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Anonymous at 2003-02-15 11:20 am
Be sure to visit American Dream Comics coverage of Toyfair!. There you'll see a large Hasbro press release with information about the new TF series with the subtitle: "The UNICRON Battles!" The all new UNICRON FIGURE!!!!, pictures and information galore!!!! I suppose you can guess we're a BIG FAN of this idea!

Also check out Transfandom's coverage of this TF news revealing event, HERE!!!!

And what do you make of the new "Transformers Universe" line?!?! (text borrowed from the Transfandom message board.) "Another new highlight in fall 2003 is the TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE. UNICRON has devised an evil plot to harness all the "energon" in the universe in order to increase his own power. Knowing that when TRANSFORMERS battle they emit energon, he summons DECEPTICONS from all parts of TRANSFORMERS history. PRIMUS responds by building his own army of AUTOBOTS. This is building into the biggest battle the universe has ever seen." Holy cow!!! I LOVE the concept. Hopefully, Hasbro will hire story author(s) with past Transformers knowledge that doesn't contradict and walk all over the stroylines of the past. Maybe this time, UNICRON will WIN!!! :) Stay tuned!

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