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Generations line to be "Transformers: United" in Japan

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2010-09-20 12:19 pm
With every Transformers toyline in the U.S., there is almoast always a Japanese counterpart. When Hasbro's Transformers: Classics and Transformers: Universe toylines ran in 2006 and 2008 respectively, TakaraTomy created the Japanese equivalent of these lines in the form of a single line called "Henkei! Henkei! Transformers". After both of these Hasbro lines died out, so did the TakaraTomy version.

Fast forward to 2010 when Hasbro began releasing the Transformers: Generations toyline in the U.S. At the time, TakaraTomy had not yet created a Japanese counterpart to this toyline, though many assumed that the Henkei! Henkei! line would resume as the Japanese toyline for these new figures. However, it has not.

Instead, according to a claim made by Kapow-Toys, restated at, the Generations line will apparently be released in Japan by TakaraTomy under the name "Transformers: United".

The December releases are listed as follows:
* UN01 - Optimus Prime Cybertron Mode
* UN02 - Bumblebee Cybertron Mode
* UN03 - Cliffjumper Cybertron Mode
* UN04 - Megatron Cybertron Mode
* UN05 - Soundwave Cybertron Mode
* UN06 - Optimus Prime
* UN07 - Bumblebee
* UN08 - Autobot Drift
* UN09 - Megatron
* UN10 - United Straxus

It is not currently known as to what changes will be made to these figures, nor is it known what molds the additional Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Bumblebee figures will be, but it seems like the Japanese Straxus figure will have his correct name instead of "Darkmount".

lioconvoy said,  - 2010-09-20 15:43:20
its good to see they are getting generations. i will get the aditional prime, bb etc
Agent X said,  - 2010-09-20 19:19:55
I can forsee prime being repainted to Ultra Magnus

on a side not does anyone know when the next was is to be released in the US
HolyGrail said,  - 2010-09-20 19:46:15
Curiously, they've got the inevitable Cliffjumper repaint in the top three. Wonder if he will come with a new head to match the game? Also wanna know what molds the 'regular' Prime, Bee and Megatron are...
Sabrblade. said,  - 2010-09-22 11:27:06
Generations will be getting Cliffjumper too. BB's instructions already gave that away, showing images of Cliff's head instead of BB's.
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