7:00 am   (page update)
Before TF:Armada's Sideways, the first 'double agent' Transformer was released in 1987. If you don't make a habit of reading character bios, this is a good one to start with! Today's new character page: Punch / CounterPunch had more than just 2 different heads, he had two completely different robot modes as well as a stylin auto mode! How ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-03-14 10:03 am   (page update)
Happy Friday! Well, with all this talk about the up-coming enormous Unicron figure coming out in the summer of 2003, I thought it would be appropriate to show everyone the (still champion) BIGGEST TF EVER MADE! And why shouldn't the biggest Transformer have the biggest character page ever made?! Here he is, the Earth shaking, enormous, ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-03-13 6:44 pm   (page update)
The last of the 1987 Targetmaster Autobots pages is up and running: TM Hotrod.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-03-12 9:09 pm
Woa Nelly! Would you like to see awesome high rez pix of new Transformers coming out in 2003? (Duh!) Check out these links RIGHT NOW!:
BWTF Photo Gallery and the Transfandom Thread... WOW!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-03-12 7:32 am   (page update)
Today, targetmaster Blurr's character page is uploaded and ready for viewing.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-03-11 6:12 am   (page update)
Along with the other totally new Targetmaster Autobots (Sureshot, Crosshairs, Pointblank) released in 1987, they also re-released the "Autobot Heros" from TF:TM, which were slightly re-molded. They had hands with larger holes to accomodate their Targetmaster and an additional hole in vehicle mode to accomodate the weapons. We'll start with the ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-03-10 6:15 am   (page update)
The third and final Monsterbot character page Doublecross is up and ready for viewing .  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-03-09 9:02 pm
We have confirmed sightings of Sideswipe and Thrust in Utah, Kentucky, Florida, Minnesota, Washington state, Texas... Have a great week and HAPPY HUNTING! :)  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-03-09 10:56 am   (page update)
Find the next Monsterbot character page ready for viewing, Grotusque in the 1987 TF section. And yes, keep your opinions coming in TF (Armada & G1/BW) Continuity thread.  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-03-08 9:07 am   (page update)
Today's new character page, we begin with the first Monsterbot; an obscure 3 man team that got very little promoting in the cartoons and comics. But the toys were pretty cool and in an era when many TF fans were still quite excited about the line. Check out Repugnus in the 1987 TF section. Also keep your thoughts and opinions coming in TF ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-03-07 12:57 pm   (page update)
First, get your butt over to the thread I've got going on TF Continuity. We want to hear your input!

Second, the server seems to be allowing me to update! YEA! (for now) Rather than worry about 1 per day, I've uploaded links to all the Technobots character pages. Check out Afterburner, Nosecone, Lightspeed, Strafe, Scattershot and

Anonymous  2003-03-04 9:55 pm
I've got a thread going in the new message board. I want you to check it out and weigh in w/ your opinions of of how TF: Armada can be fit into the rest of Transformers continuity. Lend us your insights. When the server gets back up and running, I'm anxious to start crankin' out character pages for TF: Armada toys! ...  (0 comments)
Brian  2003-02-26 11:46 pm
In the spirit of not working on what others can do better, The AllSpark is graciously hosting our new official message board. Thank you AllSpark!

To our regulars, please stop in and say hello. (or, of course, whatever.)  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-02-25 10:05 am
Confirmed sightings of Armada Galvatron & Thundercracker are popping up. Happy hunting!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-02-23 8:45 am   (page update)
Today's new character page is in the 1987 TF section; the first Technobot Grimlock created/re-built: Nosecone!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-02-22 7:34 am   (page update)
In the third season of the G1 cartoons, there was this goofy but well liked show called "Grimlock's New Brain." In it, Grimlock got hit w/ an ~energy charge~ which gave him "super-intelligence!" making him the new Autobot genius, even if he was still the butt of all their jokes! He figured out that if the Decepticons were searching for more ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-02-21 10:48 am   (page update)
Oh SURE! On some TF sites you can see/learn about the ALL-NEW, soon-to-be-released UNICRON figure! But here at we thought you'd be more interested in learning about 16 year old Throttlebots! Well, okay, maybe not but we added them anyway! Sorry about the delay. We're still workin out some of the bugs in the new server ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-02-16 8:09 am   (page update)
The new character page of the day can again be found in the 1987 TF section; the last of the original-figure, 1st series, Autobot Targetmasters: Crosshairs with Pinpointer!  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-02-16 7:56 am
Ben Yee's site has more info and pix about UNICRON from the soon to be released ToyFARE magazine. It looks like a great toy in a toyline (Armada) I get more and more excited about as time goes by. However, (sigh) it appears the current trend of NOT trying to make Armada contiguous w/ G1, G2, Beast Wars/Machines TF storylines... will continue. ...  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-02-15 11:20 am
Be sure to visit American Dream Comics coverage of Toyfair!. There you'll see a large Hasbro press release with information about the new TF series with the subtitle: "The UNICRON Battles!" The all new UNICRON FIGURE!!!!, pictures and information galore!!!! I suppose you can guess we're a BIG FAN of this idea!

Also check out Transfandom's

Perceptor  2003-02-15 10:21 am   (page update)
In (you guessed it) 1987, Goldbug was released as a member of the Autobot's "Throttlebot" team. He was of particular interest to Transfans, since he is the rebuilt, new-attitude version of the ever-popular/hated G1 "Bumblebee." Goldbug's origin was told in very different ways in the comics & the cartoons.

In the comics, before being rebuilt

Perceptor  2003-02-14 11:33 am   (page update)
* Three Minicon teams added to the Reviews Section: the Adventure, Space and Street Speed Teams.
*Also you can learn about another Autobot/Nebulan partnership, the 1987 Targetmaster: Pointblank with Peacemaker!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-02-13 7:58 am   (page update)
The new character page of the day can again be found in the 1987 TF section; the Throttlebot: Chase!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-02-12 9:50 am   (page update)
New feature on! :) I will add 1 new character page per day for the next (at least) 3 weeks. That's 21 character pages in 21 days! Today's addition: the Autobot Targetmaster, "Sureshot with Spoilsport" in the 1987 TF section.  (0 comments)
Brian  2003-02-10 9:29 pm
Sightings page is undergoing more restructuring. Also, the "unfound" list has been updated. There are some very exciting releases coming up.  (0 comments)
Anonymous  2003-02-10 9:06 pm
Straight from Hasbro's Press Release today:

"Kids and adult fans alike will be thrilled with the fall 2003 return of UNICRON, the most evil TRANSFORMERS character ever, in Hasbro's toy line and in new episodes of the animated program on Cartoon Network, 'TRANSFORMERS ARMADA: THE UNICRON BATTLES.' The toy version of UNICRON is a huge 16-inch ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2003-02-09 12:11 pm   (page update)
Okay, you can pick your jaw up off the floor. I know it has been a LONG time since I updated w/ new character pages! But I've had some pretty good excuses! My wife gave birth to a happy and healthy baby daughter several months ago! (We've been BUSY!) In addition, we've had "server issues" that made it difficult for me to update and lets face it, ...  (0 comments)
Brian  2003-01-25 8:13 am
New Armada prototype photos seem to be up here at American Dreams Comics. (via AllSpark)  (0 comments)
Brian  2003-01-17 9:42 pm
We have gotten a few inquiries when Dreamwave's TF profile books are coming out. The word is, the first book will be released in April, and 7 more will come out monthly after that. Each will have 64 pages and cost $5.95.
(via via

Also, has some nice pictures of production runs of

Brian  2003-01-16 10:50 pm
I just finished updating all the "last updated" dates and descriptions for all the links on our links page. (This was no easy task!)

Also, check the new main page layout.

Brian  2003-01-10 11:54 pm
Jetfire is being spotted at Target. Sightings in Mankato, MN and Indianapolis IN.  (0 comments)

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