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First look at TF3 teaser poster

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2010-06-09 12:25 am
As we draw closer and closer to the opening day of the third live action Transformers movie, we are given more and more bits of information about it little by little. And now, an actual glimpse of the teaser poster for the movie has been revealed at During an exclusive visit to Paramount Pictures, they received images of some upcoming movie projects including TF3. What they've shown that is of interest of us is a large display of Bumblebee in both Vehicle and Robot Modes, and of course, the poster. The poster features a rather ominous and shadowy image of Optimus Prime standing over what appears to be a blazing inferno of fire. To see all the images, click here.

lioconvoy said,  - 2010-06-09 04:35:11
how interesting. what do you guys think?
i would assume that humanity know about the transformers now and we know that megatron is lerking on the nemesis what could happen
AmyBlue said,  - 2010-06-09 12:38:16
Oooh... the Green Hornet...

...*AHEM* Bumblebee sure looks beefy?
Saberfrost said,  - 2010-06-09 13:12:43
hmm.... interesting poster
dr-fan/mai-lover said,  - 2010-06-09 16:58:46
woww-mabey-for-once-in-uslss-mr-b-bay-will-sick-to the-story
ryan said,  - 2010-06-10 11:09:29
Masterforce said,  - 2010-06-10 17:58:09
I'm really disappointed, because we know nothing except for one bad thing: based on the background, TF3 will most likely take place in a desert. We've had desert battles for both of the movies, the Scorponok and final battles from TF 1 and 2. I was looking forward to the final Optimus and Megatron battle in space, that would be epic. But who knows? I jsut hope the majority of TF3 doesn't play out on a desert.
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