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News of 2010:
Sabrblade  2010-12-31 7:32 am
As we come near to wrapping up 2010 and prepare to move into 2011, let us take a look at IDW's next biggest event: Infestation. Set up as a multi-license crossover, this deals with a zombie outbreak occurring in the world of of the Zombies vs. Robots series, which then proceeds to transcend into the worlds of four other properties: ...  (14 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-12-30 11:15 am
Taking a break from some official product, let's look at another new third-party  product. Have you ever wanted to own an updated version of G1 Reflector? While Hasbro is planning on making such out of a redeco/remold of Reveal the Shield Perceptor, there is another option. PerfectEffect (makers of Shadow Warrior, Ejector & Rewinder, ...  (5 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-12-29 12:32 pm
The United toyline seems to be going as strong as ever in Japan, and now it gets it's own epic commercial (courtesy of YouTube)! This commercial advertises the ten figures of Wave 1 in this toyline, showing off all their modes and gimmicks.

It starts off on an awesome-looking Cybertronian landscape display where the five Cybertron Mode figures
Sabrblade  2010-12-27 11:21 pm
Following up from his comparison of United Megatron with its Henkei! Henkei! counterpart, the blog of Alfes 2010 has been updated with more comparison galleries of several United toyline figures.

UN-01 Optimus Prime Cybertron Mode is compared to Generations Cybertronian Optimus Prime
UN-06 Optimus Prime is compared to Universe ...  (10 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-12-25 11:09 pm
Remember how the Megatron toy of the Transformers: United  toyline is gonna be a redeco of the Classics Voyager Megatron figure? Well, the blog of Alfes 2010 has provided an extensive look at this figure, showing off its brand new color scheme that is evocative of the color schemes of both G1 Megatron and Henkei! Henkei! Megatron. There's ...  (11 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-12-23 11:00 pm
Like the recent reveal of Demolition Rumble, we now have our first images of more Hasbro version figures Generations Wheeljack and Generations Thundercracker. Entertainment Earth has an image of the entire seventh wave of the Generations line, which includes these two plus Scourge and Sergeant Kup.

Wheeljack looks seemingly identical to his ...  (12 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-12-22 12:23 pm
We'e seen the United version, and now Hasbro dishes out their version. Hasbro's updated their website with full images of the Reveal the Shield Scout Class Demolition Rumble figure. Unlike the United version, which comes in a two-pack with Frenzy, this U.S. figure comes packaged by itself, individually carded at the Scout Class pricepoint.

Also, ...  (7 comments)
DocWho  2010-12-22 11:29 am
The excellent retailer BBTS has put up a preorder listing for a Generations Thundercracker. There aren't any pictures up yet, but this could be confirmation that a Generations Thundercracker is coming. Post your speculation in our forums!  (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-12-21 1:45 pm

Some of you may recall having seen an image of the Dark of the Moon tanker truck toy in our forums. By Hasbro's request, we had to take it down. But now, thanks to some images of this tanker truck toy transformed into its robot mode (which sadly cannot be shown here like the previous image that was removed), the identity of this behemoth vehicle

Sabrblade  2010-12-21 1:34 pm
TFW2005 has found some rather interesting images of more figures who are going to receive newly retooled headsculpts for their upcoming redecoed figures. This time it's Generations Scourge and Sergeant Kup who get this kind of treatment.

The new head for the Kup figure is kinda small and roundish. It doesn't quite look as ...  (14 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-12-20 5:30 pm
Awhile back, we reported that portions of the Transformers Generations 2010 book had been scanned and put onto the Internet for public viewing. Now, we have one more piece of this book that has not been seen online until now: the Transformers United manga chapter.

The Allspark has provided not only scanned images of this manga, but have gone
...  (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-12-20 4:52 pm has reported something of interest regarding the Generations Dirge figure. It would seem that early shipments of this figure contained a factory error in that the Decepticon symbols on his wings were missing the white detail on their forehead crests. Later shipments have altered this to have the corrected insignia tampographs.

...  (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-12-20 1:46 pm
Following up from the previous DOTM toy reveal comes our first look at what appears to be the DOTM toy of Bumblebee, courtesy of Yahoo! Japan.

This figure, seen in Vehicle Mode, sports a spoiler on the Camaro's rear, reflecting the look of the newer model Camaro being used for Bumblebee in the film. It also features some kind of engine-esque
...  (comments in forum)
Obsidian  2010-12-19 2:49 pm   (page update)
We've added three new promo pictures each (Box pic, Robot, and Alt mode)  on the following 2011 character pages. WreckgarBumblebeeG2 "Lazer" Optimus PrimePerceptorScourgeSergeant Kup. Check out our full list of 2011 toys on the way!  (8 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-12-18 10:06 am
Back in July of 2009, we reported an eBay auction containing four unreleased figures of the Generation 2 line: the four G2 Protectobot limbs mint in packaging. While these four were astronomically rare, we now have learned of three more unreleased holy grails of G2 being sold by eBay retailer lees_toy_review.

The first is the redecoed Hero
DocWho  2010-12-17 7:53 am
E-Hobby has revealed the head for their United Autobot 3-pack Scrap Heap! Instead of a more humanoid head with facial hair, he is instead graced with a helmet, making him battle ready should you choose to pit the two 3-packs against one another. E-Hobby has even included a picture of him riding Wreck-Gar, so you can see how it might look!  (5 comments)
Perceptor  2010-12-16 6:31 pm
Gaming novice though I am, it's great to know I'm not the only who noticed and appreciated the amazing backgrounds and scenery in this summer's Transformers: War for Cybertron!  

IGN Reader's Awards nominations are available online now.  There, you'll find our favorite, WFC nominated in the category of:  "Coolest Atmosphere.
Perceptor  2010-12-16 6:13 pm
TFW2005 has put up a nice interview with Sumalee Montano, who provides the voice of Arcee in Transformers Prime.  Among other things about the series she had this to say:

"...Every time I receive a script at home, I can't wait to read it!  I find myself more and more impressed with every one..."
Sabrblade  2010-12-15 2:09 pm
A recent post at the Forums by Nelson spoke of Michael Bay's involvement with the teaser trailer that came out recently. When someone asked who worked on the trailer if Bay didn't, Nelson had this to say:

"Wrong. He said initially he didn't have anything to do with it and then later became totally involved. Who do you think ...  (9 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-12-14 8:28 am
Are you one of the many European Transformers fans who had to rely on secondary media sources to view the first five Transformers: Prime episodes? Well, it would seem that your problem will soon be solved, as Hasbro Studios and Turner Broadcasting will be bringing the series over to certain European and Middle Eastern viewing markets. Here's the ...  (1 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-12-13 7:19 am

Awhile back, we reported that e-Hobby would be producing three new exclusive 3-packs in the United toyline. One would consist of three Autobots, one with three Decepticons, and one with three PCC Mini-cons as Targetmasters. Well, e-Hobby has now posted full colored images of the two Autobot and Decepticon 3-packs.

The Autobot set consists of a

Sabrblade  2010-12-10 9:02 pm
How would you like to own a rare piece of Transformers history? No, this won't cost you a anything. It's absolutely free!

A news posts from Jim Sorenson of the Disciples of Boltax blog reveals that, recently, a group of fans pulled their resources together to purchase several authentic scripts and other documents from Ron Friedman, writer of the ...  (5 comments)
Lord Megatron  2010-12-10 10:51 am
With the upcoming release of the FansProject TFX-04 "Protector" it was only a matter of time before FansProject released information about their next third-party set. We now have word from FansProject themselves that the next set of figures to be released will in fact, be a repaint/remold of their previously released Crossfire-02: Explorer and ...  (5 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-12-09 6:08 pm
Anyone check out the Transformers: Prime video section on the Hub's website? If you haven't, head on over to and check it out.

In this section, you'll find such interesting videos as:
* Full length episodes of "Darkness Rising, Parts 1-5"
* The four character promo videos
* Behind the Scenes videos of the characters and animation
Perceptor  2010-12-08 6:18 pm
Check it out!  The new "teaser trailer" for Transformers: Dark of the Moon is now online.  Oh YEAH!  (46 comments)
Jason  2010-12-08 5:06 pm
Journalists from and Ain't it Cool News had the opportunity to not only interview Michael Bay, but practically spend half a day with him! They have posted both the interview with some great new behind the scenes photography, AND a 22 minute long video describing their experience spending the day ...  (1 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-12-08 2:57 pm
We've received an official confirmation from Hasbro regarding the Prime cartoon, the War for Cybertron video game, and the Exodus novel:


A question was recently posed to Hasbro’s UK office asking if the
Transformers Prime television series and the Transformers War for Cybertron video game were in a connected continuity.
...  (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-12-08 11:27 am
We've seen some great images of the upcoming Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy figure, but now we a special look at the figure in a video presentation at Amazon Japan. The video gives a 360 degree view at all of its modes: Hot Rodimus altmode, Hot Rodimus Robot Mode, Rodimus Convoy altmode, Rodimus Convoy Robot Mode, and the Mobile Defense Bay. There's ...  (2 comments)
HolyGrail  2010-12-06 4:32 pm
Super-reviewer Peaugh has done it once more with his review and thoughts on the retro-tastic Generations "G2" Laser Optimus Prime figure. 

Personally, I'm a little more sold now than I was before, but G2 was during that whole "too cool for toys" phase, for me at least... 

Any G2 fanbois out there? 
Perceptor  2010-12-06 3:19 pm
We've always said TFsource puts together fantastic video reviews for the figures they sell, and that was before I saw this beauty of Takara's Universal Dominator Unicron.  It's a fair assessment, highlighting both positives & negatives.  As a bonus 6:00min in, they throw in a nice plug for and the ...  (2 comments)
Perceptor  2010-12-05 8:42 am
Check it out!  Our friend Hydra of the's TF Pulp, has posted a fantastic article with insiders info on the behind-the-scenes development of the TFTM G1 Unicron toy!  Translating Japanese from the pages of this previously unknown book, he reveals that the toy was to have electronic sounds, including lines by Orson ...  (1 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-12-03 9:08 pm
The fifth episode and final part of the Transformers: Prime five-part mini-series event -- "Darkness Rising, Part 5" -- has finally concluded, as it has aired earlier today on the Hub, and has finally reached YouTube.

The first half can be watched here, and the second half here.

With this episode, the Transformers: Prime animated series will
Sabrblade  2010-12-02 9:08 pm
Episode four of Transformers: Prime, "Darkness Rising, Part 4" aired earlier this evening on the Hub and has now been uploaded onto YouTube. First half - here, second half - here.

Let us proceed to converse yet again.  (10 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-12-02 6:40 am

As of late last night, the third episode of Transformers: Prime--"Darkness Rising, Part 3"--has made its way onto YouTube. Go here for the first half and here for the second half.

Let us continue to converse over this episode by either adding to Perceptor's discussion of it here or down below.

Sabrblade  2010-12-01 2:08 pm
First BB, then Darkmount & Thunderwing, and now: Lugnut. It's a pity this head ain't known so easily, or we might have a sense of satisfaction.

What the above botched-version of G1 Gavlatron's movie quote is referring to is that TFW2005 has an image of the instructions for Reveal the Shield Voyager Lugnut, which shows Lugnut's head to be a ...  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2010-11-30 6:45 pm

Now that we've seen the first 2 episodes of Transformers Prime, we need to fire up the topic:  Is Cliffjumper gone for good?

In the forums, youll find an outline of evidence on both sides of the issue.  Check it out, then weigh in with your opinions!  We want to hear from you!


...  (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-11-30 12:41 pm
Following on the heels of the first two episodes of TF: Prime comes YouTube videos of the special Transformers-themed episode of Hubworld and the TF: Prime Hub Exclusive, both of which aired prior to the two TF: Prime episodes' first airings last Friday night.

The Hubworld episode has been spilt into two parts, which can be viewed here ...  (0 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-11-27 12:07 am
As the title states ,the first two episodes of Transformers: prime have made it onto YouTube! Watch Episode 1 Part 1 here and Part 2 here. And Episode 2 Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Let the discussions continue; either below, in the previous news post, and/or in the Transformers: Prime Discussion Thread in the Forum.
Jason  2010-11-26 4:53 pm
We already know that due to this summer's release of Transformers: Dark of the Moon and it's concurrent toy-line, we will not be seeing a dedicated Transformers: Prime toy-line any time soon, but we have been told at BotCon by Hasbro representatives, that Transformers: Prime figures will receive a "soft launch" of a few figures in the current ...  (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-11-26 1:55 pm
Today marks a grand day in Transformers history. In mere minutes, the Hub will air its four-hour long Transformers-themed program block of the TF episode of Hubworld, the TF special Hub Exclusive, and then the world premiere of the newest cartoon Transformers: Prime.

Once it all begins, let the discussions begin, below and/or in the
Jason  2010-11-26 12:51 pm   (page update)
Check out our 2010 previews section for our review and press images of Transformers: Prime debuting today with a sneak preview of the first two parts of the 5 part series premiere!  (8 comments)
Jason  2010-11-25 6:30 pm
Make sure to check out this humorous quirky little behind the scenes video made by the makers of TF: Prime. Make sure you watch the whole video as to not miss out on a solid chunk of TF: Prime Bulkhead awesomeness!   (2 comments)
Jason  2010-11-25 5:45 pm
From the Hub For Teachers website on we get to meet all of the creativity behind Transformers: Prime including the artist, (Stephanie Arnett, Luke Berliner, Sebastian Montes, Vince Toyama, Christophe Vacher, Kirk Van Wormer), character designers (Augusto C. Barranco, Jose ...  (1 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-11-25 2:45 pm
Since we are so close to the world premiere of Transformers: Prime, I'd say that this would be a good opportunity to be caught up on many of the recent developments in the Transformers franchise. And a good way to do so has shown up at TFW2005. User s250 has put up several image scans of the new Transformers Generations 2010 book.

But first, a
Jason  2010-11-25 12:57 am   (page update)
Well over a year in the making, this upgrade is more than a simple facelift; it's more than the fact that we now have a fully functional 2010 section, and 2011 section (yes, there are over 120 all new character pages) for your viewing pleasure! What you will find is that we have rethought the very foundation of  As one of the
Jason  2010-11-24 8:26 pm
If you're looking for a one-stop-shop for information regarding the Transformers: Prime's Television premiere this week, look no further. The hub has contacted us with a link to a single page they put together that's got it all: Pictures, videos, schedules, and more. Having seen the first two episodes, I can say with all confidence "you do not ...  (1 comments)
Perceptor  2010-11-24 7:25 pm
To our delight, earlier today we too became the lucky recipients of an advance copy of Transformers Prime episodes 1-2 on DVD!  Expect our in-depth report soon.  In the meantime, our first impressions:

This series is a dark, high-budget animated version of the live action films, without the influence of Michael Bay or the time limits of ...  (6 comments)
Jason  2010-11-24 12:26 pm
If you're looking for a one-stop-shop for information regarding the Transformers: Prime's Television premiere this week, look no further. The hub has contacted us with a link to a single page they put together that's got it all: Pictures, videos, schedules, and more. Having seen the first two episodes, I can say with all confidence "you do not ...  (0 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-11-23 1:30 pm
Set your DVRs as a special marathon of The Transformers (Generation 1) cartoon will be airing from 2:00am to 6:00am, Thanksgiving Night (early Friday morning) on the Hub. The episodes featured in this four hour marathon will be "More Than Meets the Eye, Parts 1-3", "The Ultimate Doom, Parts 1-3", and "Dinobot Island, Parts 1-2", three classic ...  (4 comments)
Perceptor  2010-11-22 11:57 pm
Back in Dec, 2007,  we got to be the fortunate recipient of an advance copy of Transformers Animated weeks before it's premiere.  This time, it's's turn!   Check out their review, complete w/ screen captures and a (spoiler filled) synopsis of the plot... His first impression:

Sabrblade  2010-11-22 5:27 pm
It seems that Japanese retailer e-Hobby is at it again with their exclusive Transformers figures. This time however ,they are producing not one, not two, but three exclusives for the Transformers: United line. Not to mention that each of these is a set of three figures, totaling out to nine figures in all.

The first three-pack consists of redecos ...  (1 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-11-20 11:02 am
Can't wait one more week for Transformers: Prime? Neither can we! The Hub is going all out with the promotion of this upcoming action series, as evidenced by their latest advertisements for it.

Two sneak preview videos for TF: Prime have shown up on YouTube! The first is a commercial promoting both the 11/26 airing of the first two episodes and
HolyGrail  2010-11-17 9:25 pm
Another review for an eagerly awaited toy - Reveal the Shield Perceptor! Emgo316 (otherwise known as the Freakin Geek) gives us all a good look at the former microscope/Autobot Scientist in all his deluxe-y glory!   (3 comments)
Jason  2010-11-16 3:44 pm
Before we get to the question that's surely been occupying your every waking moments, we have a brief yet important public service announcement: 

If you considers yourself even a vague fan of any era of the Transformers brand and haven't checked out, read (the first 4 chapters), poked around, considered, or out-right purchased Alex
Jason  2010-11-16 12:34 pm has updated their website giving the Transformers: Prime page a new killer background depicting the epic battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron. We've located the original imaged and cropped it for your view pleasure.  (6 comments)
HolyGrail  2010-11-15 11:41 pm
Not quite the green-army of your childhood, today long-time video reviewer Peaugh gets stuck into Steamhammer & the Constructicons from the PowerCore Combiner lines. He also checks out how the drones look attached to Sledge for those interested.   (1 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-11-15 6:41 pm
Excited about the new Kup toy? Ya wanna see more pics of it? Your wish has been granted, as KOToys has a new gallery of images of the Generations Sergeant Kup figure. Yes, it would appear that the Western release of this figure will be called "Sergeant Kup," despite being sold in the Generations line rather than under the Reveal the Shield label. ...  (9 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-11-14 12:50 pm
Hyped up about the new Generations Thunderwing figure? Well, it gets better! It seems that Generations Thunderwing has joined the club with Cybertronian Bumblebee and Darkmount of having images of their remolded figures being revealed in their instructions. Bumblebee's instructions showed images of Cliffjumper, and Darkmount's instructions showed ...  (8 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-11-12 6:50 pm

Excited about Transformers: Prime? Here's few treats to tide you over. Four new promos and two new commercials for the series have all shown up on YouTube.

The four promos each spotlight a particular character, giving descriptions of their personalities and showing footage of them from the series. Each of these are for Arcee, Bumblebee,

Sabrblade  2010-11-12 5:55 pm
Once again, Amazon Japan has new images of several upcoming Ttrransformers: United (Japanese Generations/Reveal the Shield) figures. They've got clear images of Wheeljack, Frenzy & Rumble, Scourge, and G2 Optimus Prime. All images show each figure in all their modes.

In case you've missed any, they also have images for all 22 United figures, ...  (8 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-11-11 9:58 pm
That's right! No joke. There is a sequel to the War For Cybertron video game in the works! And Activision is all over it once again! TFW2005 has reported this from its Hasbro Investors Day coverage (which contains a plethora of other Transformers-related goodies, ranging from stuff about TF: Prime to stuff about the live action movies, and ...  (17 comments)
DocWho  2010-11-11 5:38 pm
Sprocketman of has posted an image of concept art for an Animated Dirt Boss toy from an unknown Takara designer. This image shows off his transformation scheme, as well as what would probably be a "battle mode", where the forklift part of Dirt Boss' alt mode comes into play in his robot mode!

Check it out and be sure to post
...  (comments in forum)
HolyGrail  2010-11-10 5:45 pm
Noticed that there's some suspiciously cheap Henkei Thundercrackers going on eBay and other stores lately? Well as you may have heard there is a new Knock-Off doing the rounds and it's none other than the elusive last seeker needed to complete your "Classics" Seekers set. But is it any good?

Seibertron member G1Sizzle has
HolyGrail  2010-11-10 4:40 pm
Uber reviewer Peaugh is at it again. This time he's looking at the eagerly awaited Power Core Combiners set of Grimstone and the Dinobots. Not sure on the look of some of the limbs? Is he better than Dinoking? See for yourself. SMASH!   (7 comments)
Jason  2010-11-10 1:00 am
Along with the "online preview for Animated Transtech Cheetor is now available. This figure features an ALL-NEW head sculpt courtesy of Derrick J. Wyatt, the Art Director behind the Transformers: Animated series. This figure, along with G2 Ramjet, will be available for Club members to purchase next year.

For more information
Sabrblade  2010-11-09 2:22 pm
The third 2011 TFCC exclusive figure has shown up the TFCC website. This time, it's none other than Animated TransTech Cheetor.

He'd a redeco of the Animated Blurr mold with an all new headsculpt included. He's based on the similarily-named TransTech Cheetor, who is a Commander and the Security Adminstration Officer of the city of ...  (5 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-11-09 10:40 am has pre-order pages, along with images, of three brand new Power Core Combiner sets. These three are especially new, considering how we haven't seen or heard of them until now.

The first is a 5-pack set of the Stunticons. No, this isn't the same set as the Destrons. That's a whole different set completely. This set features a ...  (5 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-11-08 12:15 pm
New images of the next figure based on the G1 Perceptor character have shown up at KO Toys. This figure is planned for a release the upcoming Reveal the Shield line and looks to be so with that rubsign on his hood. However, the chrome-like paint job on the figure in these images also indicates that this could be the ...  (16 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-11-07 1:59 pm
Two new video reviews of a couple of the upcoming Transformers: Reveal the Shield figures have shown up on YouTube. The first is a review done by Peaugh of Special Ops. Jazz. The second is a review done by Optibotimus of Solar Storm Grappel.

The Jazz review shows off the details and features in both the Vehicle and the Robot
Sabrblade  2010-11-07 12:04 pm
As the airdate of Transformers: Prime draws nearer, more and more information trickles out onto the Internet. MSN has uploaded an episode list of the first five episodes of Transformers: Prime, which encompass the five-part series premiere called "Darkness Rising". The listings include brief, one-sentence summaries of the events of each episode, ...  (3 comments)
Perceptor  2010-11-07 9:27 am
According to an online auction for the screen used Barricade, Ford Mustang SALEEN, Barricade makes a return in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  --Stated in the description of the item:  

"With this vehicle being reintroduced in the 3rd Transformers film, its value is sure to go through the roof."

While this is certainly not a lock
Sabrblade  2010-11-04 9:40 pm

Another new Animated product from TakaraTomy has not shown up at all. Animated Ramjet is the real Starscream and not a clone in the slightest. He's the most honest person you'd ever know and would never ever tell a lie. He's not going to be receiving a new toy anytime soon. That's right, TakaraTomy is not producing an Activators toy of Ramjet,

Sabrblade  2010-11-04 4:05 pm
Can't get enough Rodimus news? Can't get enough Animated news? If oyu said yes to either or both of these, you're info for a treat. Straight from TakaraTomy comes an all new Hyper Hobby exclusive: Rodimus Black Version. Images of this beauty can be found at Tokuma-EC.

Based on the color scheme of Shattered Glass Rodimus, this figure is a redeco of ...  (7 comments)
HolyGrail  2010-11-03 11:40 pm
We've seen glimpses and heard rumors but here is the official launch trailer for the upcoming 5-part television event of Transformers: Prime. Some footage is familiar but we get our first good look at Bulkhead and hear the ominous voice of Optimus Prime. 

Let the countdown to the 29th begin! 
HolyGrail  2010-11-03 5:07 pm
Over at HK-TF, there's a tasty new gallery of FanProjects eagerly awaited new 3rd praty add on for Classics Rodimus - Protector. We've all seen the prototype and teaser images but here in full colour glory is what looks like the finished product. There's also some comparison shots with Classics Prime and FanProjects City Commander (Ultra Magnus) ...  (5 comments)
Jason  2010-11-02 9:21 pm
The bimonthly Hasbro Q&A is still going strong, and this month we get some answers regarding Brand unification and more. Question 1: We love Transformers Exodus and War for Cybertron.  (More toys please! and not *just* recolors, tho they're fine too for this series!)  Through them, it seems the goals of Hasbro
HolyGrail  2010-11-01 7:13 pm
KOToys are once again first with this extensive gallery of the upcoming Generations Solar Storm Grappel. Despite his fugly name this toy is a beautiful example of how a remold should be done. Check him out!   (5 comments)
HolyGrail  2010-10-31 8:06 pm
We reported a while back about a planned repaint for the Master Creations "Hearts of Steel" Knight Morpher. The nature of the repaint was determined by votes as to whether he was to be an ally, enemy or stealth version of the original. Well the votes are in and some pics are up - say hello to the Annihilator!   (2 comments)
HolyGrail  2010-10-31 2:11 am
USAToday have updated their site with a few mini-bios about some of the lead characters in the upcoming Transformers: Prime. There's also a (small) render of Optimus complete with face-plate. 

Loving the description of Prime and Megs! :)

EDIT: Here's another link as provided by Sabrblade with some sweet footage of Arcee taking on a
HolyGrail  2010-10-31 2:05 am
Just to wet your type for when this bad boy hits stores, check out KOToys preview gallery of the Marvel Comics star Thunderwing. 

What's your thoughts : Insta-buy? Pre-order? Or wait and see?
HolyGrail  2010-10-31 1:58 am
The official Transformers Movie site has been updated with a simple shot of the new movies' logo. 

Pretty standard stuff but it's nice to see it in official writing now. Still think the acronym is silly - TFDOTM.  :/
Sabrblade  2010-10-29 4:33 pm has posted a full length trailer of Transformers: Prime on their website. It is too awesome for words to describe! GO WATCH IT NOW!

As for what they mean by "five-part mini-series", go here for that info.  (1 comments)
Perceptor  2010-10-28 8:51 pm
Entertainment Tonight now has a written summary and online version of their report from the Chicago set of Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  From the videos we get some better close-ups of the Bay-hem, and interviews with the stars.  

"The story, I think, is really rich," says Michael.  "This is kind of a good old fashioned, kinda
Sabrblade  2010-10-28 4:38 pm

News regarding the premiere of Transformers: Prime on the Hub has been released to us. A special press release going into detail about all upcoming the Transformers: Prime-related programming beginning 11/26 has been placed in our forums. Speicifically, the show will debut with a FIVE-PART episode titled "Darkness Rising". Read the rest of it

Jason  2010-10-28 1:55 am
Does TF: The Dark of the Moon have a new tag line? "Be Afraid Of The Dark." Could this possibly be a glimpse at a new Dark of the Moon official poster, or is it just a really good looking fan-mock-up... Your guess is as good as mine, either way it's awfully nice to look at. Thanks to our tipster Bru No, you too can see this new ...  (7 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-10-24 3:42 pm
HK-TF member Taru has uploaded several images of the 2010 TakaraTomy Primus figure. This figure is a redeco of the Cybertron Primus figure with a more ficiton-accurate color scheme for its Planet Cybertron mode, but its Robot Mode color scheme remains reminiscent of that of the Cybertron figure. In a way, this isn't a bad thing, as ...  (4 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-10-22 10:03 am
It has been stated countless times before that the next Transformers cartoon, Transformers: Prime, would be debuting on the new Hasbro-Discovery joint venture TV channel in the Fall of 2010. Now that the Hub has been launched on television, it became only a matter of time for the upcoming Transformers: Prime cartoon to hit the airwaves. And ...  (14 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-10-21 2:40 pm
Just as the title says, the first images of the 2011 TFCC exclusive G2 Ramjet figure have shown up at the TFCC website.

G2 Ramjet is an obvious redeco of the Classics Ramjet figure in homage to the Generations 2 Ramjet figure, continuing to build on the BotCon 2010 theme of Generation 2: Redux, which is the latest installment in the Wings of Honor ...  (1 comments)
HolyGrail  2010-10-20 11:39 pm
iGear are at it again. Today they posted pics on their Facebook of what appears to be an early take on the closest thing to a "G1" Bumblebee since the Classics mold and the proposed Alternators scale BB. 

With the caption of merely "interesting" one can only speculate at what will happen from here. Though it's safe to say, the people at
Sabrblade  2010-10-18 5:54 pm
A listing for a new children's board book called Transformers 3: Push Pops has appeared on No, this isn't about candy. This book contains pop-ups that the reader can push up for dramatic effect (or rather, as "dramatic" as pop-ups can get, that is). But what;s reallly of notice to this preorder is the product description includes what ...  (6 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-10-18 7:03 am
Japanese online retailer e-Hobby has even clearer images of the upcoming Transformers: United figures Wheeljack (prototype), Rumble/Frenzy (prototype) and Grapple.

We can now see for sure that Wheeljack is an extensive retool of Tracks, sporting a brand new head, new feet, a different transformation, and comes with new wrench-like tools/weapons.

DocWho  2010-10-16 7:04 pm
Thanks to the generous people at Hasbro PR, we were able to get our hands on two of the recently released Power Core Combiner figures; Bombshock with Combaticons and Searchlight with Backwind. I have taken the liberty of reviewing the first figure here, with a second review of Searchlight/Backwind coming soon.

All my reviews are on a sliding
Jason  2010-10-15 10:28 pm
Activation announced today: 
"In celebration of this Transformers: War for Cybertron 10x XP multiplayer weekend, we are releasing as desktop wallpapers an original piece of artwork created by the guys at High Moon Studios. It depicts the epic battle between the Autobots and Decepticons in the War for Cybertron era.
Sabrblade  2010-10-14 2:39 pm
Big Bad Toy Store has images for all 22 known Transformers: United (Generations/Reveal the Shield in the U.S.) figures, including those that have not yet been seen until now. The newest ones are Wheeljack (prototype image only), Rumble/Frenzy, Scourge, and G2 Optimus Prime.

Wheeljack is a retool of Tracks, complete with a new head, new feet, and a ...  (7 comments)
DocWho  2010-10-13 7:44 am
Collecticons of has posted a Youtube video where he shows off images from the upcoming Transformers: United line! In the video is Lugnut, Wreck-Gar, Perceptor, Straxus, and many more! Hit the link to see them all!  (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-10-13 7:30 am
Ever since BotCon 2010, the hints of a new Kup figure have been gradually leaking out to the public. Now, we finally have our figure ture images of the figure. Amazon Japan has a preorder page for the Transformers: United version of Autobot Kup, to be released in the U.S. as part of either the Generations line or the Reveal the Shield ...  (6 comments)
DocWho  2010-10-12 4:34 pm has revealed images of the upcoming Voyager Lugnut and Strafe figures! Strafe is a redeco of the excellent ROTF Mindwipe mold, and Lugnut is an all-new tooling based on the Animated character with the deco of his Atomic version! You can put your preorders in now for about $25 apiece!   (5 comments)
HolyGrail  2010-10-11 8:34 pm
...though thankful not as dramatic. Whilst filming in DC, a scene of the Autobots 'rolling out' was interrupted by a real police car, allegedly responding to a bomb threat, which crossed into the filming area and collided with none other than Bumblebee! 

The police officer was taken to hospital but with non-life threatening injuries. The
Sabrblade  2010-10-10 12:49 pm
YouTube user Soundwave919 has uploaded a brief clip of Transformers: Prime footage from a commercial for it on the Hub (which launched today). The clip is low quality and only a few seconds long, but we get a look at Optimus, Ratchet, Bulkhead, Arcee, and Bumblebee walking in the woods somewhere, as well as a close up of Optimus speaking his ...  (13 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-10-08 10:41 am member Meister79 has just posted some great news regardng the Transformers: United line, which, by extension, also regards either the Generations line and/or the Reveal the Shield line. An email received from Hasbro Malaysia has included listings for several new figures that have not yet been seen or even heard of until now! While ...  (6 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-10-07 2:30 pm
We heard about him before, and now we get to actually see what he looks like. The Transformers Collectors' Club has uploaded full pictures of their upcoming free membership incentive figure for 2011! Give it up for Side Burn: a redeco of the Classics Rodimus figure painted to resemble the 2001 Side Burn character of the Robots in Disguise series.

HolyGrail  2010-10-06 6:00 am
Ok so technically it's all speculation but hear out the Batman-like trail of clues for a sec:

A series of books have been listed at Amazon using the subtitle of 

*drum roll please*

Transformers: The Dark of the Moon

All three books are due to be released on May 17th 2011 - not long before the movies' opening weekend of
Sabrblade  2010-10-05 6:09 pm

Thanks to an email I received from a chain of family members and their friends, we now have a few images of the TF3 filming location at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The images aren't that numerous, but they're still pretty to look at. They mostly consist of the movie automobiles parked on the site.

The first image is of the Wreckers,

Sabrblade  2010-10-02 9:45 pm
The folks over at TFSource have updated their site with preorder pages for the upcoming Reveal the Shield Legends Class figures: Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, Gold BumblebeeProwl, and Trailcutter.

All of these are based on their G1 iterations, with some renaming of Goldbug and Trailbreaker as "Gold Bumblebee" and "Trailcutter" going ...  (6 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-10-02 1:13 pm

Following up from the previous news post about the new Reveal the Shield line comes another of its additions: Solar Storm Grapple Grappel. First revealed at BotCon 2010, this figure is a redeco/remold of the Universe (2008) Inferno mold and based on the G1 Grapple character. TFW2005 has the first official images of this figure available for

Sabrblade  2010-10-01 9:23 pm
Ever notice that the upcoming Jazz and Tracks figures are being released under the names "Special Ops Jazz" and "Turbo Tracks" instead fo the typical "Autobot Jazz" and "Autobot Tracks" names? The usual reason for this kind of name scheme would be that these are special (often redecoed) versions of the normal versions, yet these ones are the ...  (52 comments)
DocWho  2010-10-01 2:34 pm
In an amazingly brilliant piece of marketing, the TFCC has released a recruitment video starring Megatron and directed at fangirls. Yes, fangirls! The most powerful force known to man!

I would comment further, but I currently have to hold back my fangirl girlfriend from spending her life's savings on the TFCC.
Sabrblade  2010-10-01 12:17 pm
We've seen bits and pieces of what is to come for the new Hub channel, and now we can finally see the entirety of its program contents. The Hub's main website has been updated with its week-long schedule, listing the programs for its first five days of broadcast, now going live. While there's still a lack of ...  (3 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-09-30 10:52 am
More news regarding the Hub is popping about all over the Internet.

First, there is the press release for the Hub's broadcast debut on Oct. 10, being launched under the name "Sneak-Peak Sunday". This press release covers the progamming schedule for that day (which we saw before here), but goes into further detail on the programs to air that day.

Sabrblade  2010-09-28 11:58 am

Internet video reviewer Linkara of has released the latest episode of his satirical comic book review web show Atop the Fourth Wall (where bad comics burn), in which he reviews "Transformers #4-5". Specifically, he reviews issues 4 and 5 of the 2002 Dreamwave Productions Transformers: Generation One mini-series

HolyGrail  2010-09-28 4:45 am
The Transformers Collector Club have recently updated their website with some news and preview pics about their 2011 releases

First up is Sideburn from RID who will be using the Classics Rodimus mold and will be part of the "Wings of Honor" fiction. There is also a Transtech Cheetor who is remold/recolor of Animated Blurr and a
Sabrblade  2010-09-27 5:30 pm
The Hub's main website, including its section on Transformers: Prime, has undergone a major overhaul, complete with several image galleries and character biographies.

The image galleries consist mostly of the previously-seen concept artwork of character almodes, but do contain a few new images. Specific images that have not yet been seen are ...  (7 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-09-27 12:55 pm

The programming schedule for the first two broadcast days of Hasbro's/Discovery's upcoming joint venture channel, the Hub, has made its way onto the Internet. The last time we heard anything regarding the scheduling of the programs to be aired on the new Hub channel it turned out to be a hoax. This time, however, we seem to have the real deal.

Perceptor  2010-09-26 1:10 am   (page update) exclusive!  We managed to squeeze in one more trip to see the final days of filming in the Motor City -Detroit, Michigan.  Starting with 3 galleries (including this shot, of the happiest 5-year old in the history of the universe!)  as well as our our series of video links...  

Sabrblade  2010-09-25 10:57 pm
If there's one thing that gets tickled with excitement, it's Unicron. The titanic universal dominator that debuted way back in the 1986 Transformers feature film has been something of an icon and a mascot to this very website. And now that TakaraTomy has released their all new 2010 version of the Unicron figure, colored in G1 ...  (2 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-09-25 8:58 am
YouTube video reviewer Peaugh has gotten his hands of the new Japanese Aniamted JetPack Bumblebee figure. Known in the West as the unreleased Hydrodrive bumblebee figure, this is one of the very last few new molds of the Animated line (along with Blackout and Wingblade Optimus Prime) that has yet to see the light of day in the U.S.

Peaugh goes over ...  (1 comments)
DocWho  2010-09-25 8:31 am
That's right folks, we're still not finished giving away WFC PSN codes! This time, we're looking for who you think was the most developed character in War For Cybertron's campaign mode. In order to enter this contest, simply click on the "comments in forum" button to enter our forum and stake your claim on this prize!

Best of luck!
 (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-09-23 11:07 am
Before, we saw the cover of this magazine featuring Generations Wreck-Gar and Perceptor. Now, thanks to TFW2005, we have information (but sadly no pics) on what lies inside the 35th issue of the Transformers Collectors' Club magazine.

According to their sources, this issue of the club magazine shows off images of the upcoming Generations figures ...  (4 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-09-22 8:08 pm

With all the recent news of the ever-growing Japanese toylines, let's head back over to the States side of the franchise. The folks over at have been fortunate enough to obtain official images of many brand new Transformers toy products spanning all three of the current Transformers toylines. Some of which have not been seen since

Sabrblade  2010-09-22 12:32 pm
Following up on the previous information we heard about, regarding the Japanese equivalent of the Generations line called "Transformers: United", we have located the first images of the figures and packaging artwork for this toyline.

TFW2005 has images of the United versions of all ten figures mentioned before (including Cliffjumper). The ...  (1 comments)
Jason  2010-09-22 12:45 am
It's not exactly Transformers news, but we make a point to help promote all of Hasbro's Charity Functions. Throughout the years Hasbro has hosted, donated, and raised money for all kinds of charities that benefit children. Please take a look at the letter (below) that was out in regards to this year's Charity Auction!

Hello Hasbro Fans!
Sabrblade  2010-09-21 5:30 pm

No more than a few hours after presenting images of the upcoming Generations Turbo Tracks figure do we have images of three more all new Generations figures!

First, the Transformers Collector's Club has posted a preview image of the cover of their upcoming issue #35 of the club magazine. This cover shows Generations Wreck-Gar in his full

Sabrblade  2010-09-21 11:23 am
A recent Taobao auction has an image that gives us a good look at the upcoming Generations Turbo Tracks figure in vehicle mode. Based on the G1 Tracks toy/character, he turns into a blue Corvette type car and sports a fire deco on his hood. Though, the flames on this figure aren't very show-accurate, but are cool nonetheless. Also of note is that ...  (3 comments)
HolyGrail  2010-09-21 12:46 am
Thanks to there is a list of upcoming Hunt for the Decepticons Deluxes found in the Walmart computers : 

TRA DLX PERCEPTOR UPC 6-53569-56571 
TRA DLX OPTIMUS PRM UPC 6-53569-56572 
TRA DLX BUMBLEBEE UPC 6-53569-57672 
TRA DLX FALLBACK UPC 6-53569-55797 
TRA DLX MINDSET UPC 6-53569-55799 
Sabrblade  2010-09-20 12:19 pm
With every Transformers toyline in the U.S., there is almoast always a Japanese counterpart. When Hasbro's Transformers: Classics and Transformers: Universe toylines ran in 2006 and 2008 respectively, TakaraTomy created the Japanese equivalent of these lines in the form of a single line called "Henkei! Henkei! Transformers". After both of ...  (4 comments)
HolyGrail  2010-09-20 9:39 am
FansProject have updated their page with some nice colour pics of their upcoming Protector add-on kit for your Classics Rodimus Prime. There doesn't appear to be any paint apps on this one but it gives you and idea what the finished product will look like. Check em out!  (4 comments)
HolyGrail  2010-09-19 7:32 pm
So we've seen many add-ons, accessories and even entire figures come from the 3rd Party marketplace that often compliment existing or even future figures. However coming from BTSToys is an accessories kit for none other than G1 Optimus Prime.

It includes a Matrix, rocket pack, rifle, articulated hands (that allow him to hold the Matrix movie
HolyGrail  2010-09-18 2:53 am
There have been a few sites popping up in recent days with more pics of the eagerly anticipated MasterPiece Rodimus Convoy/Hot Rod figure. 

But the pics on show at show us some of the nitty gritty : the flip down vistor, how to actually change the face from Hot Rod to Rodimus, a buzzsaw attachment, double jointed knees, his
TriPredRavage  2010-09-17 10:01 am
High Moon Studios continues to listen to you adoring fans and has decided to do something special!  Today (Sept 17) at 6:00pm Pacific Time, High Moon is hosting a 5x XP event.  Anybody playing multi-player matches at that time on either PS3, XBox 360, or PC will earn FIVE TIMES the XP Rewards and level up faster than ever!!

So ...  (3 comments)
DocWho  2010-09-17 7:42 am
GogDog of the TFW2005 Boards has revealed on his Twitter page the latest Perfect Effect product; PX-02, containing Kingbat VS Ninja. Kingbat, of course, is a new Ratbat, and Ninja is a re-imagining of the recent meme Rosanna into a Classics-styled toy. Kingbat can turn into a trident for Classics Megatron to use, and Ninja transforms into a ...  (2 comments)
Perceptor  2010-09-15 9:07 pm
It's amazing to me that so much sweetness is happening out in public view! has posted a fantastic gallery of images from the set of Transformers 3.  The Live Action Movie Blog also has a different set of pictures, complete with YouTube video links.  Images show Shia and Rosie's stunt double being hooked up with ...  (2 comments)
HolyGrail  2010-09-15 12:36 am
NOTE: I would like to apologize in advance for the overuse of the word "head" in this post... have posted a detailed gallery showing just what you will get if you pre-ordered the Hothead upgrade kit produced by third party company HeadRobots. Not only does this neat little kit add a bunch of extras to your Universe ...  (5 comments)
HolyGrail  2010-09-14 7:47 pm
Perennial TF supplier Big Bad Toy Store have a listing for the upcoming MP-9 Masterpiece Rodimus Prime.  Arrival date is listed as Jan 2011 and the price sits at a hefty $199USD.   HobbyLink Japan also have it listed for roughly the same price. 

Folks, it's pre-order time! 
HolyGrail  2010-09-14 1:30 am
Remember when you first saw the trailer for War for Cybertron and how bad-ass Prime was swinging his honking huge axe around? Of course you do. Now as great as the Generations toy representation is, he was sans-axe. Enter the newest 3rd party company on the block - CorbotV.  Their debut piece looks to correct this minor oversight as ...  (2 comments)
HolyGrail  2010-09-13 9:16 pm
Mastermind Creations have put up a poll on their website about the upcoming repaint of their Knight Morpher Commander (Optimus from Hearts of Steel). It's already confirmed that it's going to be a black repaint but whats different about it is that YOU get to decide if he's an ally of the original, and enemy (ala Nemesis Prime) or a stealth ops ...  (2 comments)
Perceptor  2010-09-10 10:36 pm
I figured with there being a little extra traffic to the site due to the TF3 Detroit set pix, it was finally time to part with one of my two prized possessions from this summer's Botcon trip.

HERE you will find my AFA graded, G1 Perceptor!  The toy and packaging are in beautiful condition, in the upper left, front of the case, I
Perceptor  2010-09-10 2:15 pm   (page update)
Yesterday, we had the great pleasure to visit the set of Transformers 3, in a less than posh neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan.  Complete gallery HERE  Highlights include: 
A NEW DECEPTICON! (Could this be Payload?) -No one on set could tell us!  -I honestly think some of the kind crewmen we talked to would
HolyGrail  2010-09-10 3:45 am
Early reports seemed to suggest that the upcoming Transformers 3 movie was NOT going to make use of 3D technology. However, none less than Michael Bay himself has come out and shot down such theories: 
Who is this moron posting about what I'm shooting with??? People have no idea how hard we have worked to bring 3D
HolyGrail  2010-09-09 7:52 pm
iGear have updated their site with a slew of pics on their upcoming PP03 line of Conehead Seekers in the almost-Masterpiece-scale. They include Elegy (Dirge), Jet (Ramjet) and Attack (Thrust). 

Regardless of what you think of the legalities of iGears' activities, you can't deny that these things look the part. 
HolyGrail  2010-09-09 7:33 pm
Thanks to KOToys and longtime reviewer peaugh we have a very nice detailed video look at the Takara Wingblade Optimus Prime from TF Animated. 

Me wants! 
DocWho  2010-09-09 5:23 pm
Just in case you missed it, the deadline to enter our second Forum Contest has been extended a week! The winner will receive a free PlayStation Network code to download DLC Pack #1! 

And be sure to stay tuned for when we give away the other PSN codes, hopefully sometime later this month!
 (comments in forum)
DocWho  2010-09-09 12:19 pm
Site friend (and excellent online store) BigBadToyStore has put up preorders for Fansproject's Classics Rodimus upgrade kit; Protector. You can secure yours for $82 here.

Oh, and did I mention that their Targetmaster for Rodimus is up for preorder too? For the measly sum of TEN DOLLARS?

That's right. The best looking Targetmaster ever
HolyGrail  2010-09-09 9:09 am
TFW2005 has posted up a cast list for the upcoming Transformers: Prime show. 

Highlights include Peter Cullen as Optimus, Frank Welker as Megatron, Steve Blum as Starscream (Steve has featured in War for Cybertron as the Narrator, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 as Wolverine and Batman Arkham Asylum's Killer Croc!) and Kevin Michael
HolyGrail  2010-09-09 5:12 am
There is footage circulating that claims to show the accident that put TF3 extra Gabriela Cedillo into intensive care both at TFLAMB and Aeromental. It shows a white car skidding out of control which is said to belong to the 24 year old aspiring actor. However depending on who you believe, some claim this is not the case. 

As yet there is
HolyGrail  2010-09-09 4:55 am
As the Bay-machine rolls on and says good-bye to Chicago, some interesting tidbits about the planned shoot in Florida are coming to light. In particular, the possible inclusion of an ACTUAL space-shuttle launch being used in the film. Astrotrain anyone???

Props to the Transformers Live Action Movie Blog for the interesting tid-bit. 

HolyGrail  2010-09-09 4:41 am
Details about next years TFcon have announced:

The 10th annual Canadian Transformers Collectors Convention will be held July 30th and 31st at a new location; the Delta Meadowvale Resort and Conference Centre, 6750 Mississauga Road, in Mississauga, Ontario. With this new location comes free parking for all attendees of TFcon 2011. 


HolyGrail  2010-09-09 4:36 am
Straight from the horses mouth:
BotCon and TCC toys have always been hot items, and one of the very few
items we still have in stock is about to sell out due to our great Labor
Day sale!

There are only 5 Descent in to Evil loose sets and then they are gone
for good!

Also, we are running a special on Astrotrain/Airrazor.
HolyGrail  2010-09-09 4:20 am
Fire up the console, turn up the volume and prepare to taste the latest goodness from Activision and High Moon Studios - Transformers War for Cybertron DLC #2 has arrived!

As suspected, the two new bots joining the ranks are Zeta Prime and Dead End. Both are available in four-player co-op Escalation modes in addition to their chassis being
HolyGrail  2010-09-06 7:46 pm
Thanks to Amazon we've got a sneak preview to some more characters and the look and feel of the upcoming Transformers Prime. 

Check out the details and release date of the book here but also be be sure to check out the "Inside this Book" section where you'll find pictures of Cliffjumper, Arcee and our first glimpse at Starscream! 
Sabrblade  2010-09-05 11:26 am
As more news of the upcoming Transformers: Prime cartoon is revealed, the more good the series is looking to be. And it just got even better! For another one of the voice cast memebers for the series has been revealed.

A YouTube video taken at the SacAnime 2010 convention has revealed the voice of the Transformers: Prime incarnation of Starscream. ...  (13 comments)
DocWho  2010-09-04 8:43 pm
The developers of War for Cybertron, High Moon Studios, have supplied us with several codes for the first DLC pack in time for the second DLC's release. All you have to do is post what you think could be improved in the game! In order to enter, simply click the "comments in forum" button below my post and good luck to all! The contest ends on ...  (comments in forum)
HolyGrail  2010-09-04 4:09 pm
Check out some clearer pics of the up-coming Grimstone and the Dinobots Power Core Combiner set at Yahoo Japan. 

For this reporters money, can't say I'm overly convinced - it's more the name than anything that sells it. What's your thoughts?
HolyGrail  2010-09-04 4:03 am
If you happened to check the ticker (the RSS type feed in the game) you'll probably have seen a mention that a new DLC pack will be available soon. Dates given are September 7 for US release and Sep 8 for UK. (Presumably one for NTSC and one for PAL versions) 

No more details about the content have been given but if it's anything like the
HolyGrail  2010-09-03 9:35 pm
Not sure if the upcoming Wave 3 of HFTD is quite your thing? Well check out these extensive galleries posted over at HK-TF.

The trident wielding TerraDive and the re-born Headmaster Highbrow are yours for the drooling!

HolyGrail  2010-09-03 9:27 pm
Whilst we've received some amazing non-official products in recent times, it seems even the best need to make use of the time-honored repaint once in a while...

FansProject, the people who brought us the City Commander upgrade, the Bruticus add-ons and the Warbot Defender recently posted a pic of their next upcoming peice :
Perceptor  2010-09-02 7:45 pm
Various media outlets including the Associated Press, The Chicago Sun Times, etc. are reporting that one of the movie 'extras' involved in filming of Transformers 3 was critically injured during filming of what may be this scene, captured by a fan on Cline Avenue, Hammond, IN.  The victim, 24 year old Gabriella Cedillo, remains in a ...  (4 comments)
HolyGrail  2010-09-02 7:41 am
Hasbro has recently applied for 4 new trademarks: 

 - Spark Your Summer
 - Autobot Alliance
 - Destination Earth
 - Unlock the Secrets

It's highly likely one or more of these relate to the currently filming TF3. "Autobot Alliance" is however the Japanese name for Hunt for the Decepticons figures. Or
HolyGrail  2010-09-02 2:36 am
Takara keep filling the void in our Animated collections! Check out this awesome gallery by KOToys of the upcoming figure. Interestingly, it's a mix of translucent and solid plastics with the solid parts acting as 'highlights' rather than the reverse. Plenty of comparison shots with regular (Voyager) Prime and his (Deluxe) crystal Sons of ...  (3 comments)
HolyGrail  2010-09-02 12:19 am
Hot off the press from RobotKingdom, have a read of the bios for the just released Cybertronian Soundwave and Red Alert. 

Soundwave is one of the most sophisticated electronics and communications experts on Cybertron. His body is heavily armored and shielded to protect the sensitive communications gear hidden
HolyGrail  2010-09-02 12:02 am
As the filming crew rolls out (inside joke 1) of Chicago, this bit of footage claims to have spotted Sentinal Prime. The security guard keeping people at bay (inside joke 2) even tells us as much. Said guard also claims that Sentinal is "Optimus Prime's father". As far as I can see, it resembles more of an Ultra Magnus Animated style vehicle. Keep ...  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2010-09-01 11:16 pm
Josh Nizzi, concept artist who brought the world designs from many ROTF characters before the film has updated his blog with a interesting drawing showing Optimus Prime combined with his trailer.  (I like the axe tho!)  Is this what it's going to look like?  Time will tell!  Too bad the 'holographic locator' couldn't be seen in ...  (4 comments)
Perceptor  2010-08-29 10:22 pm   (page update)
Thumbnails for all 2010 in-package Transformers have been uploaded/linked to the respective items in the Sightings & Reviews database.  In addition, you'll find many (~200) new images in our Package Art and Instructions Archives.    From Universe Dinobots to Human Alliance Jazz. ...  (29 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-08-28 9:34 am
We've seen the unpainted prototype, and now we can see Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy (Rodimus Prime) in full color and in all four of his modes: Rodimus Convoy Vehicle Mode, Hot Rodimus Vehicle Mode, Rodimus Convoy Robot Mode (set atop his trailer's Base Mode) and Hot Rodimus Robot Mode!

Two sources have provided clear images of this beautiful ...  (7 comments)
Perceptor  2010-08-25 4:26 pm
Fun Publications Press Release:

The following Transformers comic solicitation is in the current issue of
Previews. Walk, Run, Drive to or Call your local comic shop and make sure to ask them to order TRANSFORMERS TIMELINES FALL SPECIAL: GENERATION 2 REDUX! Spotlighted with order number on Page 277 of the September Previews.

Milne cover
Perceptor  2010-08-25 4:24 pm
The 7th Annual Canadian Action Figure Expo is Saturday, October 9th, 2010 at the Delta Meadowvale Resort and Conference Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. Free parking!

The show features dealers selling Transformers (vintage and Japanese imports), Star Wars (new and vintage), GIJoe (vintage and modern), Super Heroes (Marvel, DC etc), Wrestling,
Perceptor  2010-08-19 11:18 am
TF3 filming continues in public places of Chicago!  This video shows the top of a parking garage with cars flipping explosions -Bay style!

TLAMB has updated with a number of galleries supplied by various Chicago residents and TF fans.

This one shows Shia's stunt double hanging by his arm -being carried by a Decepticon?

Here you can
Perceptor  2010-08-19 9:06 am has posted a nice gallery of the soon to be released, Generations Blurr.  If you're as excited as we are about this sweet looking toy, better go check it out!  (9 comments)
Swindle  2010-08-17 8:08 pm
Transformers Animated guy Derrick J. Wyatt has updated his blog with some of his convention sketches from around the world! Many of the drawings contain characters new to the Animated universe! Check them out at:  (8 comments)
Perceptor  2010-08-14 2:38 am has posted some new images from Transformers: Prime.  This one shows the some (not all) of the "core Autobots" including a better view of Arcee and the Autobot's new cowboy, Cliffjumper.  Ye-HA!
Ratchet and Decepticon trooper images here.
A nice close-up of Megatron
and TF:Prime human comrade and Bumblebee in
Perceptor  2010-08-14 2:31 am
TFLAMB has poste another fantastic gallery of a possible new character to appear in Transformers 3.  Although the vehicle has no faction symbol on it, it does have a giant rusty tank labeled "FLAMMABLE."  I'd say the odds are pretty good that we'll see it explode on the big screen! ;)   We shall see.  (10 comments)
Perceptor  2010-08-14 2:25 am
In case you missed it, be sure to check out news item on TFW2005 where they have posted pictures from a recent Takara-Tomy Museum Event held in Kyoto, Japan.   Images include some nifty shelf displays of Optimus Prime through the ages, as well as concept art, Japanese Animated toy offerings and various other displays.    (1 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-08-11 10:33 am
During BotCon 2010, an awards dinner was held to announce the nine inductees to the first ever Transformers Hall of Fame. Five characters and four people were inducted. During the ceremony, a video was played during presentation of each inductee, and now each of those videos has been released online on Hasbro's website for all to see.

It ...  (3 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-08-09 4:14 pm
Animated ain't dead yet in the U.S., it would seem. Even after the 42-episode TV cartoon series has reached its end, it's still alive and kicking in the form of other products. Aside from a few remaining figures that have yet to be released, one such piece of merchandise that has breathed new life into this series is the largely fanservice-filled ...  (6 comments)
DocWho  2010-08-04 3:20 pm has posted images of the Takara Museum Exclusive Transformers Animated Black Convoy, something cool, rare, and expensive that will most likely become a Holy Grail for several collectors.

However, there is a rumor going around that the production run will be extended from 300 to 1000, increasing your chances of buying one, so stay
Perceptor  2010-08-04 1:01 am
Endless fodder for fan speculation!  This YouTube video shows another, never-before-seen silver sports car (at 0:53 & 1:07).  Is this a Ferrari a Lotus?  Any car fans out there can lend us a hand to ID?   The same video also shows a mysterious, unknown red and black faced character.  It could be the
Perceptor  2010-08-04 12:26 am has posted a terrific photo of a new Autobot firetruck to appear in Transformers 3.   Videos of him rolling out can also be seen on YouTube here.  Who is it?  Nelson of Mike Bay's site has stated:

"it's not Inferno, Hot Spot or Pyro."
"I think fandom will faint when they find out who this firetruck is. 
Perceptor  2010-08-02 4:41 am
Considerably more than we were allowed to see at Botcon, the attendees of China's CybertronCon got to see character renders from the upcoming series, Transformers: Prime.  Now, thanks to TFClub, we can see them too! Click THIS PAGE to see them all. Major highlights include:

>>Transformers Prime: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee (w/ car
Perceptor  2010-08-02 3:30 am
Wow, no shortage of news coming from the latest 'official' Transformers convention in China.  TFClub has posted photos of the Hasbro presentation.  Just scroll down this page to see them all. Great stuff to highlight:
Generations (deluxe) Jazz and PERCEPTOR!
Generations (voyager) Grapple and Lugnut!
Dinobots power core
Perceptor  2010-08-02 12:51 am
Nelson Lauren, administrator for Michael Bay's site,, has posted some top notch footage of filming in Chicago.  Get a better look at what Epps and Lennox are up to, the Wreckers up-close, the stars hanging with the fandom and of course b-BANG!  AWESOME explosions!  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2010-08-02 12:25 am
Nelson, administrator on Michael Bay's blog has dropped a few hints about the mysterious blue Mercedes seen in scenes of filming TF3 in Chicago.  Specifically, he has revealed:
"The blue Mercedes is not Jolt."
" Mercedes and the Einstein-looking bot are the same."
Photos of the mystery smart bot can be seen here, here and here on
Lord Megatron  2010-08-01 12:24 pm

Wanted to let you know that the guys at High Moon Studios, award-winning developer of Transformers: War for Cybertron, are continuing to listen to fans and are hosting another double XP multiplayer weekend starting 6:00pm Pacific, Friday, July 30th through 12:00am Pacific, Monday, August 2nd.  Anyone playing in multiplayer matches on the

Lord Megatron  2010-08-01 12:13 pm


The Largest Official Gathering of TRANSFORMERS Fans Started last Friday at Landmark Brand Expo in Shanghai

 Hasbro, Inc. is kicking off the start of the first ever official TRANSFORMERS fan convention to be held in Asia, “TRANSFORMERS

Sabrblade  2010-07-30 8:50 pm

In previous news posts, we spotted three meched-out NASCAR race cars armed with all kinds of weaponry, artillery, and all kinds of armor and high-tech-looking duds. Kinda like they went through a sort of Cybertronian Pimp-My-Ride and used Energon steroids or whatnot.

Many theories and speculations about who or what these

Sabrblade  2010-07-30 10:22 am
The very first look of the prototype for the Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy (Rodimus Prime) has surfaced at the Cybertron Con convention.

First ACToys has coverage images of the convention featuring three images of Rodimus. The first is a catalog image of both modes, the second is of the vehicle mode, and the third is the base mode.

Second, iGear's ...  (2 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-07-29 12:50 pm
Images of a red jeep with the name "Rollbar" decaled onto its hood, as well as an Autobot symbol on its side, seen on the filming site of the third live action Transformers movie have shown up on the TFW2005 forums.

Whether this is a new character for the film, or merely a homage to the previous Alternators Rollbar toy, or something else entirely, ...  (8 comments)
Human Error  2010-07-28 5:24 am
War for Cybertron just got a little more awesome! Available for download on the PS3 and X-Box live networks are some new characters and map packs.

The 5 bots available are:

The four new multiplayer maps are: 

See you on the battlefield!  (9 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-07-22 10:24 pm

Straight to the point! The first trailer for the upcoming Transformers: Prime cartoon has appeared on IGN. It's very brief, featuring nothing but two Decepticon troopers walking alone and then getting a beatdown by Bumblebee, all in beautiful CGI. Go watch it! NOW!!!

Also, TFW2005 has covered the Transformers: Prime panel at San

Sabrblade  2010-07-22 1:29 pm
First seen at BotCon 2010, Optimus Prime of the upcoming Transformers: Prime cartoon has made his second public appearance at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con. This time, however, he isn't showing up as a mere image, but rather as a full-sized three-dimensional giant statue outside the entrance to the convention.

The first image of it appeared on ...  (5 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-07-22 11:57 am
At long last, the first visual signs of Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy's existence have appeared. HK-TF member redfish has stumbled upon some concept sketches of the upcoming Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy (Rodimus Prime) figure. These sketches show the design of his robot mode, vehicle mode (with trailer), robot head, and handgun weapon. He appears ...  (1 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-07-22 9:48 am

More and more news regarding the third live action Transformers movie continues to appear in just about everywhere on the Internet. Aside from the occasional video leaks and whatnot, more bits of information have come our way.

First, The Scorecard Review has several images from the Chicago film site of the movie. In these images, we are shown the

Sabrblade  2010-07-15 1:59 pm
TakaraTomy is being very generous to TF fans this year, what with their 2010 Transformers campaign as well as their other Transformers merchandise (both exclusive and non-exclusive releases).

First, in their announcement of their involvement with this year's International Tokyo Toy Show, they've included images of their two exclusives to this ...  (10 comments)
Perceptor  2010-07-15 12:28 pm
If you're looking to fill some holes in your ROTF toys collection, now might be a good time.  Various Target stores have put many of the figures on clearance to make room for the new Hunt for the Decepticons line.  Bargains found at my local outlet include:
Leader Megatron and Optimus: $24.99
Human Alliance Sideswipe: $19.99
Mainframe  2010-07-14 7:30 pm
A bit late on the uptake, but Transformers ongoing #9 hit comic shops today. The long awaited arrival of the Combaticons is over. What does their entry to the storyline have for us fans. Pick up a copy and head over to the forums to add to the ongoing storyline discussion.  (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-07-12 10:10 am
Many of us have become aware that the upcoming Transformers toyline for 2010 (which include the Hunt for the Decepticons subline) will feature a Leader Class Starscream figure based on his apppearance in the Revenge of the Fallen movie.

However, what many of us may not know is that TakaraTomy is planning their own special release of this figure in ...  (8 comments)
Perceptor  2010-07-12 8:29 am
Chicago native webmaster of has posted some great photos from the set including "Autobots Go Home!" grafitti...  Also, check out a few of the best videos that continue to emerge from the downtown Chicago set of TF3!  

*  3 "Stunticons" (?) lead Autobot car car chase!
* Stunticons lead all Autobots in pursuit,
Perceptor  2010-07-10 2:08 pm has posted images and a video from the Chicago filming going on now, which include Optimus Prime with G1-inspired trailer!  The twins in their new forms, the Ferrari, and some crazily meched out, highly  weaponized cars.  Speculation that they may be the Stunticons and/or Lockdown and Axor?!   Let the ...  (12 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-07-09 8:41 pm has put up an image gallery of all the upcoming releases of the Power Core Combiner toys. These do no solely include the ones from Wave 1 that we've seen before, but the newer ones from Wave 2 and those from future waves that were first revealed at BotCon as well.

In particular, here is a break down of the images of the figures, ...  (7 comments)
Mainframe  2010-07-06 7:04 pm
Annnnnnd we're back.

Part #3 of the Ironhide series comes out this week (remember it is on Thursday this week because of USA Independence Day). I've started a discussion thread for this series on on the forum (

Also up this week is the TPB of the Bumblebee series.

 (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-07-04 9:45 am
The official website for the Sega of Japan arcade games, Transformers Animated The Chase and Transformers Animated the Shooting, has gone live and brings with it some rather interesting images. This website, like the games themselves, is card-based and has display galleries of some of the cards used to be swiped in the games. The Robot Mode ...  (3 comments)
Perceptor  2010-07-04 12:57 am
This just in to the newsroom.  Actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will be wearing a sexy white dress in a scene of TF3.  Photos and further commentary on  More interestingly, is that silver Mercedes a robot in disguise?? has posted details of the Chicago filming sessions.

Real-D 3D has ...  (5 comments)
Perceptor  2010-07-04 12:40 am
While this year's Botcon boxed set  was sold out before the show began, one of the most humorous 'Spanglish' speaking characters: Rapido and the colorful Cindersaur are still available online through the club store.  Read Rapido's tech spec translated to English here.

Last but not least, in very uncharacteristic fashion,
Sabrblade  2010-07-02 5:16 pm
Another addition to TakaraTomy's 2010 Transformers campaign has appeared on their website; simply titled "Sons of Cybertron".

"Sons of Cybertron" is the two-pack release of Optimus Prime and Rodimus figures done in clear plastic "crystal" forms. Previously, we've seen glimpses of this set, and now we get a look at the official images. ...  (5 comments)
Jason  2010-07-01 4:29 pm

We wanted to let you know that the guys at High Moon Studios, award-winning developer of Transformers: War for Cybertron, are hosting a double XP multiplayer weekend starting this Friday, July 2nd at 6:00pm PST through Sunday, July 4th.  Anyone playing in multiplayer matches on the Xbox 360, PS3 or PC versions of the

Perceptor  2010-07-01 9:45 am
Check out the Forums where we have updated with detailed notes of the Hasbro Designers panels.  Included in the discussion we learned about upcoming Hunt for the Decepticons, Power Core Combiners and massive expansion of the Generations line, like more "Classics" toys on the way!  Bring it on!!!  (comments in forum)
DocWho  2010-06-28 9:00 pm
Jim Sorenson, one of the two geniuses behind the Allspark Almanac has posted a 5 page preview of AA2. Page 1 contains the Table of Contents, which features some cool Seeker art by Marcelo Matere. The second page contains a character profile for Yoketron, written by one of his disciples; Jazz. Page the third contains an episode guide, done using ...  (1 comments)
Perceptor  2010-06-28 12:23 pm
Check out our forums where we have organized notes from Hasbro's Transformers: Prime Panel at Botcot 2010.  Many revelations within, including the core cast of Autobots, voice actor news and more.

Sorry we didn't get to this sooner.  Truth is, we've been having too much fun throughout the show!  MORE to come!
 (comments in forum)
Perceptor  2010-06-27 12:36 am
Have to admit, we take a little pride in tonights news that's own primary site nominee has been inducted in the inaugural Transformers Hall of Fame!  The only nominated character that was not a G1 original!

Also announced is the date and location of Botcon 2011 will be held in Pasadena, CA June 4-6.
...  (comments in forum)
Jason  2010-06-25 2:04 am
- First Day Hasbro Booth Pics added

That's right Botcon is upon us and it's time for another other LIVE photo update! Our extended report will be coming out in the days following Botcon, but if you want the most up-to-date coverage, make sure to keep a watchful eye right here on our Events and Interviews Blog, Botcon 2010 ...  (9 comments)
DocWho  2010-06-24 1:53 pm
A recent article in the Chicago Tribune details the kind of shooting TF3 is going to be doing in Chicago, obviously. It contains a statement from the Chicago Film Office Director, claiming that the shooting will contain: "Flying debris, flipping cars, and stunts".

In other astonishing news, Michael Bay has announced he plans to use
...  (comments in forum)
Jason  2010-06-24 1:22 am
One of my favorite online news/media sites,, posted an audio interview with Peter Cullen (voice of G1 Optimus Prime and Ironhide) in honor of this week's newly released Transformers: War for Cybertron video game! Don't miss out on the great stories and sounds of Peter Cullen, everyone's favorite Montreal home town voice acting hero!  (1 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-06-23 8:30 am
2010 is a good year. BotCon 2010, War For Cybetron, Transformers: Prime, Generations, Power Core Combiners, Transformers (2010 toyline - including Hunt For the Decepticons), and Masterpiece Grimlock are all evidence of this. However, 2010 seems to be the gift that just keeps on giving.

As it has been stated, TakaraTomy is also ...  (8 comments)
Perceptor  2010-06-22 9:33 pm
MTV Blog has posted a short story by Alex Irvine, author of the new novel: Transformers: Exodus (available now!).   The 'real story' of how Bumblebee lost his voice, is not in the book.  What is?  Orion Pax & Alpha Trion (of G1 lore), Minicons (Armada), The Covenant of Primus (featured  in Beast Wars...), " ...  (7 comments)
TriPredRavage  2010-06-22 12:06 pm
Thanks to the fine folks over at Activision, we at got our hands on a prerelease copy of War for Cybertron!  Now you can read my review of the game in the Eventes Section: War for Cybertron!  So go ahead and check it out!  (8 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-06-22 9:28 am

"Til All Are One (Transformers Theme) from the album In This Life is featured in the new Activision game Transformers: The War For Cybertron being released June 22nd.

Emmy award winning artist, Stan Bush is best known for his song "The Touch" featured in the 1986 cult-classic, Transformers: The Movie. An anthem for Transformers
Perceptor  2010-06-22 9:07 am
You're seen & heard the hype (if you still haven't watched J's outstanding video interview, DO IT NOW!! :) even read about its awesomeness!    What else can we say?!  It looks great & sounds phenomenal, and the game play is out of this world!  Go get yourself a copy and let's start playing!
 (comments in forum)
Perceptor  2010-06-19 8:17 am
Here's something to cheer about!  It appears that Hasbro has heeded fan's request and got rid of those god awful, nail-ripping, finger-hurting, plastic coated metal twist-ties!  New toys are now packaged with scissor friendly twist-ties made of (it's basically) twisted up tissue paper.  They're soft, easier to undo (or cut), gentler
...  (comments in forum)
Fallen  2010-06-19 12:05 am
Hasbro has revealed that the Masterpiece Grimlock will be available at  Toys R Us stores starting on July 1st, 2010. This version of Masterpiece Grimlock comes with the crown, but without other accessories such as the apron, cup tray etc. Paint work is closer to Takara version MP-08, accessories provided are similar to ...  (4 comments)
Swindle  2010-06-17 1:17 pm
Saturday, July 3rd!   The signing for the first Allspark Almanac at Emerald Knights in Burbank, CA was a huge success! Head over and meet the folks involved!

Read more at: Jim Sorenson's Blog and  Derrick J W'yatt's Blog  (1 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-06-17 9:22 am
New, high-resolution official images of many upcoming Transformers
(2010) and Generations figures have surfaced on the Internet. TFW2005 has collected these images together for viewing pleasure.

For the Generations line, there are images of Darkmount (Straxus), Cybertronian Megatron, Red Alert, and Cybertronian Soundwave.

For the 2010 ...  (5 comments)
DocWho  2010-06-16 9:51 pm has revealed the packaging for their 2010 con exclusive; Nightbird! Nightbird is a remold of the Impossible Toys Valkyrie/Medic mold. If you want to get your hands on this exclusive, but aren't going to be able to attend the show, be sure to register for the non-attending package soon!  (3 comments)
DocWho  2010-06-14 8:38 pm
Yes, for the second year in a row, Derrick Wyatt, the lead art designer for Transformers Animated, returns to Canada's largest Transformers convention: TFCon! Mr. Wyatt will be participating in a Q&A panel and autograph sessions, much like last year.

If you're planning to show up, be sure to pre-register for the con here!
 (comments in forum)
Perceptor  2010-06-13 8:07 pm has put up a pre-order page, including an image of the cover.  The image features a movie-esque logo, an "animated-movie-verse" Bumblebee and G1-style background, written by Alex Kurtzman & Robert Orci.  Inquiring minds want to know:  

Does this glimpse of Transformers future excite or scare you?
 (comments in forum)
Perceptor  2010-06-13 10:44 am
Since quitting from TF3 (or was it getting fired? The world may never know!), Transformers former-leading lady Megan Fox has been to Maui, Hawaii & back,  got her boyfriend's name tatooed on her pelvis (apparently a publicity stunt to show how happy she is) and if you still miss her, check out her ET interview ...  (9 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-06-11 8:46 pm
Finally completing all of the information links on their website, BotCon has launched the schedules for its Panels & Seminars and Special Events. The various activities going on this year include autograph sessions by the special guests (Peter Cullen, Stan Bush, Paul Eiding, Scott McNeil, etc); panels by Hasbro, Activision, the guests, and ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2010-06-11 11:16 am
Major TF3 revelations posted in USA Today article, include:

-- It will be in 3D.
-- "As a trilogy, it really ends," Bay says. "It could be rebooted again, but I think it has a really killer ending."
-- Twins (Skids/Mudflap) "are basically gone..."  said Bay, "One thing we're getting rid of is... dorky comedy."  
-- Big
...  (comments in forum)
Mechafire  2010-06-10 1:55 pm
In anticipation of the new Transformers game coming out in less than two weeks, High Moon Studios has released a multiplayer demo through Xbox Live, to whet your appetites. Go play it, then come back and let us know what you think in the forums!  (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-06-10 12:41 am
Way back in March, we received our first glimpse at the design of Bumblebee as he will appear in the upcoming Transformers: Prime cartoon.  However, all we got to see of him was merely his head, right arm, and parts of his upper body. Now, we have a look at his full body.

HissTank forum member gunslingercbr took a few snapshots of the Hasbro ...  (6 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-06-09 12:40 am
Following the news of Stan Bush and Paul Eiding being special guests at BotCon 2010 comes the announcement of one more guest - none other than Scott McNeil!!!

Scott is known for providing the voices of many character roles throughout the various Transformers series. In Beast Wars he was Rattrap, Dinobot (and his speaking clones), Waspinator, ...  (3 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-06-09 12:32 am
It would seem that Hasbro has been keeping a very tight lip about any info regarding the upcoming Transformers: Prime cartoon. However, has a listing for a graphic novel based on the upcoming series that may shed some light on things. The listing for this book gives a description of it that could very well reveal the plot to the ...  (1 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-06-09 12:25 am
As we draw closer and closer to the opening day of the third live action Transformers movie, we are given more and more bits of information about it little by little. And now, an actual glimpse of the teaser poster for the movie has been revealed at During an exclusive visit to Paramount Pictures, they received images of some ...  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2010-06-07 8:21 pm has updated with news of unfathomable magnitude!  Mr. Paul Eiding, voice of (me!) G1 original Perceptor will make his debut  appearance as panel guest of Botcon 2010!  Might one surmise the great Autobot Scientist may return in the impending series Transformers: Prime of the Hub Network?  Let us hope.

DocWho  2010-06-06 7:50 pm has put up an auction for Hunt for the Decepticons Banzai-Tron (a repaint of ROTF Bludgeon), in both Tank and Robot modes! Check out all the pictures for this repaint here!  (4 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-06-05 10:18 am
Currently, it would seem that the Transformers Animated toyline is nearing its end, but it refuses to die just yet! Following the releases of the Deluxes Arcee and Cybertron Mode Ratchet, two more figures may be seeing the light of day.

Well, this we already know, as it had been stated previously that the Deluxes Rodimus Minor and Ironhide would ...  (3 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-06-04 4:18 pm has posted what looks to be the programming schedule for The Hub (the new channel which will air the new Transformers: Prime cartoon). Not only is Prime included in the lineup, but so are The Transformers (the Generation 1 cartoon) and Beast Wars!!! Plus, many more programs, old and new, are included. To see the whole schedule, click ...  (13 comments)
TriPredRavage  2010-06-04 11:54 am
What's awesome?  This new trailer for Transformers: War for Cybertron from E3, that's what!  Check it out!  (6 comments)
Jason  2010-06-04 4:11 am
Wednesday night, Activision, High Moon Studios, and Hasbro put together an awesome hands-on Transformers: War for Cybertron game event in downtown San Francisco! The embargo for posting news on the event lifts at 8am PST this morning, so make sure to drop by the Events and Interviews Blog this morning to check out our report! You won't want to ...  (4 comments)
Brian  2010-06-01 11:09 am
I have two unrelated collecting hobbies: Transformers of course, and second, coins.  These two collecting worlds really never overlap, so you can imagine my surprise when someone told me about 2 Transformers branded and licensed legal tender commemorative 99.9% silver proofs.

Little island country, Tuvalu, is too small to mint their own ...  (2 comments)
DocWho  2010-06-01 9:16 am
PerfectEffect has updated their site with teasers for their new line of 3rd party products for 2010. You can see the teasers here.

Speculate as to what these things are on our forums!
 (comments in forum)
Perceptor  2010-06-01 8:48 am
The days when we went to see Transformers films just to see robots changing form and kicking @$$ may be done!  Victoria's Secret has posted a nice little video congratulating the new female star in Transformers 3.  Congrats Ms. Huntington-Whiteley!  Warning to our site's younger viewers, said video is, let's say PG-13.  (11 comments)
TriPredRavage  2010-05-31 7:32 pm
Check out this great new GameStop commercial showcasing Shockwave's musical tastes!  You won't be disappointed!  (11 comments)
Jason  2010-05-28 3:28 pm
Released By Hasbro this morning!

We are excited to announce the launch of two great, new Hasbro ‘Summer Savings’ promotions for our TRANSFORMERS and STAR WARS brands.  Starting today, through July 31, 2010, when you purchase $25 or more of select Hasbro TRANSFORMERS or STAR WARS products, you will receive
Sabrblade  2010-05-27 10:50 am
Hot on the heels of the previous news bits regarding the 2010 release of TakaraTomy's G1 Unicron comes one more piece of info. The toy's packaging has been revealed at the Unicron page of TakaraTomy's 2010 Transformers campaign website.

This packaging looks golden... literally! A large black box with great image of Unicron done in golden yellow ...  (3 comments)
DocWho  2010-05-26 3:23 pm has announced another guest: Stan Bush! Best known to the Transformers fan community for his songs "The Touch" (and its remake), "Dare", which appeared in the 1986 movie. So, if Stan Bush showing up at BotCon was a deal breaker for you, fret no longer and rejoice at this piece of news!  (comments in forum)
Perceptor  2010-05-26 2:31 pm
Several outlets: Deadline New YorkIMDB, Movieline...are reporting that newcomer Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will take on the lead role in Transformers 3.

While circumstances surrounding Ms. Fox absence are still being discerned, one thing is for sure, Michael didn't fire her to get an actress with more acting ability/experience.
Jason  2010-05-25 3:40 pm
Don't miss out on the next new War for Cybertron trailer focusing on the Multiplayer Experience

As well, if you're a UK resident, make sure to nation wide competition to find the biggest Transformers fan in the whole United Kingdom. (details below)

The Search for the Biggest Transformers Fan Rolls Out Across the UK

Do you

Perceptor  2010-05-24 7:50 pm
Keep an eye in your mailboxes, arriving soon (if it hasn't already), the latest issue of Transformers Collector Club Magazine, featuring interviews w/ Gregg Berger (G1 Grimlock) and Hasbro's Matt Proulx and first time seen photo of War for Cybertron Soundwave in both modes >looks amazing!

Other than WFC Soundwave, the 'revelations are pretty
Sabrblade  2010-05-24 9:24 am
It seems that the legendary Chaos Bringer is here to stay for 2010 as more and more images & information regarding the new G1 redecoed/remolded figure of Unicron keep pouring in. And this time, we've got the first large and official images of the figure, showing off its Robot Mode, Planet Mode, and special features & gimmicks. All ...  (4 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-05-22 10:15 am
Following the previous news of TakaraTomy's campaign for the Transformers toys of 2010 comes more info with more images.

Scans of Figure Oh! magazine issue 48 at the blog of Cybergundam reveal more images of these new exclusive items. Of noted importance is the new G1 Unicron redeco/remold of Armada Unicron. This time, we see the figure in a bigger ...  (5 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-05-20 7:37 pm

Some of this news may actually be a tad belated, but it's too good to ignore any longer. In 2010, the Transformers franchise is taking some new directions with its products. Known Hasbro plans include the generically-named "Transformers" toyline (including the movie-based "Hunt for the Decepticons" subline), the "Power Core Combiners" toyline, the

Sabrblade  2010-05-20 4:47 pm
Following up on the revelation that Peter Cullen would be lending his voice to a character in the upcoming Transformers: Prime cartoon, more news has come about.

Two pieces of information regarding the cartoon has been spoken of by Roberto Orci on the Don Murphy Message Board.

One is that, when asked about the series is coming along, Orci made the ...  (4 comments)
Perceptor  2010-05-19 11:33 pm
Straight from the source, Don Murphy, producer of the first two Transformers movies updated his Facebook page, "Yes Megan is out of Transformers 3. You probably care more about it than I do."

Just in case you thought this is a "campaign of false information from Bay..." better start belivin'!
 (comments in forum)
Mechafire  2010-05-19 6:01 pm
UPDATE:  She's out!  The report from has been confirmed by Access Hollywood & Entertainment Tonight... Both outlets site sources within Paramount Pictures, confirming the story!  Similar stories also can be found on IMDBCNN and YahooMovies.

... had posted an ...  (comments in forum)
Jason  2010-05-19 12:10 pm has posted another new trailer for Transformers: War for Cybertron. This new trailer focuses on Campaign & Mission Design. War for Cybertron will be released on June 22nd. There are all kinds of exciting pre-order retailer exclusives. Don't so don't miss out by forgetting to pre-order, but choose carefully... ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2010-05-18 3:08 pm
Get into the action with the Titan Comics latest issue of Transformers Comic set amidst the World Cup in South Africa! Don’t get sidelined – make sure you check out this fantastic issue on sale Thursday 20th May

INSIDE OUT – defeated by Jolt, Bludgeon is restrained in a NEST
Jason  2010-05-18 2:34 pm
JB Hi-Fi announced a pre-order incentive (note: not directly listed as an exclusive) 16 page War for Cybertron IDW comic! This is the first the fandom has heard of such a publication, and today we also get to see what looks to be the comic cover image on JB Hi-Fi's pre-order pages. Is this just a free incentive or pre-order exclusive? Will it ...  (2 comments)
Jason  2010-05-18 2:30 pm

“Storefront” applications debut as top downloads on iPad™
Free apps include three free comics each

San Diego, CA (May 17, 2010) – IDW Publishing and Hasbro are proud to announce that TRANSFORMERS Comics and G.I. JOE Comics applications are available now on the Apple iPad. Taking full advantage of the iPad’s

Sabrblade  2010-05-17 1:04 am
An article at AdvertisingAge talks extensively about the new Hasbro/Discovery joint venture channel, The Hub, going into detail about the many features that this channel will have to offer.

Among the various things mentioned, one of them regards the new Transformers series, Transformers: Prime, that will have long-time fans squeeing with joy and ...  (12 comments)
Perceptor  2010-05-14 5:33 pm   (page update)
HUGE updates (nealy 600 new images!) have been uploaded & are ready for viewing  in our Package Art & Instructions Archives.  You can also access this data from the Transformers Database & selecting AnimatedROTF, etc... Whichever format suits you!

Highest volume additions are in:
Sabrblade  2010-05-14 5:17 pm
Previously, we reported images of the upcoming BotCon 2010 exclusive figures Sky-Byte and Sharkticon, both to be redecos of the Energon Sharkticon mold, and now the official preview of Sky-Byte has been put up on BotCon's website.

Sky-Byte is not only a redeco but a remold as well, featuring an all new headsculpt based on that of the RiD Sky-Byte ...  (7 comments)
TriPredRavage  2010-05-14 3:59 pm
Neil Kaplan, the voice of Optimus Prime in Transformers: Robots in Disguise has been busy lately doing some online interviews talking about all sorts of voice over goodies, of course including his time in the iconic role.  Check these bad boys out!  First, at Chainsaw Buffet you can have The Neil Kaplan Experience!  ...  (5 comments)
Jason  2010-05-13 9:47 pm
We've uploaded all new galleries of a whole slew of new Hasbro promo pictures including figures from Generations, Legends, Activators and role-play, Hunt for the Decepticons (Movie), and Power[ ]Core Combiners sub-lines. Click on the links to check out the galleries.   (5 comments)
TriPredRavage  2010-05-13 5:42 pm
Hey crew!  As we all know by now, War for Cybertron is going to be featuring an awesome storyline chronicling the beginning of the Great War.  Now you can go behind the scenes for a little bit more of an in depth look for the storyline of WfC at Gametrialers!  Check it out!  (8 comments)
Jason  2010-05-13 1:47 am
As you are surely well aware, FansProject has been working on another gestalt upgrade kit similar to the one they made for the Arialbots, only this one provides two whole new figures along with the accessory/upgrade kits (which bare a striking resemblance to former G1 Combaticons). FansProject updated site today with all new ...  (2 comments)
Jason  2010-05-13 1:38 am
The official Transformers: War for Cybertron website was updated today with, this time, an announcement of not 2, but 3 new characters including Autobots: Jetfire, and Sideswipe, and Decepticon Thundercracker!  (150 comments)
Jason  2010-05-12 2:14 am
Seemingly not yet live on, a new promotional CGI Short for Botcon 2010 has been spotted on youtube (as were made for Botcon 2009 seen here and here). This year's promo short is a fantastic throwback to the original (far worse quality, but totally awesome at the time) CGI Generation 2 television intro.  (1 comments)
Jason  2010-05-12 2:02 am
Over at, they just released pictures of another character/figure in their 2010 Botcon Exclusive Boxset. This time the figure is none other than Universe Onslaught with a new head an a fantastically Generation 2 color schemed with all kinds of great deco nods to the European only figure Clench!  (1 comments)
Perceptor  2010-05-11 9:24 pm
The very same day as Michael Bay posts on his own web page, "The twins are not back in T3.", a report from Leftlanenews shows off some pix of what certainly appear to be revamped and amped Skids and Mudflap.  Be sure to hit the left-right scrollbar to see all the images, including Autobot symbols in the center of the hubcaps.  

Perceptor  2010-05-11 8:01 am
Filming for Transformers 3 is underway!  Ben Brown has posted a great video clip on YouTube with a scene of a car getting thrown to the side!  

The poster also claims to have seen Skids and Mudflap cars driving in/out of a scene...  Which prompted a lightning fast response from Mike Bay himself, who had this to say:
"The Twins
...  (comments in forum)
Perceptor  2010-05-10 1:31 pm
What a great news day!  As if there wasn't already enough features to Transformers: War For Cybertron to fire us up!  Now we can check out an all new video up on YouTube showing off the games Multiplayer Character Customization.  Very cool indeed!  (comments in forum)
Perceptor  2010-05-10 12:49 pm
TRANSFORMERS fans around the world may visit starting today and cast their online vote to select a fifth robot to join the inaugural class.
The ballot of finalists was created with input from several TRANSFORMERS collector fan media sites, which conducted their own online polling to ensure the ballot represented the
...  (comments in forum)
Perceptor  2010-05-10 12:43 pm
Today Hasbro announced that they are inducting 4 (real human) people into the Transformers Hall of Fame, those most influential in the development of the Transformers brand... Check out the press release (below) and DISCUSS in the forums!

TRANSFORMERS Fans May Participate
...  (comments in forum)
Perceptor  2010-05-09 12:37 pm
The next two playable characters for Transformers: War for Cybertron have been revealed:   SILVERBOLT and BRAWL!  Check out images through links to their official site, character bios below:  

Class: Scout
Chassis: Jet
Primary Weapon: Photon Burst Rifle
Abilities: Shockwave, Barrier
Sabrblade  2010-05-07 9:45 pm
The fifth and final nominee for the Fan's Choice slot in the Transformers Hall of Fame has been revealed to be none other then the legendary Beast Wars character Dinobot! Unlike the other four, he's the only non-G1 nominee to choose from, representing an era that drastically changed the entire Transformers brand forever (and for the better).

Jason  2010-05-06 12:34 pm   (page update)
Exclusive Multimedia Interview with High Moon Studios Design Team

Don't miss out on the very exciting 20 minute exclusive multimedia Interview with High Moon Studios' Design Team members:
Shawn Miller – Animation Director 
Ivan Power – Lead Artist 
Jim Daily – Lead Concept Artist
Perceptor  2010-05-06 10:52 am
The first voice actor guest for TFcon 2010 is Mark Ryan. He began working on the 2007 film Transformers during filming as the on-set voice of several different robots. This work continued throughout filming and into editing, prior to the actual casting of voice-over talent. He was then cast as the voice of the character Bumblebee. Ryan also voices
Perceptor  2010-05-06 10:45 am
Ben Yee of has posted some terrific shots of Power Core toys in pack including Huffer with Caliburst, Searchlight with Backwind and Smolder with Chopster.  (4 comments)
Perceptor  2010-05-06 10:22 am
Check out to see the 4th nominee in the Hall of Fame contest.  So far they have not included our site's top choice Dinobot...  (but have included many of our others) We'll see tomorrow...  (4 comments)
Jason  2010-05-06 2:44 am
Hands on Story Mode Impressions
At High Moon Studios, had the opportunity to get hands on time playing two levels of the up coming Transformers: War for Cybertron in Story Mode. From what I saw of those two levels, I was very impressed! Check out the Events and Interviews section for the Part One of our War for ...  (1 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-05-06 1:24 am
With all the hype of BotCon 2010's happening about, several reportings of new exclusive figures have been coming in left and right. Before, the brochure of the event revealed to us that the theme of this year's BotCon would be Generation 2, and the five-figure exclusive box set would be called Generation 2 - Redux!

Within the confinements of this ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2010-05-05 2:27 pm
MTV is reporting that Patrick Dempsey, the hunky star of the med drama Grey's Anatomy. has been signed to a "dark character" role in , Transformers 3, Mikela's boss.  Good deal, now I won't have to work so hard to get the misses to come w/ me to the theater opening night!  (5 comments)
Jason  2010-05-05 12:35 pm
Fan’s Choice finalists for TRANSFORMERS HALL OF FAME – Nominee #3 TRANSFORMERS fans around the world were asked, who should be inducted into TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame. Voting will start on Monday, May 10th with 5 candidates nominated by Fans to choose from.

Fan’s choice nominee #3 is: AUTOBOT JAZZ
"I do everything with
Jason  2010-05-05 12:16 pm


As the quest to become the ultimate weapon intensifies, the destruction that awaits is revealed with the release of the new Transformers: War for Cybertron trailer, showcasing the online multiplayer modes that will challenge every gamer who dares to participate.


Featured in the trailer are game modes Team

Jason  2010-05-05 4:48 am
We've got all kinds of news regarding last week's High Moon Studios Visit, and the embargo will finally lift as of tomorrow morning! We've got so much exciting news that we'll be releasing it incrementally in the next few days. To wet your whistle, we're showing off all new game play screen captures. See them in the events and ...  (0 comments)
Perceptor  2010-05-04 3:59 pm
After tallying results from several Transformers fan site/forums, (including!), Hasbro is excited to reveal 5 nominees for the "Fan's Choice" slot in the inaugural class of Transformers Hall of Fame.  Each day this week, Hasbro will unveil one more candidate on Monday's nominee here and Tuesday's here! ...  (7 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-05-04 12:02 pm
An order page at Entertainment Earth has revealed the first images of an all new Transformers toy for 2010: Banzai-Tron!

Banzai-Tron is a straight redeco of the ROTF Voyager Bludgeon figure, but features a color scheme that both resembles that of the Generation One Action Master Banzai-Tron, as well as further brings out the details of the figure's ...  (1 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-05-03 12:10 am
Lately, there has been very little talk about the next Transformers cartoon, Transformers: Prime. Not much of what we have been told about it really gives us any good clue as to what it'll be about and feature. But, we take what we get I guess. And what we have here is another piece to add to the puzzle: the series logo.

Advertising Age ...  (13 comments)
Jason  2010-04-28 8:45 pm
Today the official Transformers: War for Cybertron videogame site updates, showing off new never before seen characters Warpath and Barricade!

It turns out that the embargo on news/impressions/event posting on our trip to the High Moon Studios has been extended from Thursday until next week now, so keep your eyes out here, and at the
Perceptor  2010-04-28 11:30 am


NEW YORK, NY – April 27, 2010 – Del Rey, an imprint of Ballantine Books at the Random House Publishing Group, announced today that Del Rey Books will publish TRANSFORMERS: EXODUS.  Telling one of the most important stories in the TRANSFORMERS canon, this novel

Perceptor  2010-04-28 8:39 am
Transformers fans online community continues to grow!  Check out 2 interesting members on Facebook:  Optimus Prime and Megatron (yes, both for real!)  By the way, if you are Facebook'ers like us, be sure to sign up for news by clicking Like/Become a Fan!

Thought you might get as big of a kick out of this as I did!
Brian  2010-04-27 10:22 pm
We've been informed of a certain voice actor guest for TFCon 2010...

The first voice actor guest for TFcon 2010 is Mark Ryan. He began working on the 2007 film Transformers during filming as the on-set voice of several different robots. This work continued throughout filming and into editing, prior to the actual casting of voice-over ...  (0 comments)
Jason  2010-04-27 4:21 am
With its mid summer release date drawing ever closer, is stepping up its coverage of the exciting upcoming videogame Transformers: War for Cybertron. Today will be showing up at High Moon Studios to get up close and personal! With interviews with the developers, live hands on game reviews, and news so exciting that ...  (8 comments)
Jason  2010-04-26 3:56 pm
War for Cybertron news keeps rolling in (more tomorrow, I assure you ;^) Today we find out that Jazz will be offered as another retailer exclusive downloadable character, this time for Best Buy! Once you can manage to peal your eyes away from the beautiful character still, don't forget to check out this video of Jazz in action kickin' some ...  (3 comments)
Perceptor  2010-04-25 7:21 pm
If you haven't seen it already, check out official site for Transformers official collector event.    Now reflecting this year's "G2 Redux" theme,  exclusive figures inclue:  Spark, Breakdown (a new mold version of the first Botcon exclusive toy ever!), Streetstar (guess they couldn't get
Brian  2010-04-21 9:23 pm
War For Cybertron website unveils two new characters, Ironhide & Skywarp.  Follow links for pics.  Profiles below.

Class: Soldier
Chassis: Truck
Primary Weapon: EMP Shotgun
Abilities: Whirlwind, Dash
Description: Ironhide is the oldest Autobot on the team. He is the slowest Autobot on the team. He is also ...  (3 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-04-21 9:36 am
Got some more news regarding the Japanese Transformers Animated seires and toyline.

First, the full-length version of the opening theme song, Transformers Evo., has been released on YouTube for all to listen to. And, as epic as the TV size edited version was, the full length song is 1000x more amazing and epically awesome!

Also, an English subtitled ...  (4 comments)
Perceptor  2010-04-20 9:48 am
Hasbro the site visitors of!  It has been requested of us that we weigh in on the topic. So how about it!? Already to be inducted into the Transformers Hall of Fame are G1 characters: Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee and Starscream, but they need a fifth. Who should it be?

Of course, my vote goes to Perceptor who, when
Sabrblade  2010-04-19 10:23 am
Back when the Transformers Animated toyline was nearing the end of its peak in 2009, there were several upcoming figures announced to be released later on in 2010. Among these included Deluxes such as Arcee, Cybertron Mode Ratchet, Rodimus Major, Ironhide, and Voyagers such as Blackout, Wingblade Optimus Prime, Hydrodrive Bumblebee, and lots more.

DocWho  2010-04-19 7:10 am
Thanks to for this piece of news. A new Voyager/Deluxe 2-pack for the last remnants of the ROTF line has been revealed, containing a repackage of the original ROTF Voyager Prime and Movie 1 Premium Bumblebee.

Does anybody care? Is anyone going to buy this with the reveal of Battle Blades Bumblebee/Battle Blades Prime? Tell us in our
...  (comments in forum)
Fallen  2010-04-19 12:13 am
As we know the Transformers movie line will continue through this summer.  Here is a video review of the highly anticipated leader class StarScream coming to a shelf near you  (1 comments)
Mechafire  2010-04-18 1:46 am
Thanks to, we now have an all new, extensive look at the upcoming Battle Blades Bumblebee figure.

Like it? Hate it? Be sure to post your thoughts.
 (comments in forum)
Jason  2010-04-17 11:05 pm
Our recent Forum Contest has come to a end. We'd like to congratulate new forum user Mechafire for his outstanding posts in the forum which brought him the win on the contest; his leader class ROTF Megatron (thanks to Hasbro and Hunter PR for providing this giveaway item) is on its way! Not only that, but if you managed to ...  (4 comments)
Mechafire  2010-04-17 9:24 pm
Thanks to YouTube user Peaugh, we now have an excellently detailed look at the upcoming Deluxe figure, Generations/War For Cybertron Optimus Prime.

Be sure to post what you think.
 (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-04-15 10:30 pm
BotCon has put up the brochure for their 2010 convention.

It includes the info regarding the conventions events, costs, and the exclusive five figures set Generation 2 - Redux, consisting of Spark, Streetwise, Clench, Breakdown, and SkyByte.  (8 comments)
Jason  2010-04-14 7:03 pm
The official Transformers: War for Cybertron website was once again updated today after the previous release of character profiles and multi-mode pictures on April 6th. Of the six already well known playable characters: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Megatron, Starscream, and Soundwave, the website unveils pictures and profiles for ...  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2010-04-13 11:25 pm
Continuing w/ the subject of ROTF, I thought you might enjoy this well made video by HISHE (that's How It Should Have Ended!)

Check it!  Awe YEAH!  That's what I'm talkin' about!
Sabrblade  2010-04-12 5:42 pm
An article at talks about the upcoming programming that is to be featured on Hasbro's new channel, "The Hub".

The article mentions that it will feature new series for children, but also makes this mentioning:
"But The Hub is also looking to pry open Hasbro's vaults and those of other production companies to program at least an hour's ...  (8 comments)
DocWho  2010-04-09 6:03 pm
Looking for a more positive review of Transformers 2 to wash the taste of opposing opinion out of your mouth from the last one? This may be a tad late, but the eponymous "That Guy With The Glasses" has a review up on his Nostalgia Critic section of the site of TF2 in the style of his Bum Reviews, and it's far more entertaining than the last one ...  (comments in forum)
DocWho  2010-04-09 2:18 pm
BigBadToyStore (where you can still conveniently purchase our Accessory Set #6) has put up preorders for Fansproject's Munitioner and Explorer, whom are definitely in no way, shape, or form related to the Combaticons Swindle and Blast Off. Seriously. But the interesting part is that they're now in color, so you might be able to make ...  (7 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-04-08 2:31 pm
The Distressed Watcher of has put up two videos listing off what he considers to be the top ten worst moments in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.

In his videos, he covers thing about the movie such as the physics of the movie's world, the behavior and attitudes of the characters, and lots more.

These are not my ...  (comments in forum)
TriPredRavage  2010-04-07 7:33 pm
Amidst all of the new WoC news we get some AWESOME Multi-Player footage.  Check it out here at Gametrailers.  (2 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-04-07 8:22 am

With the hype about the uncoming video game, Tranformers: War for Cybertron, comes a new revelation about the voice actor of one of the game's characters.

Thus far, the only actor confirmed to play any voice role in the game has been Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime (the recent mentionings of Leonard Nimoy, Doug Parker, etc. were

Jason  2010-04-06 5:20 pm
A new vender pre-order promotional downloadable character exclusive was announced today following the GameStop's pre-order exclusive Shockwave.

Thanks to Mechafire for pointing out that there is already a picture of this character up on "new pre-order bonus for War For Cybertron has been recently revealed:
...  (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-04-05 11:18 am
With the previous unveiling of the Japanese opening sequence for Transformers Animated (named, "TRANSFORMERS EVO", btw) come two more clips of the series from YouTube.

First is the ending sequence which is also newly-designed, made up primarily of promotional character artwork with lots of flashy movements. Of note is the fact that Megatron's ...  (6 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-04-03 12:48 am
The opening sequence to the Japanese version of Transformers Animated on online now on YouTube!

It uses all completely new and original animation that was not used in the American version. And all I can say about it is: "WOW!!!"  (16 comments)
Jason  2010-04-01 3:20 pm
Thanks to Mechafire from our forums for the heads up:
Discovered in a lucky break Q&A response with Hasbro, Parry Game Preserve, manages to convince Hasbro to un-bottle plans for one of the most exciting recolors we've seen since Classics Sideswipe/Sunstreaker! Generations Drift will be repainted and yes, retooled (with new head and ...  (comments in forum)
Jason  2010-04-01 2:46 pm
1) Can we expect to see the Power Core Combiner toy characters in any other Transformers media type, ie: comic, webisode, TV, novel... or are they intended/designed to be a 'stand alone' line?

There is a great potential for the Power-core story to be told beyond the toy execution in a larger way.  We know what they are and how they would
Jason  2010-03-30 11:34 pm
A letter from Pete over at TF Collector Club:
Here is the Tuesday morning update. As you know, Punch/Counterpunch is sold out. We are looking into getting some more made, but we have no details at this time.

Shattered Glass Cyclonus is closing in on 75% sell through. Once sold out that will be it on him, no more produced! At this
Jason  2010-03-28 10:08 pm
Fan loved Transformers veteran artist Don Figueroa joins, website, which hosts "largest art community in the world!" On Don Fig's deviantART site, along with a lot of concept line art, he also shows off our very first glimpse of what might have been in DreamWave's unpublished Transformers ongoing #11.  (2 comments)
DocWho  2010-03-27 9:15 pm
You know those awful Cyber Missions that have become memes in themselves within the TF community? (No wait man! That's too many sonicbooms!) Well, there's more. #4 is up on YTV for the Canadians and will be up for us Americans on the 2nd. And #5 and #6 are up on's site, possibly for Canadians only as well, although it seems to work well ...  (10 comments)
DocWho  2010-03-26 11:19 pm
Thanks again to Mechafire in the forums for this heads up! Inside the forums contains the preorder for Transformers: Exodus and the summary of what's to come. Not going to spoil it for you right here, so take a look inside the forums and be sure to enter our Leader Megatron contest as well!  (comments in forum)
DocWho  2010-03-26 11:08 pm
Thanks to Mechafire in the forums for letting us know that the long awaited TFCC exclusives Punch/CounterpunchShattered Glass Cyclonus and Elite Guard Dion are now up for pre-order on their site.  (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-03-26 9:28 pm
In the Land of the Rising Sun, Animated just keeps continuing to grow at an exponential rate, as more and more news is revealed.

TF collector Alfes 2010 has put up on his blog an extensive gallery of the Optimus Prime figure, showing off the details of the shiny figure in both it Vehicle and Robot Modes, as well as providing a look at ...  (2 comments)
Byrerprime  2010-03-26 1:43 pm
Firefox users may have noticed a recent addition to their browser. Personas are skins that dress up the toolbars. Why, might you ask, am I bringing this up here? Because I have just added a persona that brings the viewing experience of to a whole new level. Download personas for Firefox here and wear the persona of Unicron Stars here. ...  (3 comments)
DocWho  2010-03-25 8:02 pm
Thanks to Robticon in the forums for being a bro and letting us know about this. Apparently the BotCon registration has been delayed, but this could mean the beginning of the online registration system! What do you think? Tell us on our forums, and be sure to enter the Leader Class Megatron Contest!  (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-03-25 5:02 pm

Back at Toy Fair 2010, Hasbro had unveiled one of their newest Transformers called "Power Core Combiners", taking the combining gimmick to a whole new level. Some of the Decepticons revealed to be in this line of figures included Bombshock w/ the Combaticons and Smolder w/ Chopster. Also, included in the toyline is the Autobot

Sabrblade  2010-03-25 1:48 pm
While the Transfomers Animated toyline is somewhat starting to reach its ending moments in the U.S., the series is only just beginning in Japan. And with their version of the show come new versions of the toys in their markets. has lately been posting several galleries of some of the Japanese Animated toys, and have included ...  (4 comments)
Jason  2010-03-25 12:48 am
The Forums continue to grow!  Now, simply by putting it to good use, you can win a MISB Leader Class, Megatron!  If you've been thinking about joining the fun, now's the time!  To claim the prize, you must:

1.)  Register as (and be) a new member & upload your avatar/profile
2.)  Post
...  (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-03-24 10:33 am
Lately, lots more news about the upcoming third live action Transformers movie has been popping up and about all over the Internet.

First, has reported two additions to the cast of the film: veteran actors John Malkovich and Frances McDormand are to play roles in the movie. Malkovich will play the major role of the National ...  (7 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-03-23 12:28 pm
Known for their Transfomers upgrade kits, particularly the City Commander trailer/armor set, third-party company Fansproject has done it again with their latest release. This time, however, it's not merely add-on parts for an existing figure, but a completely new figure entirely: Warbot Denfender.

This figure is (obviously) an updated version of G1 ...  (11 comments)
DocWho  2010-03-23 8:11 am
The reveal of the 2010 Botcon Set is finally here! I'm not going to spoil it on the front page, you can go into our forums to check out what this year's set is and post your thoughts on it.  (comments in forum)
Fallen  2010-03-22 10:50 pm

Here's a little TF3 update from Micheal bay. He announces the new member of the Autobots. Some have rumored Hot Rod, Inferno or Gears. What do you think?

Sabrblade  2010-03-22 3:27 pm
In 2009, TakaraTomy released their latest addition to the Masterpiece toyline, MP-08 Grimlock. This figure was based heavily on the original toy and cartoon model of G1 Grimlock. It featured many gimmicks and accessories including an eye color-changing ability (cartoon blue or other media red), an LED mounted in his right fist, a gun, his Energo ...  (5 comments)
DocWho  2010-03-21 3:37 pm
Well, kinda. You see, some Japanese Lego knock-off company "Diablock" are making Transformers Animated Optimus Prime and Bumblebee sets. Take a look at them here and here, over at Japanese retailer AmiAmi.

And for all those of you who are about to post that this is old or something like that, it is within your power to make the news section
DocWho  2010-03-21 3:34 pm
TFW2005 has gotten some images of the new Legends figures being released under the generic "Transformers" line. Click here to see in package pics of Ravage, Rampage, Fireburst Optimus Prime, and Bumblebee Repaint #56,708.  (6 comments)
Perceptor  2010-03-21 11:15 am
Excited for this summer's release of War For Cybertron?  To hold you over, we thought you might enjoy this trip down memory lane to remember the games of yester-year.  If you need a good laugh, check out the "Angry Video Game Nerd" review of the original U.S. & Japanese (G1) Transformers games for the Commodore 64 and ...  (4 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-03-20 9:57 pm
While we're still waiting for the arrival of the next Transformers TV cartoon, our friends in Japan are about to get their share of our last cartoon, Transformers Animated. Though, since they are trying to insert it into the story of the live action movies, some severe editing will be done in order to change the story of Animated to fit ...  (1 comments)
Perceptor  2010-03-20 12:52 pm
"They (the story writer/editors) really went back into the history of the Transformers.  And they didn't really make anything up.  They're using stuff that actually existed.  ... in the (Transformers) story from before."  

That, among other things, is what actor Josh Duhamel (Major Lennox) told a reporter in an interview
Sabrblade  2010-03-19 9:22 pm

For the past 25+ years, Hasbro has released many many different kinds of merchandise related to the Transformers franchise. While many of them were action figures, there have been quite a number of other products made available as well.

Now, they're going another step beyond with the release of a completely new Transformers

Fallen  2010-03-18 11:59 pm

Just today I noticed my check was cashed that I sent in for the mail away exclusive recon ravage. The hopes of it being sent soon is look good , but not a gaurantee. Some of the other fan site members have also made this claim see images of this figure here at

Sabrblade  2010-03-18 9:24 pm
Today, has reported and confirmed that Josh Duhamel will be returning to reprise his role of Major William Lennox in the third live action Transformers movie. While it was to be expected, no actual confirmation had been given until this point.

Also of notice is that Duhamel mentions that the script for the movie was just recently ...  (7 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-03-17 9:24 am
Can't wait to get your hands on the latest Leader class figures? Well, this might tide you over till then. The-Arker has posted several in-package images of the upcoming Leader class Starscream, Battle Hooks Optimus Prime, and Battle Ops Bumblebee figures.

Starscream is a faithful representation of his ROTF CGI model. His special features include ...  (21 comments)
DocWho  2010-03-16 9:42 pm
TFW2005 has also put up a review of Nefarious, which has 3 new pages tacked on to the 5 page preview. And there's one specific part that is sure to please fanboys everywhere. 

Let the FIRRIB/FIBRIR debate begin anew!
Perceptor  2010-03-16 3:05 pm
Due to hit the store shelves tomorrow, TFW2005 has posted a nice preview of the new IDW comic series, "Nefarious," written in movie-verse by veteran Transformers scribe Simon Furmon, art by Carlos Magno.  Looking forward to this one!  (2 comments)
Jason  2010-03-16 4:10 am
Shortly after releasing the entire issue of last month's Collector's Club Magazine for public viewing, Pete Sinclair from Transformers Collectors's Club Magazine has sent us two preview pages of this year's comic story from next month's Magazine. Check out the pages here!  (1 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-03-13 11:31 pm
A commercial for the Japanese version of the Transformers Animated toyline has made its way onto YouTube. This commercial advertises most of the the first wave's figures including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide (Bulkhead), Prowl, Ratchet, Megatron, Starscream, Blackarachnia, and Lockdown (as well as Cliffjumper and Dirge being included at the ...  (3 comments)
TriPredRavage  2010-03-12 9:00 pm
So, who can get enough of TF:WfC?  No one, that's right!  And who can blame them?  The game does look amazing after all.  But that's just in the foreground, what lurks behind may be something so grotesque, so vile, it'll turn us all away from the game... or not.  Check out the Gamestop exclusive behind the scenes of TF:WfC ...  (4 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-03-10 9:42 am
The latest issue of the Hasbro Transformers Collector's Club magazine, issue 31, has been placed on their website in its entirety for full public viewing. This act is to encourage those who have not yet joined the club to becoem a member if they so desire. The contents of this magazine issue include an image of the upcoming Generations WFC ...  (6 comments)
Mainframe  2010-03-09 9:25 pm
Fresh ink for this week is the final installment (#4) in the Bumblebee mini-series. Nothing new is scheduled for release on St. Patrick's Day next week.  (1 comments)
Jason  2010-03-08 4:34 pm
&Thanks to Allspark forum member, Monocle, who uploaded an ad for Hasbro and Discovery's new network, Hub, from Brandweek, we get the very first glimpse of not only a My Little Pony, and some random dog, peeking around the hub logo, but none other than Transformers: Prime Bumblebee in what appears to be his fully CGI rendered new character ...  (comments in forum)
Fallen  2010-03-07 8:46 pm

ROTF recently won three Raspberry Awards (Razzies) for being the worst picture in 2009, worst director, and worst screenplay .

Jason  2010-03-06 12:56 pm
Thanks to Searchlight for finding out that has now posted a cover picture for the much anticipated Transformers Animated: The Allspark Almanac Vol. 2, and along with it come an all new listing for Transformers Animated Omnibus Volume 1 which appears to be a collection of the first four smaller episode books that have been ...  (4 comments)
Fallen  2010-03-05 12:19 am

I just got my current copy of Playstation Magazine and they have some more information on the new, highly anticipated Transformers game.

This is all direct fom PTOM

The game's biggest first is proudly displayed right there in the title: Cybertron, the Transformers' home world. Though it's been referenced in cartoons and comics, fans have

Jason  2010-03-04 9:11 pm   (page update)
For ages here at, we've offered news streaming using an RSS feed, but if you're anything like most people I know, you get your news from one of a variety of Social Networking sites. You may have noticed, not only our new War for Cybertron site background in the last week, but the added Facebook, Twitter, and RSS buttons! Time to get ...  (3 comments)
Jason  2010-03-04 9:05 pm
The Official Transformers Collectors' Club shows off the final production version of their upcoming exclusive Shattered Glass Cyclonus figure, with an announcement that a pre-order for both Cyclonus and the much anticipated Punch/Counterpunch figure will be coming very soon.  (1 comments)
Jason  2010-03-04 8:50 pm
Hasbro just posted their third installment to the Transformers Movie related computer animated shorts with Cyber Missions #3 featuring Ratchet and Lockdown. In case you missed them, make sure you check out Cyber Missions #2 and #1 as well.  (3 comments)
DocWho  2010-03-04 7:56 pm
You all know we here at try to keep our opinions out of our news posts as much as the next guy. But I think this is a special occasion.

Now, has some scans and information up of the latest TV Magazine, which has information about Japanese Transformers Animated. It states that TFA will actually be a prequel to the
...  (comments in forum)
Jason  2010-03-03 7:22 pm
There's all kinds of news on the highly anticipated Transformers videogame "War for Cybertron" that we didn't want you to miss, so get comfy because this game has made quite the splash in the last few days!

• Recap: We already posted this, but if you haven't see the new gameplay trailer, hold on for the ride, and check it out at
Perceptor  2010-03-01 10:25 pm
When it comes to the Transformers live-action films, one thing all fans seem to all agree on, is that we'd like more of a (robot) character (/personality) driven story.  Apparently that's just what they have in mind; so says our good friend, Brian Goldner, Hasbro COO in a recent interview with MTV.  Check it out and see for yourself!  (15 comments)
TriPredRavage  2010-02-26 9:30 pm
I don't know about you guys, but I've been waiting for some gameplay for WfC, and thanks to an exclusive video from, we finally get some!  So what are you waiting for?  Check it out!

(Yay!  I finally had the time to post something!)  (7 comments)
Perceptor  2010-02-25 11:33 pm
Having *finally* found Animated Arcee & Ratchet, we turn our attention to the hunt for the next round.  Check out a new ebay listing for TFA Blackout!  "Oops, Sorry!" (if you were planning on bidding on this sweet auction and didn't want others to know!)

While you're picking up the latest round of Japanese/Takara version of
Jason  2010-02-21 5:44 pm has posted a preview of IDW's Transformers on-going Issue #4, including three covers, the credits page, and four in book pages.  (3 comments)
Jason  2010-02-21 1:20 am
If you're an iPhone or iPod Touch user, make sure to check out GLU's trailer for their upcoming release of Transformers Generation 1 Awakening retooled and updated for your device! The release date is said to be the end of February so it should be any day now.
Sabrblade  2010-02-20 11:27 am
News in the forum regarding a new Transformers convention called Slag-A-Con 2010.

Located in Chesterfield, IN, set to occur October 9, 2010, this new convention will feature attractions such as a dealers room, an art contest, a custom robot contest, a costume contest a "Who Am I" trivia contesting using G1 bio info, "I Got the Touch" karaoke, a ...  (comments in forum)
Jason  2010-02-19 9:35 pm
Thanks to forum member PTaros for pointing out:

80'sGeek from gives new codes/decodings to see special pictures and video at the official War for Cybertron video game website.

"New 'transmission decoder' on the site. The concept is to decode transmissions with an inner and outer dial to gain access
...  (comments in forum)
Fallen  2010-02-18 10:13 pm

Amazon has listed  a new Transformers book. The book, titled "Transformers: Exodus: The Official History of the War for Cybertron" . It's a hardcover book, 352 pages long, and due for release on June 22nd, It will be priced $27.00, or $17.82 on Amazon. The link you will be connected to is you may also purchase this item

Sabrblade  2010-02-18 10:25 am
Forum memeber PTaros has stumbled onto some interesting images:

"Jason Canty from 4chan found new pictures of Unite for The Universe Prime!"

I myself have found images of the Unite For The Universe Megatron figure on Amazon Japan.

Both figures are beautiful redecos of the Movie Voyager Optimus Prime figure and the ROTF Voyager Megatron figure.

Fallen  2010-02-18 12:18 am
Here's a little extra news to ad to Jason's awsome report. New pics of our favorite robots of 2010.  (10 comments)
Jason  2010-02-15 2:38 am   (page update)
There was so much new info, media, sneak peak action, and buzz surrounding the upcoming Transformers: War for Cybertron game at this year's Toyfair 2010, that it needed it's own special report. We were given the very first very revealing sneak peak at three levels of actual gameplay. Read the report, hear about newly revealed characters, ...  (comments in forum)
Jason  2010-02-15 2:08 am   (page update)
I have just put the finishing touches on our final Transformers Toyfair 2010 report, packed with media, complete with full-blown galleries of photos shot in the showroom, Hasbro promotional promo pictures, video demos of new figure features/playpatterns, videogame screenshots and more! I have also updated my pannel report included ...  (comments in forum)
Jason  2010-02-14 3:18 am
Check out the information we learned from the Transformers pannel at Toyfair In the Event's and Interviews Blog... Much more to come tomorrow!  (6 comments)
DocWho  2010-02-13 2:35 pm
If you're a member of the Transformers Collector's Club, then you should log on here to get a sneak peek some official images of product that's going to be shown at ToyFair while we wait for Obsidian's report.
Jason  2010-02-13 7:35 am
UPDATE: Drift, Human Alliance Jazz, Power Core Combaticons, and more!  Now in our LIVE PHOTO FEED! Check it out, then share your thoughts

We have the tech, let's put it to good use!
This year, keep your eyes peeled on our live photo feed on the Events & Interviews blog as I am bringing along my iPhone 3GS to take
...  (comments in forum)
Jason  2010-02-12 11:21 pm
Sabrblade  2010-02-12 10:27 pm has put up a short gallery of images of the new Gentei! Gentei! Dark Skyfire exclusive figure. The images show the figure in its jet mode, super jet mode, robot mode, and super robot mode, as well as his helmeted and helmet-less heads.

Dark Skyfire is a redeco of the Classics Jetfire figure in a beautifully glossy black and purple ...  (1 comments)
Jason  2010-02-09 5:47 pm just updated their preorder page for Transformers: War for Cybertron with information that if you preorder TF: WFC from them, upon purchase, you will receive a code to download the extra bonus character  ~ Shockwave ~  GameStop has the following to say about this promotion: "Reserve Transformers: War for Cybertron and ...  (5 comments)
Fallen  2010-02-08 10:51 pm

Den of geek interveiws Tony Todds return to Transformers 3. Read more about it here

Sabrblade  2010-02-08 11:17 am
Tokyo Hunter has images of two Wonderfest 2010 exclusive thrid party items: Minerva and Metalhawk.

These two are based on two characters from the Super-God Masterforce series and are design to resemble their on screem appearances.

Minerva is cast in her human Suit Mode. Though unpainted and missing her hair, she is a faithful representation of her ...  (4 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-02-08 11:13 am
New info on the Japanese broadcast of Transformers Animated has surfaced at LiveJournal. User toriaki has indicated a few new bits information regarding the show.

Firstly, the show's theme song will be performed by a group called JAM Project. This group's members consist of people who have sung songs from previous Transformers series, such as ...  (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-02-08 10:23 am has updated their site with the second ROTF webisode: Cyber Missions #2.

Continuing off from where Cyber Missions #1 ended, Bumblebee has defeated Soundwave and now Ironhide takes off after Bludgeon. The two engage in a jungle-like setting were they clash words and weapons as their battle heats up and comes to an end with the episode's ...  (0 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-02-08 10:19 am
Three sources have reported images of the Transformers toy display at the 2010 Tokyo Winter Wonderfest.

These images show off several Transformers figures such as the Japanese Animated figures, the ROTF N.E.S.T. Global Alliance Figures, Device Label Broadcast (Blaster) and Cheetus (Cheetor), Disney Label figures, and tons more!

Among these other ...  (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-02-08 9:58 am
Hey, fans of G1. Do you remember a Transformers concept from 1987 called the "Headmaster"? Where you would have one Transformer whose head changes into a smaller robot companion? Did you think this was cool? Maybe, until that little robot figure got lost and you were stuck with a headless figure. Or, you probably bought one loose that came ...  (3 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-02-06 9:07 pm
Man, news just keep pouring in this weekend!

The Japanese toy blog has posted brand new images of the upcoming TakaraTomy versions of the Transformers Animated packaging.

Unlike the Hasbro packaging, which consisted of brightly-colored red and blue designs with a rather "cartoony" logo, the TakaraTomy Animated packaging ...  (8 comments)
DocWho  2010-02-06 8:08 pm
Look away! Look away! It's so sacred it'll burn your eyes out!

Indiana Jones references aside, Jim Sorenson has announced a second AllSpark Almanac, referencing Season 3 of Transformers Animated, and what could have been if the show had continued!

Also, don't forget to follow us on our new Twitter account here!
 (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-02-06 5:46 pm has a report from the 2010 Toy Fair in Nuremburg, Germany. Most of what was seen has been stated in previosu posts, but some of it are new things regarding RPMs, Power Core Combiners, and more.

Here's what was reported:

The RPMs line seems to a major success and there'll be lots of new products there. Apart from at least a dozen ...  (1 comments)
Perceptor  2010-02-06 10:43 am
Coming this fall to the Hasbro/Discovery network, "The Hub" will include the all new series, Transformers: Prime.  The Hollywood Reporter has revealed in an article that Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci are serving as consultants on the series which it refers to as being in "CG" = CGI = computer generated imaging!

Two HUGE revelations with
...  (comments in forum)
DocWho  2010-02-05 10:12 pm
Still on the fence as to whether to put down $100 for Fansproject's Bruticus add-on set?

Well, has you covered, with loads of prototype pictures for the whole thing combined, the new Swindle and Blast Off molds, and the additional weapons.
 (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-02-05 4:36 pm
TFW2005 has new images of the upcoming Optimus Prime figure based on the War for Cybertron video game design. It shows the size of the figure in comparison to Henkei! Henkei! C-01 Convoy. Previously, we were told that the figure would be the size of a Deluxe Class figure, yet these images show it to be just a little shorter than Henkei! Convoy in ...  (0 comments)
Fallen  2010-02-05 1:08 am
"Debuting later this fall Hasbro in conjunction with Discovery Communications Inc will release a new Transformers cartoon on a new TV channel currently called Discovery Kids called Transformers: Prime.

     Jeffrey will be the voice of Ratchet, a very well known character in the Transformers world.  There are 26 episodes

Jason  2010-02-02 10:58 pm

James Avery to voice a new character in TF3  + **SPOILER**

Bring on the 80's references because an interview with unscripted reveals today that James Avery also known as Uncle Phil from the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" is supposedly going to be voicing...                
...  (comments in forum)
Fallen  2010-02-02 9:07 pm

Revenge of the Fallen is a main contender for "Worst Movie of 2009" as filed recently by the RAZZIE awards nomination committee. It doesn't end there, ROTF is up for six other categories including worst director, worst picture, worst screen couple and worst actress played by Megan Fox.

I personaly have to agree with the worst screen couple.

DocWho  2010-02-02 6:27 pm
Full story here at, in case you enjoy the fluff. ;-)

tl;dr: Buy the Battlefield Bumblebee/Infiltration Soundwave 2-pack, and 2 NEST toys, get a mail-away Ravage. Also, more webisodes.
 (comments in forum)
DocWho  2010-02-02 5:54 pm
Canada strikes again!

Looks like Canada is getting this toy as a TRU exclusive! And if Canada is getting something the US isn't, could this mean the UK and other countries might be getting it in the same fashion?
 (comments in forum)
Sabrblade  2010-02-02 12:49 pm
yizhi521 of TFW2005 has posted an extensive look at the new and upcoming Transformers Voyager Class Sea Spray figure.

"Sea Spray" (notice the new spelling) is both a homage to and an updated version of his Generation 1 counterpart, Seaspray, transforming into an aquatic hovercraft altmode. An added gimmick to this form enables him to ...  (comments in forum)
Perceptor  2010-02-02 12:08 pm
Shout! Factory producers of the recently released G1 remastered series, is now considering producing DVD sets of the Japanese only Transformers series: Headmasters, Masterforce, and Victor!.  Would you like them to do it as much as us?  Tell them so in their message board!  HOO-HA!  (7 comments)
Jason  2010-01-31 7:48 pm
There might have been a BIG accidental slip (or intention hint) in the TFCC magazine this month... one question they asked of High Moon Studios was "Since the new cartoon and toy line are the inspiration for the new video game, will we see any galleries/concept art..." When did it become such a given that the new cartoon and ...  (comments in forum)
Jason  2010-01-31 7:23 pm
We've heard the news, but finally a single picture has surfaced from Toyfair UK 2010. gives us a small sneak peak at a number of upcoming toys here, most notably Seaspray, deluxe Movie Ironhide, and a powercore combiner 5 pack team that appears to be the ...  (4 comments)
DocWho  2010-01-28 9:05 pm
Transformers At The Moon has just put up a nice little report on the UK Toyfair.

I won't give too much away, for those of you who want to be surprised when the US toyfair comes around, but I will say this: Ultra Seaspray.
Fallen  2010-01-27 3:18 pm
Here's a little news from Mr Bays news blog. 

 Hello everyone,

Busy scouting - Chicago, Detroit, and Washington D.C. for Transformers last week. Things are going well. The script is feeling very different from the other two. I ended my scout down in Miami this weekend to load my plane with 14 Florida Surgeons, specialists in various ...  (8 comments)
Fallen  2010-01-27 12:35 pm has updated their website with the official confirmation of which figures will be exclusives in the month of February. Check out the list below which figures are exclusive to Wal*Mart, Target, Toys'R'Us and K-Mart


Sabrblade  2010-01-27 10:29 am
Toy World HK has posted an extensive amount of scanned images of latest issue (number 144) of Figure King magazine. The page scans give us a good look at many of TakaraTomy's upcoming and current Transformers products; ranging from ROTF, Animated, Disney Label, and more. But what is most noticeable is an image that reveals two prototypes for ...  (8 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-01-27 9:07 am
This is it! This is what we've been waiting for! has provided the first full images of the upcoming War for Cybertron toys of Optimus Prime and Megatron. The images give us a good look at both modes for each figure.

Optimus turns into a very sleek red and blue truck/tank type vehicle with a gun mounted on top and two large exhaust pipes ...  (6 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-01-26 11:07 am
Japanese online store e-Hobby has set up a full section for the new Japanese version of the Transformers Animated toyline. Many of these figures feature new shiny metallic paint finishes (NOT chrome, metallic), though each and every one of them features correctly-colored red Autobot and purple Decepticon insignias.

e-Hobby has set up pages for ...  (1 comments)
Perceptor  2010-01-26 8:28 am
TCC magazine is now arriving & provides fans with our first look at WFC Bumblebee.  As was hinted about by Transformers Brand Manager Aaron Archer, in his interview with us last month, the magazine article also teases with verbage that suggests WFC will be the next toy & animated series...   What would you think?  What ...  (10 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-01-23 2:38 pm
Gameinformer has posted a word from Hasbro stating an official confirmation on the release of a limited toyline to tie in with the upcoming video game Transformers: War for Cybertron, in 2010.

The latest update is as follows:
"In 2010, Hasbro will be introducing a limited assortment of Transformers figures tied to Activision’s War for ...  (8 comments)
Perceptor  2010-01-22 10:31 am
Dang, can't wait for these figures!  TFW2005 has reported a single sighting of Animated Arcee and Ratchet.  Keep your eyes peeled and please don't forget to report your sightings.

Also, while in Animated state of mind, be sure to grab one of the last remaining TFA Accessory sets, while they're still available at
Jason  2010-01-21 9:08 pm
Hasbro has just posted a new ROTF promo video entitled "Cyber Mission #1" on their video site MonkeybarTV. This computer animated video/story depicts the character interactions that Hasbro reps were referring at BotCon, where key characters are paired up in stories. This video depicts Infiltration Soundwave vs Battlefield ...  (6 comments)
Fallen  2010-01-21 6:26 pm
Due to hit store shelves on January 27th, 2010, Last Stand of the Wreckers, written and drawn by Nick Roche, will be a five issue spin off of Transformers Ongoing, giving Transformer fans a look at whats going on off the planet Earth as Springer and his Wreckers investigate a prison planet that fell to Decepticon rule 3 years ago. Last Stand ...  (3 comments)
Fallen  2010-01-20 8:06 pm
Hello to all members, just wanted to say i have been visiting this site for five years now, and let me tell it feels great to join the team. You may also know me as Megatron on the forums.  I hope to bring you good news, rumors and more. Now that thats out the way lets get down to business.

I found this at  ...  (5 comments)
Jason  2010-01-20 7:15 pm
Transformers fan sites are lighting up today with pictures from an anonymous source through S250. These pictures depict what looks to be a bit larger Un-named second figure from the Power-Core line than previously seen Huffer/Caliburst (also pictured in the gallery). Information of note in these pictures is that this new Decepticon has the word ...  (comments in forum)
DocWho  2010-01-20 5:34 pm
(The other title being "I told you so" :P)

Looks like there's official confirmation! Head on over to for some nice official-looking pics of "Battle Ops Bumblebee".
Sabrblade  2010-01-18 7:59 pm
Anime News Network has just reported some very sad news. Long time Japanese seiyū (voice actor) Daisuke Gōri just passed away at age 57 on January 17, 2010. He was found on a street in the Nakano Ward in Tokyo with blood dripping from his wrist, as well as a knife under him and a last will nearby. Police investigating his ...  (3 comments)
Sabrblade  2010-01-15 4:31 pm
From comes this press release:

"Introducing THE HUB -- Discovery Communications and Hasbro Officially Unveil Children's Network Brand

-- Joint Venture Children’s Network to Launch in Fall 2010 --

January 14, 2010
(Los Angeles, Ca.) Discovery Communications-Hasbro Joint Venture President and CEO Margaret Loesch today unveiled
Sabrblade  2010-01-14 11:48 am has put up several preorder pages for a bunch of newly-revealed Transformers figures. Though, all of these are for TakaraTomy toylines only.

For Device Label, the previously mentioned Broadcast (A.K.A. Blaster) USB Hub is back up for preorder. While this isn't actually a "new" figure, it had previously been delayed and then ...  (2 comments)
Jason  2010-01-12 2:53 pm
Today IGN debutes the new full length Transformers: The War For Cybertron Trailer. Check it out the trailer at IGN, then come back and let us know what you think in the forum!  (8 comments)
Perceptor  2010-01-10 9:31 am
The War for Cybertron game/storyline just got a lot cooler!  TFW2005 has posted an image they identify as deluxe class vehicle mode for WFC Optimus Prime

When Aaron Archer emphasized, "We're making Transformers cannon, here" in our interview with him last month,  I thought, hm not sure how universally accepted it
Jason  2010-01-10 1:20 am
Keep your eyes peel here and at IGN on Tuesday morning because IGN will be debuting a new 2 minute trailer. From IGN, one of our own kind (a self professed "giant Transformers nerd"), Hillary Goldstein tips us off to Tuesday's exciting news letting us know that the trailer "reveals a handful of Decepticons and Autobots battling for ...  (1 comments)
Jason  2010-01-09 12:48 pm
If you didn't catch Game Informer's December media bliss for the extremely exciting upcoming Transformers: War for Cybertron, let us catch you up. The twelve days of Christmas take on a new meaning with twelve exciting link courtesy of Game Informer.
Sterner Stuff: The History of the Transformers
Character Profile: Optimus
Sabrblade  2010-01-09 12:09 pm
BBTS gives us our first look at the TakaraTomy Japanese releases of the Transformers Animated toyline figures. Do note that these are promotional images and the final products may vary. But from what we can tell from these images, these versions differ from their Western counterparts primarily in that they seem to have been given metallic paint ...  (1 comments)
Jason  2010-01-06 1:47 pm
In this month's round of Hasbro promo pics of more upcoming figures, we get all new pictures of PowerBots Sideswipe, Red Rampage recolor, Recon Ironhide, Sonar, Wideload, Human Alliance Mudflap with Agent Simmons, Evac, Bludgeon, and Breakdown!
Enjoy the Gallery
Don't forget to click on "large" to see the pics in their full high-res glory.
Perceptor  2010-01-04 11:01 pm
Are you a huge Revenge of the Fallen fan, but still haven't bought a Bumblebee toy, holding out for the perfect one?   You're in luck!  Various sites are hosting images of an all new 5th Leader Class Bumblebee.   This is great news for many reasons:
1.) It is not quite as obnoxiously large as the "Ultimate Bumblebee" toys.
2.) It's
DocWho  2010-01-03 9:03 am
Having trouble deciding between the original release of Buster Prime and the 2-pack? Don't worry, ACToys has you covered, with a comparison between the two releases.

(Depending on which image you look at, the figure located at the top or left of the comparison image is the original release, while the bottom or right of the comparison image is
Perceptor  2010-01-01 1:41 pm   (page update)
We thought a great way to start the new year off right would be to kick it off with an all new character page as-yet-unreleased toy from the 2010 ROTF line, Legends Class Constructicon Devastator set.   A gift we recently received from Hasbro PR, this toy may well be the definitive Devastator toy of  the film.  With seven ...  (24 comments)

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